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╠═Progen Online═╣ - Serving the Empire!

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Argon, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Argon

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    Progen Online



    A Well Established Gaming Community with Professional Leadership and Dedicated members all pursuing a common goal in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    - Overview -

    Progen Online is an Online Gaming Community centered around Star Wars: The Old Republic aligned with the Sith Empire. We are a Core and Casual-friendly, lite role-playing guild that focuses on establishing a thriving community that is DRAMA FREE! We strive to help one another achieve their individual goals and in turn achieve Guild goals. We also take personal care in making everyone who joins whether their a long time community member or a new recruit feel welcome and respected.

    - Guild Features -

    * Unique playing experience

    * Fun, exciting, but mature atmosphere

    * Guild focused grouping, PVP, and raiding

    * Experienced and well rounded leadership

    * Ventrilo server

    * Active community both communicating online and offline

    - Who We're Looking For -

    We are looking not just for those who are willing to join, but looking for unique individuals that with great personalities, steadfast dedication, and a willingness to participate. We are experienced gamers from all walks of life and respect and understand that everyone is different. With this in mind Progen members seek to better themselves in what ever avenue they pursue as well as strive to better their community and guild. New Recruits are always welcomed with open arms as every addition to Progen is seen as a good first step. Our recruits are treated as human beings, not fresh meat, but are expected to get to know the community as a whole so that we can all get a better understanding of who you are and vice versa. We are also looking for highly skilled gamers as some goals are much harder to achieve than others and will require members to perform at highest levels possible.

    - Our Goals -

    Our Primary goal is the betterment of the guild and for its members. This means that members are encouraged to find groups with fellow guild mates rather than random gamers. However, playing SWTOR is supposed to be fun and here at Progen, we value the enjoyment of all members and will do everything in our power to create an enjoyable experience for all players.

    - Areas of Focus -

    Progen WILL participate in all avenues the game provides including PVP, PVE, and RP. We take great pride in enjoying all parts of the game and wish to see our members do so as well. We have regularly scheduled events that cater to all play styles and activities that help create an engaging and fun gaming experience.

    Visit our website for more information and to apply today:


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