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1MB Warps Features: - Listing and Visiting Warps


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Jan 1, 2001
We're still working on allowing players to set a personal visit so others can visit your base when you are offline. But, .. this thread is about the Server warps!

When you type: /warps
You will get a list of warps, an index from where you can pick what type of warps you want ..
You can click on Worlds, Server Warps, Player Warps, Event Warps, etc.

You can type: /warp name, if you know the set name of a warp, for example: /warp treefarm, or /warp spawn

A warp is a little different than the teleportation machine, which lets you TPA to another player. This will teleport you to a location on the server. For example, a global shopping area, a spawn of a world, or someone's protected region that earned a warp spot somehow.