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Another Sov failure! :P

Discussion in 'Awesome Media' started by Sovereign002, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Sovereign002

    Sovereign002 Rest in Peace - 28th Feb 2010

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    Another Sov failure! :P

    Well, I've posted a few random poems in here in the past. This one isn't any better, I'm afraid. It's fairly unfinised, so feel free to tear it apart. :p

    Hello, my shiny little star.
    How do you do,
    Watching my every war?

    Still as brand new,
    As the first day I saw you.
    You're still as rare,
    Still one of those very few.


    I lay here, bare.
    Open to your gentle gaze,
    Out in the cold night's air.

    Counting down the days,
    Waiting for your grace,
    My mind stuck in a maze.

    I have to give chase.
    To you, my very own scar.
    Please, will you hear my case?

    Hello, my shiny little star.
    How do you do,
    Watching my every war?


    You are the only star,
    I dare call my sweet.

    Please, let's end this war
    I can't face this defeat.

    I was a little rushed and I think it needs some refining, but for a first attempt?
  2. Wasturr

    Wasturr OMG Member

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    Re: Another Sov failure! :P

    I dunno if your wooing someone or trying to make em' suicide but it's decent enough.
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