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E3 2011: Razer SWTOR Peripherals

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by The Bioware Beacon, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Just moments ago we were able get our first look at the series or Razer peripherals designed specifically for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately, we were unable to get our hands on the devices themselves, but the product managers from Razer took some time to give us the full rundown on the products.

    Apparently some people are interpreting a comment in this interview as a mention of a release date. This is extremely incorrect, and the question was phrased to see if the branded accessories would come out before the game's release, coinciding with it, after, etc. Any employee of Razer is a fan just as much as you are, and they do not work for BioWare.

    Hit the jump for a few interesting bullet points about the official SWTOR mouse, mouse pad, headset, and keyboard.


    There are ten LCD buttons that can be programed to perform a variety of functions in game. Users will be able to assign each key with an image of their choosing (or use art provided by Razer and BioWare) then assign complex macros using a visual macro program being designed by Razer. These macros can be simple or complex and can use timer commands between action commands.


    These LCD buttons can be tiered. This means a button can be programmed to switch any of the other nine buttons.

    The keyboard has a multi-touch screen under the LCD buttons that can apparently be used in lieu of a mouse if need be.

    The keyboard is lined with led lights that can be set to any color.



    It is basically a reskin of the Razer Naga.

    The icon on the mouse can be Republic or Sith depending on which plastic piece you attach.

    Mouse Pad

    Metal pad that can be flipped to display the icon of either faction


    The headset icons can be switched to either Sith or Republic.

    There are LED lights on the bottom of the headset that change color. This color can be seen by the user's peripheral vision.

    Headset will utilize alerts supported by BioWare. As an example, the representative from Razer said the light could pulse or change color to subtly notify players of nearby enemies.


    Alongside The Old Republic. They said, "when BioWare tells us TOR is coming out, that is when these are coming out."
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