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Fan Site Summit: General Information Learned

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by The Bioware Beacon, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. The Bioware Beacon

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    Fan Site Summit: General Information Learned

    Carefully examining and dissecting content for Star Wars: The Old Republic is the keystone of our work at Darth Hater. This meticulous approach is seen throughout our articles, but it becomes even more pronounced when we are actually playing the game.The following is our list of new general notes from our multiple hours of game play at the Fan Site Summit earlier this week.

    • Crew Skills available for training in Kaas City: Cybertech (Reverse Engineering Tech which leads to creating Tech), Underworld Trading, Slicing, Bio Analysis, Bio Chem, Diplomacy, Investigation Mission, Treasure Hunting, Synthweaving, Archeology, and Artifice.
    • Galactic Market Kiosk is the name of the Auction House, and encountered first on Dromund Kaas.
    • Mailboxes seen in game. Can send items, credits, COD, text message.
    • Trainer icon on the minimap is an upward facing caret (^). If there are new skills you can learn the icon gains a plus symbol under the caret. If you mouse over the trainer symbol it will also tell you if there are new abilities available.
    • Bonus quests now show up alongside the parent quest on your map and minimap as soon as you pick one up.
    • Lightsaber Enhancement, Armor Enhancement, and other Stations/Benches seen on Hutta.
    • Idle banter can be heard by NPCs throughout the game. These conversations normally pertain to local events and are regularly heard from NPCs that don't offer any other dialogue.
    • Cantina music heard in the palace of Nem'ro the Hutt cycles after each song. Some of the music sounds very familiar while other pieces sound completely original.
    • We were unable to see the character creator, but we were told the random name generator was crafted by Daniel Erickson and is species specific.
    • Estimated time to completion seen on phased areas when you mouse over the green doors. This does not appear to be accurate in this current build, because all instances were marked with estimated five minutes regardless of actual length.
    • Estimated time to completion also seen when mousing over the black dialogue bubbles over players currently involved in a dialogue sequence.
    • Evocii Model seen in game for the first time.
    • Lore Objects are throughout the world and give you a codex entry when clicked on. These also yield a small amount of experience upon gathering.
    • Class specific long duration buffs, such as Coordination for the Imperial Agent, stack. If you are in a party with four of the same class you can all buff each other, effectively giving each player a buff four times more powerful than normal.
    • There are long duration buffs that are specific to Advanced Classes and these do not replace the basic class buffs. This means Sniper Imperial Agents can cast both Coordination and a special Sniper buff on themselves and their fellow party members. Georg Zoeller posted on the official forum stating this was a bug.
    • Companions start with four different abilities. The first two are Attack and Passive with the other two being a unique companion ability and a kit. The companion ability is togglable and will allow the companion to use that ability at will. The kit is an equipable companion item that adds an ability to their bar that can be swapped with other kits. The kits are not currently togglable.
    • Mako starts with a Healing Mode and Concussion Round Kit (deals damage, knocks down lower tier enemies).
    • Kaliyo starts with a Plasma Round Mode and Grenade Kit (deals AOE damage).
    • Companion characters will taunt you if they get close to death with unique lines of dialogue.
    • Some items are only equipable by companion characters. Kaliyo's Jacket is acquired during a class quest and can only be equiped by Kaliyo.
    • When a companion wants to speak with you, a small dialogue bubble will appear above their picture on the companion ability bar. You can only talk with the companions in private areas like your ship and special cantina rooms.
    • Companion Affection Points are added or subtracted during cutscenes depending on your choices. Notification pops up in a small blue box on the bottom of the screen.
    • Companion Affection can also be increased by giving the companions gifts. This system was described as similar to the system seen in Dragon Age. We were also told that in the current build one way to get these gifts was by using the Treasure Hunting crew skill.
    • Aim stat added; modifies critical chance and damage.
    • Character titles can be gained by your character. Some of these titles appear to be class dependent (Agent x) while others appear to be universal (Friendly x, x the Merciless, x the Outgoing) were x is your character name. These titles appear to be connected to your dialogue choices and may also be connected to any and all other game systems.
    • Social points are added whenever you win a roll in a group dialogue scene or achieve a specific objective while grouped. These appear in a small blue box on the bottom of the screen. Social points accumulate to give you new social levels or tiers.
    • Can join party members in group conversations from far away via Holocom. Absent players join the conversation as a hologram. You can also start the quest conversation without party members if you do not want to wait. You are given a count of how many group members have joined in until it reaches the number your group has, at which point the conversation starts automatically.
    • In the cases where you see a cut scene while on a shuttle to another location, you can press escape (same with the way it works in every other cut scene) to stop the transition to the new area.
    • Player ship hangars are separated by class. For example, there's one for Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, etc. It should also be noted that the hangars appear on Dromund Kaas.
    • PVP vendors are separated by class.
    • Mako has a minor bonus to Cybertech and significant bonus to Slicing.
    • Current rarities listed as Legacy, Legendary, Artifact, Prototype, Premium, Standard, and Cheap.
    • Banking Terminals are available on Kaas City.
    • If you are bound to another flashpoint and did not complete the flashpoint you can then synchronize your flashpoint instance id to your new group's. This allows players to join up with a new group at the beginning. This does not work the other direction though; we were unable to sync someone forward in a flashpoint they did not participate in.
    • Guild tab seen during the play session. Must visit Regional Administration Office to create guild.
    • You can currently only run each Flashpoint once per day.
    • Disconnected icon is a Lightning Bolt.
    • You can expand your inventory. First time costs 15,000 Credits.
    • There is a conversation mode option for solo or multiplayer when you right click your character's portrait.
    • You continue to earn experience in Flashpoints while dead as long as you don't click "Return to the Med Center."
    • The optional color matching uses the primary color of your chest piece as the color to apply elsewhere. You are currently unable to use any other piece of armor to change the color of your chest piece, but this can be toggled off.
    • Planets have heroic spaces that are non-instanced areas with harder then normal mobs and quests. We saw these before in isolated dungeon-like areas on Tython and Hutta, but we also discovered a large open air heroic area on Dromund Kaas.
    • Mobs do not respawn in Flashpoints.
    • Datacrons appear on the minimap when you are near one. They do not show up on the large map.
    • The Bounty Terminal mentioned in past coverage no longer exists in the same place it did on Hutta, replaced by an NPC droid who gives you quests.
    • The automated taxi system currently doesn't allow for final destination travel; possibly a bug.
  2. TeHpUmKinKiNg

    TeHpUmKinKiNg OMG Member

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    This is awesome stuff coming out! I'll be scouring for more info as it gets released.
  3. Jayden

    Jayden I R Posting Machine

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    That's a LOT of info lol. Like the fact the guild tab is already integrated into the game.
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