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Forbidden Covenant PVE / Raiding / 18+ / Vent / Forums / Recruiting

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by viper446, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Forbidden Covenant

    PVE / Raiding / Vent / Forums


    Guild HQForums

    Forbidden Covenant is a guild built upon teamwork, commitment, progression, and fun. We are a PvE focused guild, that seeks to enjoy every aspect of the game, we will occasionally PvP and join in on PvP events. We enjoy casual and hardcore game play; we are a laid back, and friendly group of individuals. We enjoy friendly chat and jokes and helping the rest of the guild progress in a swift and consistent matter. We take all raids and events seriously, during raids/events we expect vent to be kept clear and open, we expect all members to come to raids/events prepared to play their classes, and bring their best. We have a vent, forums, and are currently in the process of constructing a website. We seek active, talented, mature individuals, and those whom have the desire and willingness to learn how to play their classes at their best. We are an 18+ guild. (Note under certain circumstances such as family members, individuals under 18 may be recruited)

    We are currently recruiting all classes

    About Us

    We are a US Central based Sith Empire Guild; we were founded by two former WoW players whom were seeking a more rewarding and challenging MMO experience, through this desire and passion the Forbidden Covenant was born. We strive to be among the top guilds and dominate new challenges.

    We believe that real life is the most important thing to all of us. We know **** will happen, and no one should expect to suffer due to the guild or game because they took care of what matters to them most. We strive for success, but understand life's obligations.

    We are here to progress consistently, in a timely matter, and at the same time build a group of skilled players whom can work together to overcome any challenges that are thrown at them. We also emphasize the importance of member activity; we don't allow periods of inactivity of over 2 weeks (unless prior notice) we will conduct weekly inactivity checks to ensure we keep an active player base.

    Member Requirements

    - Mature 18+

    - Active

    - Dedication and Loyalty

    - Ventrilo is required for all raids and PvP events, period.

    - A working mic is strongly recommend but not required, you MUST still be on vent to listen come raid time.

    - Download Vent from here -



    - Drama / Harassment will not be tolerated

    - No arguing over vent

    - During raid time vent is to be kept clear and open

    - Respect your guild members

    - Have FUN!


    The Forbidden Covenant believes in, “Teamwork, commitment, progression, and fun.” We are here to have fun, but that does not mean that we can’t get serious. Members are expected to be on during scheduled raid time, but we understand that everyone has their own life, real life comes first in our eyes, however if you are on during scheduled raid time you must be there, no exceptions.

    Our current raiding schedule is not set in stone, we expect to have at least 3 scheduled raids per week, raiding times and days are subject to change on release based on guild availability.


    - Wednesday – 7 pm – 11 pm CST

    - Thursday – 7 pm – 11 pm CST

    - Sunday – 7 pm – 11 pm CST

    We encourage all interested individuals to visit our forums, fill out our guild application , and post it to our applications thread here.

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

    Through passion, I gain strength.

    Through strength, I gain power.

    Through power, I gain victory.

    Through victory, my chains are broken.

    The Force shall set me free.

    -The Sith Code

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