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Force vs. Talent at "Bloody OMAHA"

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Tallboy Dave, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Tallboy Dave

    Tallboy Dave OMG Member

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    Force vs. Talent at "Bloody OMAHA"

    f any of you have heard of "Comrade Jedi", then this is the spiritual successor to it.

    The KOTOR crews arrive at Earth, shortly before D-Day, and mix in with Allied Commando and Resistance Forces on the ground in France. Lots of OC roles available, sign up quick! Any questions, PM me, please.

    Timeframe: June 5th-June 10th, 1944


    LSM Revan: Talboy Dave

    Bastila: Scout 4

    Carth: DNR

    Mission: Walruseater

    Jolee: Scout 4

    Canderous:scout 4

    The Jedi Exile: Scout 4

    Atton: DNR

    Brianna: Walruseater


    Scout 4: Carlos "Ben" Mathers.

    Myself: Peter Ramsey

    Moongarm: Senka Adair






    Big Z

    The Droids


    Moongarm's character.

    Senka Adair

    Age: 19

    Nationality: Irish-Canadian

    Gender: Female

    Family and Dependants: Most of her family is in Canada (mother, father, little brother, etc). She has an uncle, an aunt and two cousins in Ireland.

    Level Education: She has completed high school.

    Class: Talent, Commando

    Talent: Shape shifting. Shifts into her own version of each form (so she can’t shift to look like somebody). Senka can only change into animals and is only truly versatile in several forms

    Allegiance and motivation: Allied forces. She joined the war because she felt she should help protect her family, friends and country. Also she thought her Talent would be useful, whether in battle or for other uses.
    Senka doesn’t like to be the stay at home kind of girl either.

    Physical: Approximately 5’ 8”. Golden-brown eyes and wavy brown hair that falls to just below her shoulders. She tends to keep her hair braided to keep it out of the way. Tough as nails but can be very clumsy. She is well built and does her best to stay in shape.

    My Character:

    Name: Peter George Ramsey

    Personality: A soft-spoken man with a gentle spirit, but with a terrier's attention to detail.

    Nationality: British (West Midlands)

    Age: 22

    Family: Peter lost his parents early on in the Blitz; a night raid on his home city of Wolverhampton demolished the street his family lived on. His only immediate family is a younger sister who was evacuated to Canada shortly after the war started. His cousin Richard is in the Merchant Navy.

    Education: Peter attended a trade school, and was a trainee engineer when the war broke out.

    Friends: His closest friend was his old platoon Sergeant, after he recieved his commission, but he was rotated to another theatre. At the moment, he's yet to make any new friends.

    Dependents: His sister.

    Motivation: Peter takes the war very seriously. In his view, "The sooner it's over, the sooner my sister will be home safe."

    TALENT: Alternative Form: Peter can, at will, change into a metallic copy of himself, as long as he has at least 3 ounces of the metal he wants to turn into touching his bareskin.

    Scout's Character:

    Name: Carlos “Ben” Mathers.

    Personality: Ben is a vocal, colorful, yet practical soldier. He is loyal to a fault, especially with his friends, and has no patience for those who think of themselves first. He steadfastly believes in his country and leaders, though he finds his faith slipping in the face of war, prompted by his girlfriend's disappearance during the Pearl Harbor cataclysm. For him, the fight against the Natzi’s is deeply personal.

    Nationality: Spanish American, with only a bit of his accent left.

    Age: 21

    Family: He grew up on a farm. When he used to get himself into life-threatening situations that involved water, accidentally losing their first truck in a river, or train tracks over water, his father beat him with a belt, but each time his mother baked him an apple pie when things like that happened.

    Education: He is smart, but he likes playing up the slightly-obvious smart-ass gimmick, too.

    F&D: He has a friend stationed back in America who is watching his younger, twelve-year-old sister for him while he is away. His mother died of a heart attack, and his father has to stay in the hospital because of cancer too far progressed to treat. He uses his earnings in the army to pay for her food, and writes short stories and draws in his spare time to sell and make money, also paying for her tuition.

    Motivation: Ben has a hard life, and nearly feel apart when his girlfriend died at Pearl Harbor. With his mother dead and his father hospitalized, Ben does what he can to support his baby sister. The war called to him, however, and even though he was in the Reserve, he was taken to the fight. He let his sister, Susannah, stay with a good family friend, and fights for her and for his dead girlfriend, Aida.

    Talent: Carlos gets almost precog-like Hunches, that alerts him to danger. For example, he might look at a bombed-out church, ad know that an enemy sniper is in the steeple.
  2. JadeHeretic

    JadeHeretic OMG Member

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