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Gamona Interview with Daniel Erickson on Class Story Arcs

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by The Bioware Beacon, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. The Bioware Beacon

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    We know a lot about the story of Star Wars: The Old Republic but much of the finer details on how the class story works and more importantly, how it ends, has eluded us until now. In an interview via Gamona, Daniel Erickson goes into specifics regarding the unique class story arcs players will experience when they get their hands on the game.


    Gamona: We talk much about the Jedi and Sith classes but what approach do you take for the other classes, so they dont be forgotten? Does every class really have their own story?

    Daniel Erickson: Of course. Every class has their own trilogy. There are three complete chapters. But before somebody cries that there is not enough play time and a little puppy dies: The first chapter has nearly the length of the whole Knights of the Old Republic, more than 30 hours. And this chapter is then closed with a real ending and an outro, which reflects all your decisions. Let us take the trooper for example: In the first chapter, the republic orders him to Ord Mantell to destroy a revolt. You meet the separatists and have the choice: Destroy and kill them, or listen to them? Whom decides to listen to them, learns that they dont want to separate off the government because they hate peace and want to inflict chaos, as the republic tells everybody. But because of the governor being corrupt and involved in the organized crime. So, there is so much propaganda and you have to find out, what the truth is.

    These are hard decisions, just like the Jedi knight or the Sith Warrior have. And then there are the chapters 2 and 3, where your decisions reflect, so that you could see a very different planet than your mate is, because of the decisions. There are thousands of npcs, hundreds of planets. The star wars universe is enormous big and fans know that here are not just Alderaan, Tatooine and Coruscant but 37 systems, which all have different races with different cultures you can learn about. It is hard to name a number, but 200 hours of class-quest-gameplay, you can easily reach.

    Thanks to imp187 for the translation and the tip. Be sure to check out the rest of the interview on Gamona.

    Gamona Interview with Daniel Erickson on Class Story Arcs originally appeared on Darth Hater on Monday, August 15th, 2011 at 0:51:20 UTC. Please read our terms of use of feeds.

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  2. UnlimitedHeero

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    Here how there are several different chapters makes me really excited for Old Republic.
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