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How to keep your forum professional

Discussion in 'Manage your Site' started by Brian, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Brian

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    How to keep your forum professional

    How to keep your board professional!
    Here are my personal basics view of how to keep your forum professional:

    It is essential for your staff and administration to have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. To your members, no one wants to see:

    "Hey, are j00 doin? we n0w got 100 members"

    It shows disrespect towards your members and community and adds less professionalism to your board.

    Have active staff members that will contribute to the forums, and they do their job. Expect each staff members uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    Qualities of a bad staff member:

    • One who spams
    • One who doesn't follow your own forum rules
    • Unable to response to user question - Misslead the users with invalid answer by assuming thing himself unsure of, ect
    • Low IQ
    • No creativity and innovation

    The staff adds professionalism to the board and can widely contribute it.

    The board's appearance adds up a wide amount of your professionalism. First of all have a custom skin, made by you or your staff, a custom skin helps it. Also make sure you have matching custom graphics to your skin. Also make your appearance matches your board's theme!

    These are the three basics to keep your board professional. With the correct staff, grammar, and appearance, you'll have one professional board!

    So, how you keep your own forum professional ? Share it with us here.
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