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Infinite worlds krono wars

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Elektrakosh, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Elektrakosh

    Elektrakosh Guest

    Infinite worlds krono wars

    Infinite worlds, Kronowars

    In an alternate time, in another universe, where magic, science and technology combine, a small solarsystem spins around a great yellow sun.
    Alter Earth became the hub of all races around the stars humans and aliens alike, living in uneasy alliance against another threat that became the common foe. The coming of the Daemons.

    Thought to spawn from a planets surface on the outskirts of the solarsystem, these creatures appeared laying waste to the closest planet and opening a great time gate to draw in aliens and mages from alternate universes and time, disrupting the great balance that the Kayu once carefully achieved.
    Eventually the alliances split and a war began to rage across the claimed planets, some fled to another galaxy to start up colonies others stood and fought a great cataclysm lay waste to those who stayed. The Daemons succeeded but failed in finding the one that their leader wanted.

    The time was set and the Daemons disappered except a few that took on a human/ alien/animal guise to blend in with the few who survived. Slowly, over time, Alter Earth now stood once more as the central hub, technology science and magic was now their element, great machines took on personalities as did creatures became a civilisation in their own right.

    They have to gather themselves once more as a prediction tells of another apocalypse... which side will they ally themselves?

    Cast of characters so far:

    Elektrakosh -Elektrakosh
    Thel0stcat -Zhai
    darkjedi -Sage
    Kaiser-D -Reika, Kai
    Archangel -Callim
    Nemmerle -Areli
  2. Junk Angel

    Junk Angel OMG Member

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    Re: Infinite worlds krono wars

    "Channels, nothing more than corporate propaganda.

    I flick trough, and find nothing, nothing of interest.
    It's as if a nightmare has laid itself on this, choking it, choking it's freedom.
    Adverts on the retina 24/7? I don't know, I don't care. The way the adverts influence normal humans is bad enough already.
    Somehow I have to rack up some cash before this week ends. I need to pay for the rent. Even if this place is rundown, dilapidated and just a plain dump, it's far better than the street. Not that I didn't know that well as well.

    I look upwards, searching for that bottle - empty - again.
    I dream of a better life, of a life without the curse, a life full of normality.
    If only I had it.

    Outside, rain and nothing more.

    I guess I should better head into the inner city.
    To get both cash as well as stores."

    At this, Zhai puts on a heavy cloak, and heads outside, to the place where the elements rage.
    She gets wet almost instantly, the cloak giving almost no protection.

    She walks on, heading to the inner city.
  3. Nemmerle

    Nemmerle OMG Member

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    Re: Infinite worlds krono wars

    'What is that? Bees? Does this man have tinnitus?'
    A flickering blue-white hologram hung in the air above the bar, its emitter obviously hadn't been maintained since it was installed and the humming of the poorly repaired circuit intruded again on Areli's thoughts. In the smoke laden air of the bar Areli blinked.
    'It worked, I'm alive again,' Areli reached forwards to pick a glass off the bar wary of displaying any change in the recently possessed man's behaviour,
    'What is this place anyway? It's certainly not the world I left. How many years have I been away for?
    At least nothing's changed here, a bar just like any other. People are still the same pathetic sheep they've always been. I need something to tell me what's been going on. A history book or a scholar.'
    Areli placed the glass back on the counter and leant back in his chair.
    "Historical records are probably still the property of the church-military. I need a body that would have access to those records." He pondered aloud. "The military were always called to any sufficiently large disturbance..." Areli looked down and smiled.
    'The screams of these sheep shall attract those I wish to find.'

    Kicking back his chair onto the floor Areli rose to his feet.
    "Children of darkness, you who have not seen the light of our lord, now bask in his eternal embrace. Let him wash away your tears." It was a ritual he'd heard many times in the priesthood before a sacrifice and it seemed somehow fitting. Looking over at the nearest patron Areli gestured almost dismissively with his left hand and raised the temperature of the man's clothes to burning point. "Find peace in your servitude."
  4. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel OMG Member

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    Re: Infinite worlds krono wars

    Callim stopped abruptly at the clatter of loose tiles.
    Breathing softly he waited to see if anyone had noticed, nothing moved, there was no sound, no light. Nothing, nothing but the oppressing darkness. Callim smiled at that and brought his attention back to the locked window.
    "Oh, a locked window!" he thought. "Whatever shall i do now?"
    He almost laughed as he condensed the air particles inside his victims' bed-chamber, creating a film around the window latch, then, finally using it to unlock the window.
    Callim slipped gently through the now open window and moved stealthily through the shadows. Feeling around the floor gently, he found what he searched for. Lifting up the concealed trapdoor he reached slowly down into it's black depths until he felt the slight brush of a cloth bag against his skin. As he lift it, the slight jungle of cins could be heard and he glanced warily at the man, still sleeping peacefully, before lifting the bag and slipping it gently into his pocket.

    Back out on the roof, Callim locked the window behind him and breathed a sigh of relief. Walking silently to the edge of the roof he casually jumped from it's edge and landed several metres below easily and gracefully, before slipping into the shadows and from sight.
  5. JadeHeretic

    JadeHeretic OMG Member

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    Re: Infinite worlds krono wars


    Whoa... hold on guys. You're in the wrong thread. You need to wait for the RP to open before you start playing. Please go back and read the RP guidelines on Getting Started.

    Active Roleplay thread for this RP is here.
    Out of Character thread is here.

    Carry on!

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