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KAJIDIC RP PVP PVE Sith Crime Organization

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Vanity_oth, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Vanity_oth

    Vanity_oth Galactic Fetus

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    General Info

    Kajidic is a premier PvP/RvR, non-RP, US-based alliance guild intended to dominate the universe for Star Wars The Old Republic. We excel in PvP and, as such, most of our time is spent kicking the crap out of any Foe. Any PvE we do is done to simply get better gear to use in RvR. Our organization consists of more than one guild that represents their name as a chapter within the Kajidic Union. Such unity is built on strong relationships between guilds from the past.


    Our main purpose is to create as much death, destruction and chaos as possible for any foe. While accomplishing that task, we try to have as much fun as possible while still playing in a highly charged, yet organized, atmosphere.

    Play Style

    Kajidic members play a role in everything from grunt on the battlefield to leader of a raid against a capital city. We organize quickly and efficiently to accomplish the task at hand, and after we’ve emerged victorious we love to talk about our exploits before we load up the next battle or event.


    The leaders are 100% committed to the guild and to its members, and because of that, we expect a lot from our members. However, we give a lot to our members too so it’s definitely not a one-way street! Guildies always have priority over non-guildies, so any rewards and group spots will always go to Kajidic members first and foremost.

    When the time comes for battle and your name is called to join our ranks on the battlefield, you will be expected to carry your weight and pay attention to what’s going on. We count on you to be there and you will be able to count on us to cover your back as well.

    As your skill improves, your dedication to the guild becomes more apparent, and your playtime remains consistent, you will be given the opportunity for more privilege and responsibility in the guild. You may, of course, turn promotions down without fear of punition if you do not wish to take on the extra responsibility that comes with promotion.

    Lastly, we love to have fun! Some players may wish to RP a bit and that’s fine with us. But be advised that we’re not a RP guild. Whatever you like to do when you play, feel free to do it as long as you’re not violating any part of the Code of Conduct.


    You must have Ventrilo and a microphone. Vent is free and can be downloaded from the Ventrilo website.

    Maturity is a must. Because of that, we ask that our players be at least 18 and preferably 20 or older. Younger applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    You must remain active. Play the game as often as you can. We know that real life takes precedence over any game, but if you’re inactive, especially without prior notice, for long periods of time you could lose your rank or even your membership in the guild entirely! Remaining active until SWTOR launches is also being looked at. We have plenty of ways for members to stay active in our guild until opening day including: playing another game (WAR, WoW, DAoC, CoX, etc) with other Kajidic members, playing Warhammer , if you have access, with Kajidic members, post on our forums, and just logging onto Ventrilo to get to know us. Also, we request members check the guild site at least once a week for new news and info, ideas, suggestions and events.

    Members are required to have their main character in Kajidic. Alts generally will be accepted, but not allowed in Kajidic events except in specific situations.


    If you wish to apply be sure to put in the most spectacular application of your life. So in no way feel discouraged from applying if you do not plan on playing a particular class we may be looking for. Also, if you don't get accepted now, don't feel shut out! Feel free to apply again at a later date! Note: Please mention what chapter you wish to apply for.
  2. Josewales

    Josewales Galactic Fetus

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    Checking in.
  3. MyNameDidntFit_oth

    MyNameDidntFit_oth The Deceiver

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    Added to the database. Sorry for the delay :)
  4. Jedinomore

    Jedinomore Galactic Fetus

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    Kajidic where the swoops are just the beginning of the fun. glad to be back and ready to start the mischief as only i can do :flame:

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