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Lux Arcana [EU / Empire / RP-PvE / Mature / Casual]

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Luculus, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Lux Arcana

    Lux Arcana has existed on many worlds, in many times. They are seekers of artefacts, of wealth and of adventure. But, most of all, they seek power.

    By nature, Lux Arcana's objectives are often hidden from plain view. They come as traders, as mercenaries, as allies or as conquerors. Their true quest is always at the heart of everything they do - the pursuit of knowledge, and with it, power. What road they travel to get there is always of less importance than the goal itself.

    Finding themselves in the Outer Rim, the advance party explored where they would flourish. Finding the dogma and righteousness of the Republic too stifling for their search, they decided to court favour with the Sith and others of the Empire.

    With the vanguard formed, Korriban became their new home. What better place to begin the search for power than amongst the dead who had held it, but let it slip their grasp...

    Key Facts

    Size: 30+ active members (100 max)

    Faction: Empire (PvE server)

    Focus: PvE, PvP, Crafting

    Time Zone: European (English speaking)

    Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!

    Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing

    Web Site: http://www.luxarcana.org/swtor

    Voicecomms: Only required for PvP & Raiding (we currently use Mumble)


    Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild that was founded as a community for European MMO players with a "casual" but "dedicated" play style. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the guild. Please visit our website for further details about our history.

    Our objectives in SWTOR are to initially try to explore all the storylines in the game as a guild. We support and aid each other and explore everything the rich storyline has to offer.

    We also want to enter PvP zones as pre-made guild groups to enjoy working on tactics.

    Our aim, depending on demand, is to also establish a Republic wing of the guild to give all members a home when/if they want to explore the Light side as well.


    We Accept

    Adults (i.e. 18+) with a mature, friendly and outgoing attitude to life.

    Casual but dedicated players who like to play hard when they can! Players used to grouping, contributing and getting involved in a guild. We are NOT a guild for solo players, unsocial players or selfish players. You must be a team player.

    Highly Desirable

    Players that are creative or that have strong organisational skills. We want proactive members. Players that show a passion for the game, for helping fellow members and getting things done! In particular we need fighters, explorers, diplomats and players willing to learn everything there is to know about this game.

    Not Acceptable

    Immature players. Players that whine, complain and do not accept guild policy. Players with negative attitudes, who are only out for themselves and whinge over not getting "their share" of battle loot. Aggressive or anti-social players. We do not tolerate l33t speak - proper English please! Keep trash talking to an absolute minimum - in character NOT personal!

    Guilds Interested in Merging

    Lux Arcana has a 7+ year gaming history, and during that time we have handled numerous smaller guilds merging with us. If you are in a small guild or unguilded group of friends that is looking to merge with a bigger guild then please contact me.

    For more information please check out our site at:


    Thank you
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