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Mandalorian Sentinels

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Threl, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Threl

    Threl Galactic Fetus

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    About Us

    Mandalorian Sentinels, were a PVP/PVE Focused guild with a structure that overlooks both Divisions. Our leadership has 7 years MMO Experiance

    What were looking for

    16+ Members. Maturity is key to a successful guild. Its important for our members to understand that we strive to better ourselves in all aspects of the game and you must be willing to take constructive critinism.

    What we Offer

    Our clubs flawless structure offers Leadership over PVP and PVE Divisions. With this our PVP leadership can focus on what it takes to kill the enemy by exploiting weaknesses in each class while opening up the best styles. Our PVE Leadership will be focused on leading our members into all style of flash-points and raiding with knowledge of fights threw practice and study.


    Our structure ensures all members have room for improvement. Our members must alwaya strive to better themselves in order for us to be the best at what we do weather its Raiding or PVP. We expect our members to maintain activity, we know the game is not out yet, but we keep our forums alive until launch.


    Once your a member if you feel your wanting to be an officer in the guild, Visit our websites knowledge base on ways to become an officer and the responsibility our officer have.

    Mandalorian Sentinels

    Main Site Click Here

    TOR Site Click Here

    Xfire: Click Here

    Facebook: Click Here

    Steam: Click Here

    Contact Threl

    Xfire: Cazzin

    AIM: Wickedsmahtcaz

    email: Wickedsmahtcaz@Gmail.com
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