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Massive Announcements For SWTOR Incoming

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by The Bioware Beacon, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Just moments ago, IGN revealed that starting tomorrow at 9AM PT, tons of new new information regarding SWTOR will hit the internet.

    IGN wrote:

    IGN has been tooling around in the Old Republic beta for the last week or two, and we're just about ready to spew forth (in the best way possible) a whole heap of information. Tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific you can look forward to a pile of new content. Then starting Monday (the 24th) and lasting through to Friday (the 28th) we'll be posting a brand new Old Republic article every. Single. Day.

    However, IGN is not the first place to hint at an impending embargo drop. Massively's Larry Everett hinted at an impending embargo drop on Gamebreaker's "The Republic" that people will start hearing about around the start of Blizzcon. Since then Buffed.de and Gamestar both mentioned through their various podcasts that new information regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic's beta would be on its way tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, there is not any information in terms of specifics past the rumors of the impending content dump. I guess we all will watch the various tubes as it comes in tomorrow morning at 9AM PT.

    Update: Stephen Reid commented on Twitter regarding the incoming embargo drop.

    Now, I can't say if the press (like IGN) were testing the same build as the rest of the game testers, so we might see information that is new, or we might see info that isn't so new. We'll see!
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