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Minecraft Changelog

Discussion in '1MoreBlock.com Information' started by Floris, Jan 1, 2020.

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    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 1st, 2020:

    Fool me once..

    - Restarted the server to increase performance.

    - Known issue: Coronavirus Internet Network Stress is real, the overall latency has increased.
    Note: The involved hosts and peering are aware and are doing their best.

    - Additional mcMMO Levels added for a day.

    - Confused Playername Syndrome when the server becomes too laggy.

    - Confused Chickens thinking they're baby zombies in the Mining world.

    - Updated a few reported bugs with the feature /cf
    Note: Thank you for reporting. Enjoy winning/losing your money

    - Updated a few tiny plugins that now have better 1.15.2 support.

    - Upped the maxplayer limit from 16 to 18 with the increase of activity.

    - Made tiny changes to the Discord Server setup.

    - Had a very quick townhall meeting on Discord to answer player questions and address concerns.

    - Archived the huge database of plan-b inventory playerdata.

    - Created a new and empty database for the plan-b inventory playerdata.

    - Restored the inventory of a couple of players who lost theirs.
    Note: Please report any issues without attitude, restoring inventories is a courtesy.

    - Rewarded online players with a handful of mcMMO Events, 6x, 5x, 4x, 3x, 2x. etc.
    Note: Yes, we're well aware that the levels come easy, enjoy it! It's on purpose, and we will eventually nerf this stuff.

    - Fixed a bug with the Jobs feature.

    - Being on the roof of the Nether isn't allowed, we prevented this but there was a bug causing people to still do it. That has been fixed. It's more deadly now.

    - Fixed issue with teleporting to older or changed worlds, yay less issues!

    - General maintenance to variety of commands, resulting in less errors being spit out.

    - The /recipe pages have titles for smokers and campfire recipes. And are better represented.

    - And a bunch of commands have improvements for the end-user (you the player) so things are easier to learn and understand.

    - Updated the /spawn area
    Note: The cold fall/winter biomes are now kinder greener Spring/Summer biomes.
    Note: The snow is slowly smelting, flowers are blooming.
    Note: With the help of Vloop there are now more 1.14 and 1.15 items to keep Spawn modern.
    Note: Further preparations have been made to the new new Spawn.
    Note: Talking to huge network specialist about improving chunks and performance for the Spawn world as we currently have it. This guy .. I owe him so much.

    - Added the /kit mobbox to all possible groups.
    Note: A pair of fox, cat, panda, and bee spawn eggs.

    - Started working on the /kit Spring box.
    Note: Not public yet, but keep your eyes open to /kits
    Note: Have any suggestions for the Spring kit? Put it in #suggestions on Discord or poke me or something.

    - Temporarily unloading certain worlds we don't usually visit, to free up resources to allow more players to have better performance because of the increased network latency I spoke about earlier. You can still go to those worlds, but the first person to go will notice an extra second in lag to load it in properly. Everybody else will then load it as al.. you will probably not even notice.

    - Found an issue with some of our Maintenance features, and identified the actual issue. Made changes to our 1MB Core / Network code (took me 3 hours omg.. I am a terrible developer haha) Hopefully it will be harder to trigger these types of mistakes, and hopefully this improves Maintenance performance as well.

    - Spoke with the Skyblock developer about our setup, he was impressed how fast our worlds loads. I guess we're doing a good job. Yay me. Also, tomorrow we will know if we can introduce some cool in the future or if it was an April fools joke on their part. Fingers crossed, because it's actually a really cool feature.

    - Run the server in Maintenance mode for a little bit. And purging rollback data older than 12 months (it's a new month)
    Note: It's important you play on a regular basis. So you remember how your builds looks like. If you spot theft/grief we strongly recommend to report it as soon as possible. "I think" a year later, is only complicating things.

    - I am self quarantining, because I am at risk if I get infected. And because I have to take care of her as well. I wash my hands with soap and disinfectant properly. And I urge everybody else to do the same. Stay healthy, take it serious, be a better person.

    - Removed some left-over Winter ice at /spawn.

    - Completed a bit more of the xray checks. Sorry if you got banned. You can't appeal. You know the rules, and so do I.

    - Purged archived rollback data: 10,907,318 (10M) records removed.
    Note: The data we actively can roll back to is March 2019 - current.
    Note: Older data is still in our backups, but a lot lot harder to get to. Only in extreme cases we will use this.
    Note: Every bit of rollback data from 2011-2016 has been 100% removed from our archives/backups/servers.

    - Updated the Chest Shop plugin, it actually had active development, I am surprised!

    And that's it for now.
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 2nd, 2020:

    We had fun yesterday!

    - Disabled the mcMMO April Fools levels.

    - Disabled the Crazy Chickens in the /mine world again from April Fools.

    - Disabled the Random Usernames April Fools silliness.

    - Updated the CMI plugin for maintenance reasons.

    - Finished some maintenance from yesterday with today's server restart.

    - Shut down the server.

    - Upgraded the Operating System on some devices and restarted the network to help improve performance in these trying times. lol

    - Added an extra hardware layer of security to the network, attempted abuse is batch processed now every 36 hours and auto reported to involved ISP/hosts/etc.

    - Spent an hour figuring out Vloop deleted a bell and that's why his farm stopped working. lol
    Note: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/581338434

    - Updated mcMMO to a nightly build.

    - Cleared out some old log files from /logs/ (Purged up to October 1st, 2019)
    Note: It's backed up, but, no longer going to actually use them unless some extreme situation.

    - Reported inventory disappearing glitch by LukasvH turned out to be SHARED ACCOUNT problem, where someone else logged in and removed the inventory. Items were stored in a chest.
    Note: Account sharing is against Mojang's EULA, we strongly recommend against it.
    Note: We have various plugins logging the same stuff in various means to help us guarantee and confirm that there's a glitch or not. We do not mind a courtesy 'restore' but not with the attitude we sometimes get. Stay respectful please if you want help.

    - Disabled a few exploit/grinding/abuse checks, we will see how things go.

    - Caught x-ray abuse and banned a couple of people. One actually live on Twitch.
    Note: If you want to cheat or support cheating, that's fine: Go to a cheat server. We do Not support it, and do Not allow it. If you wish to play on our servers you have to respect that.

    - Preparing tasks today that are scheduled for tomorrow.

    - Updated the Spark plugin.

    - Started the servers back up. Hey guys!

    - Finished the first version of the vote site, it's terrible, but it's something.
    Note: What's not completed: The tier pages.
    Note: What's next? The tier! pages!
    Note: What's this about? Information about voting, vote items, etc.
    Note: Okay, where is it? https://omgboards.com/vote/

    - Updated some stuff on https://scripts.1moreblock.com

    - Fixed a stupid typing error, if you ever find one post it on the Discord suggestion channel!

    - Whitelisted a java11 64bit build we use for compiling and running jvm/jdk etc stuff.
    Note: macOS is a bit upset about unofficial developers, thankfully it works right now haha.

    - Sandbox environment updated with some stricted environment values.

    - Upgraded a few plugin and tweaked their configuration files.

    - Tested and applied the changes to the live servers.

    - Created a template of the server in preparation for another event.

    - Made further changes to the easter egghunt!

    - End Crystal handling should be a little better.

    - We are a step closer to re-enabling 1MB Jobs features in the /mine world again.

    - Reviewed the big -todo- list for the network, prioritized it based on player-experience and importance.
    Note: And scheduled in some hours before Spring season starts to go through a bunch of them.

    - Reviewed the -live- todo list and the start-up of the -live- server and prepared some improvements.
    Note: Creating a test server to implement some changes that bother us all.

    - Whitelisted OptiFine 1.15.2_HD_U_G1_pre12 and newer for 1.15.2, blacklisted unofficial optifine builds.
    Note: Optifine is now at 100% completed.

    - Any global 1MB Network data (version 2.7.1 final) has been synced with every Spigot 1.15.2+Patched_1MB_Core.
    Note: Anybody with accounts on more than 10 servers received 25%
    Note: Anybody with accounts on more than 4 servers received 5%
    Note: Anybody with accounts on more than 2 servers had their data synced to their benefit. Some with a bonus.
    Note: This sync happened with the 1MB server as well, but no accounts are shared besides staff, and staff's excluded anyway.

    - Any Winter-2019 season events have officially marked Over, and archived. Lingering features, permissions, data, etc has been removed.

    - Went through some of the player feedback and tried to address as much as possible.

    - Naughty griefer reports on the network have been processed by 1MBNetwork and the banhammer has spoken.
    Note: We believe in perm-bans, however, ban-appeals go directly to 1MBNetwork.

    - Features from two plugins are merged into one of our core plugins, we will transition them out soon.

    - Fly-kicks restrictions have been reviewed by ender_vine and adjusted accordingly.
    Note: Ender: "They're slightly tweaked, will review again in a week, hopefully we have less false positives now"

    - Improved offline player support. This includes exp/effects/potioneffects/teleports/inventories/etc.

    - A small reminder that we have permanent and temporary worlds. Learn which is which!
    Note: Perm: /spawn, /general, /legacy, /sanctuary, /hunting, ..
    Note: Temp: /end, /nether, /mine, /test
    Note: Griefing is not allowed, if you didn't make it, you dont' break it. (certainly applies to the perm worlds)
    Note: Breaking to get resources is allowed in the temp worlds (so that's kinda not griefing, just be mindful)

    - Organized some files and created more breathing room for the servers.

    - Checked the ticket system on the network: all tickets have been replied to.

    Enjoy making witch huts and auto sorters everybody.

    Have fun.
  3. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 3rd, 2020:

    Doing a lot behind closed doors, nothing I can share in changelogs here.

    - Updated the Jobs plugin.

    - Restarted the server.

    - Double checking the /cf logs to catch issues.

    - Reviewing xray log files. And then players manually.

    Okay, time to start today's private todo list.
  4. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 4th, 2020:

    Spring Update phase one of a couple. Oof, this can cause issues.

    - Shut the server down, and backed it up so we can roll back in case of super fail on my part.

    - Upgraded 1MB version from 2.7.1-final to 2.7.2-phase-1 (or just 2.7.2) for Spigot 1.15.2

    - Upgraded the 1MB Network tools to 2.7.2 and patched Spigot 1.15.2

    - Upgraded the 1MB Core tools to 2.7.2 and made it play nice with 1MB Network.

    - Updated the shell scripts and all the shebang to work well with 2.7.2

    - Migrated from the old 1MB Permissions features to the new set of Features.
    Note: This WILL give issues, I believe I have most caught and adjusted.
    Note: If you had something that worked a few days ago, and now it does not: REPORT IT.

    - Uninstalled the old plugins from the old 1MB Permissions features (oh god here we go)
    Note: Yes, I have a backup and yes, we can roll back without data loss, 99% certain.

    - Uninstalled the old legacy 1MB Essentials and moved it all over the 1MB Protection and 1MB Core features (and CMI)
    Note: Oh boy, here we go, this is a big one. Fingers crossed the place doesn't burn down.

    - Fixed an issue with world protection in the /spawn world.
    Note: Thank you ilujf for reporting!

    - Updated the 1MB Market features.

    - Updated the 1MB Hunting features, and fixed a couple of duplication bugs.
    Note: Users who we caught abusing this bug have had their items removed and we are discussing bans. Play fair ffs!

    - The /menu is now linking to the new /baltop

    - Switched over from the old legacy economy to the new 1MB Economy through CMI and a few other thingymabobs.
    Note: If you have any issues with money related stuff, REPORT IT

    - Enabled the new /baltop, and disabled the old one.

    - Enabled old legacy commands (there were about 12) and enabled their newer versions (about 10).

    - The 1MB Menu (/menu) has been updated to it's latest version. Hopefully it's less glitchy.

    - The /builders world has received an update, it should play nicer with other plugins now.

    - Per world permissions should now be possible, we will start sorting things out over the weekend.
    Note: Report it if you have issues!

    - Updated the /motd (login msgs) to say 2.7.2
    - Updated the sign at /spawn to say 2.7.2
    - Updated the 1MB Tip to say 2.7.2
    - Updated the rotating MOTD Server listing to say 2.7.2
    Note: Yay we're finally on 2.7.2!

    - The /jobs shop has the Spawner Silk Pick. It costs 200k points, but the price is now lowered to 175k.

    - Fixed the /achievements top command no longer working.
    Note: /achievements top
    Note: The gui opens when you type just /achievements

    - The /achievements top listing changed from top12 to top10, since a lot of other plugins use 10.
    Note: /achievements top

    - The 1MB /jobs are sorted out again.
    Note: Acid, Cave, Skygrid, Skyblock, Nether, Mine, End, and General are the worlds where /jobs are counted.

    - Updated CHARLIE the LLAMA, it should despawn better on server restarts and chunk unloading.

    - Voting has been slightly improved, it should pay out a bit smoother and faster now as well.

    - The 1MB Kits has been updated, the Winter kit was removed forever and ever, and the new SPRING season box has been added.
    Note: Looking forward to some nice looking garden designs so we can sit by a fire and have some tea and enjoy the butterflies in the flowers. Wait, Mojang should add butterflies!

    - Made the first changes to the upcoming summer pvp world.
    Note: Sneak preview in the http://discord.1moreblock.com #offtopic channel.

    There have been at least 50+ changes behind closed doors that aren't something worth mentioning. It's been many many hours of work.

    If you find issues, report them! Can't stress this enough :) If we don't hear from players, and think things are fine, we will move forward and remove the option to roll back on the night of the 4th.
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    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 5th, 2020:

    Jacky's back in town with a new trade!

    - Have you collected a couple of leather shovels in the past? And want to finally get rid of them?
    Note: Then pay attention!
    Note: Crafting recipe: Two sticks and leather.

    - Have you converted your rotten flesh into leather and it came out as weak leather? And you want to turn it from something weak into something cool?
    Note: Omg, I can't believe this is happening!
    Note: Crafting recipe: Eight rotten flesh around a charcoal in the middle.

    - /Warp Shops, where Jacky's Trade Ship has arrived!
    Note: Jacky will now take one weak leather and a leather shovel, and trade it for Jacky's Shovel.
    Note: It might have a vanishing curse on it, but that's something you can fix.
    Note: It will also have Silk Touch on it, which is pretty cool I think.
    Note: Video

    View: https://youtu.be/PQGFZ-oT3Zk

    - The grindstone in /points lets you use 200 of your points balance to strip grind the curses off of any item. Including Jacky's Shovel!
    Note: It's always handy to have a Silk Touch shovel in your Ender Chest (/ec)

    - But wait, there's more!
    Note: We've made the first steps on the live server to add the new /wild world.
    Note: It's not open yet, but we're getting close to testing it with the staff and maybe donators.
    Note: A special thank you to Sonic and Emmabear for being awesome people. <3
    Note: Video

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G34E-x13o68

    New worlds? WHATTttt? Yeah! See this thread:

    - 1MB Hunting got a tiny update, code improvements and snappier features.
    Note: It's still a known issue that heads can't be put on players for some reason.

    - 1MB Death Messages features have been updated.
    Note: It should be a little easier to see who killed what how whe.. etc.

    - Emmabear worked hard on /wild
    Note: It's not public yet.

    - I worked 4+ hours on /pvp, /spawn, /general, /wild, and /easter spread over the last few days.
    Note: Not all worlds are public yet.

    - The false positives for 'floating too long, kicked for flying' is hopefully kinda sorted out now.
    Note: Thank you everybody for reporting these over and over again. It helps us tweak this.

    - View-distance on the server has been increased to 6 because our overall server performance is acceptable. We will see how much this impacts everybody. (up from 5).

    - Updated missing permission for /menu --> mcMMO menu.
    Note: Thank you for fixing 1MBNetwork (and the456gamer for reporting)

    I can't believe I spent two days of 9+ hours working on the server. I missed this, and I hate it too.
  6. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 6th, 2020:

    Taking it easy, my brain needs a break.

    - Updated the 1MB Core code and 1MB Network code to make tiny tweaks.

    - Moving away from 1MB 2.7.2 early beta to 2.7.2 late beta. I guess.

    - Made a new Spigot 1.15.2 jar file and patched it with the 1MB magic stuff.

    - Updated CMI to fix issues with placeholders and a bunch of bug reports.

    - Completed more work on the Easter Egghunt Event 2020.

    - I've tried to address a bunch of user feedback after the Spring Update 'legacy to modern' switch.
    Note: Thank you all for reporting.

    - Taking it a bit easy, have you seen the changelogs lately?

    It kinda feels like Spring now, offline, doesn't it.
  7. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 7th, 2020:

    Working on Horses again.

    - Finally, that todo item that says: Offer horses again.

    - Added /horse (/horse help)

    - Added /horse <commands>

    - Added ability to test the plugin by all groups.

    - Note: This is in beta stage, if we find a huge issue we lock it down again. Please report issues!

    - Added /warp horse

    - Added diamond armor to /warps (bottom left) linking to /warp horse

    - Added basic permissions to the default group, fingers crossed it goes well.
    Note: Thank you the456gamer for helping test the permissions.

    - Build the /warp horse area in a boring plains biome and made it look cooler
    Note: Thank you the456gamer for helping build the area.
    Note: Thank you fr33_s0ul for providing some buildings.
    Note: Thank you _hepcat_ for helping beta test world teleportation of your horse.

    - Did some basic maintenance to a variety of plugins. Not really worth mentioning in details, but it took an hour crycry.

    That should do it for today. Tomorrow I will continue working on the Easter Event, and some world spawns and warp designs.
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  8. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 8th, 2020:

    Staying in bed day.

    - Restarted the server to free up some memory.

    - Updated a plugin.

    - Worked more on /warp horse

    - Made the /horse (currently a beta feature) available to all groups.
    Note: Some commands cost money.

    - Worked more on the configuration of the Easter event

    - Published more info about the Easter event
    Note: See thread: https://omgboards.com/threads/easter-egghunt-event.261794/

    More updates tomorrow!
  9. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 9th, 2020:

    Hey are we still washing our hands?

    - Restarted the server to activate some Easter Event changes (gonna be lit yo)

    - Added new perk to donator club: /top
    Note: If there's stuff above you, this pushes you to the up-most block.

    - Updated the public 1MB shell scripts.
    Note: https://scripts.1moreblock.com/

    - Updated the private 1MB shell scripts.
    Note: Server admins: they automatically sync to the servers.

    - The 1MB Fun bot received a few tweaks.
    Note: Time to answer has been lowered from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
    Note: The correct answer will result with some fireworks.
    Note: Questions will now also show in acid, cave, skygrid and skyblock worlds.
    Note: All the questions have changed from yellow to a more magenta color.
    Note: /Money to win has been increased.
    Note: /Points to win has been increased.
    Note: 1MB Fun will automatically start when there's 5 or more players online.
    Note: There are now new prizes as well, around 8 different fun items you can win.
    Note: Much easier for us now to change any of the prizes at any time.
    Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 11.12.46.png

    - 1MB Jobs Shop has been updated, the old PARTY SUIT is back.
    Note: For 25,000 `/jobs points` you can buy one of the party suit items. There are 4 total.
    Note: To check it out and buy it: /jobs shop
    Note: Wearing a party suit armor means it changes color constantly, pretty awesome.

    - The 1MB Homes feature got updated, besides 1.15.2's vanilla respawn point being set, we're adding the old bed-home back again.
    Note: Right clicking a bed will now set `Bed` as an additional home.
    Note: Additional, yes, it seems if you have used up all your 6, 12, or 14 homes (depending on group) you will set it as your +1
    Note: /home Bed, can then be used to return to your bed. Breaking the bed will break that home location.

    - Updated the Bukkit configuration for the server, values might get changed by plugins though.
    Note: In 1.13.2 we used:
      monsters: 40
      animals: 15
      water-animals: 6
      ambient: 15
    Note: By default 1.15.2 is using:
      monsters: 70
      animals: 10
      water-animals: 15
      ambient: 15
    Note: And now 1MB server is set to:
      monsters: 60
      animals: 12
      water-animals: 10
      ambient: 10
    Note: We already made slight changes, but this is the second time we will review this. If needed, we will adjust again with Summer or whenever.

    - Nether portals will no longer randomly spawn zombie pigmen in them.
    Note: This was already not possible, but since there's a core setting for this, and it defaults to enabled, we now forcefully disabled this.

    - False positives for floating in the air too long due to lag, causing player kicks, .. the change we made seems to be okay, so we're sticking to this for a bit longer.

    - 1MB Entity Control. (tamed) Wolf packs bigger than 8 will no longer follow the player, they will sit. This number used to be 15.
    Note: We believe that a pack of eight wolves is more than plenty to grind mcMMO and get protection, etc.

    - 1MB Entity Control. Entity Groups in one to three chunks around the player, in loaded and active chunks max value was lowered by 25. We noticed the average not being close to the new number, and peaks are rare around this. We were generous before and it's triple what we had in 1.13.2. Lowering it with 25 means only a couple of animals per chunk less from the max. We will review this again in the Summer. This is lowered for both animals and monsters.

    - The /horse feature is public now, though in beta form.
    Note: Please read this thread https://omgboards.com/threads/the-1mb-feature-horse.261795/

    - The /Easter event with the /egghunt, it will start Friday Evening and ends Monday Morning.
    Note: Thank you Tidala, Vloop, _Hepcat_, Emmabear, the456gamer, and everybody else who has helped test, build, design, etc so far.

    I wish I could do more, but I have some important stuff to take care off today and will only get 4 hours of sleep if I am lucky. Time to call it a day and focus on real life responsibilities again for a little bit. I hate stress, a lot.
  10. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 10th, 2020:

    Yay huge spawners update!

    Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 02.33.52.png

    - Restarted the server to activate the maintenance changes.

    - Rebuild Spigot 1.15.2 with patches to improve performance.

    - Updated the 1MB Spawners feature.
    Note: If you encounter any issue please let me know.

    - All the old spawners only builders could get are now added to the default group. Making the default group able to buy up to eight spawners.
    Note: The price of spawners from the default group has been raised to $250,000
    Note: A special Silk Touch 5 pickaxe is required to pick up spawners available to the default group.

    - All the old spawners only donators could get are now added to the builders group. Making the builders group able to buy all the eight default spawner types, and an additional of six spawner types.
    Note: We added three more types: cat, wolf, and llama.
    Note: The price of spawners from the builder group has been raised to $350,000 for these additional six.
    Note: A special Silk Touch 5 pickaxe is required to pick up spawners available to the builder group.

    - Added four new spawners only donators can get. Making the donator group able to buy all the eight default spawner types, all the six builder spawner types, and an additional of four donator spawner types.
    Note: We added three more types: bee, fox, panda, dolphin.
    Note: The price of spawners from the donator group has been raised to $450,000 for these additional four.
    Note: A special Silk Touch 5 pickaxe is required to pick up spawners available to the donator group.

    - Updated the /spawners menu to reflect changes to the shop.

    - Updated the /spawners menu with glass panes to easier identify the column(group).

    - Updated the /spawners menu with a bottom left book that links to our forum thread about spawners.
    Note: A great place to ask for support. Or to report issues. Or to offer suggestions.

    - Updated the /spawners menu with a bottom middle pick axe that links to our forum thread about the special pick axe.

    - Updated a few plugins who got bunch of functionality recoded to be more efficient and to perform better. We will see.

    - Fix for elevator signs wanting to place you to low or to high if you are in creative/spectator mode

    - New players who join for the first time will get their kit again. This wasn't working for a few days.

    - Previous fly state will be respected a bit better.

    - Internal command editor updated to new code base, fingers crossed this works better now.

    - Internal kit editor updated.

    - Fix for a few placeholders.

    - Hopefully action bar msgs and bossbar msgs will behave a bit better again.

    - Kit preview should behave better as well.

    - Falling or jumping into custom portals will have a higher success rate, this might solve issues with swimming into them as well.

    - Checking xray is more automated, we now also have the option to get daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly auto suggestions "look at this player, seems dodgy..".

    - Made respawning the dragon in the /end world go a bit smoother.

    - Sorted out a bunch of permissions.

    - Converted some old todo items to newer todo list. So they don't become forgotten.

    - Received a donation from awok66, who as an exception to the rule has been updated to the blue group due to /ranks pointing to the wrong text.
    Note: Thank you for reporting this oversight to us awok, and thank you for the donation.

    - Emmabear and Tidala worked hard today on the /easter world to make it more easter-y. Thank you!

    - Friday night (dutch time) the Easter Weekend starts, the event will announce every so often to go to /egghunt.

    - Updated the /event and /easter commands to be more accurate.

    - Updated the /egghunt command to not allow anybody until Friday night.

    - Updated the /egghunt fly command to work only during the event, so players can fly in /easter world.

    - Updated some threads on the forums: READ THE FORUM PEOPLE; stop asking me questions you can easily find the answer to yourself if you make an effort.

    - Made the first step towards replacing the old bounty system with a newer system. If you find the commands; use at your own risk. I don't recommend using them just yet. We're still setting things up and testing everything.

    - The /horse plugin has gone live, we're no longer in beta. Have fun claiming horse, buying/selling them, and giving them names. There's also /warp horse.

    - Restarted the hardware the server(s) run on to activate security features.

    - The CMI plugin reported duplicate users; they've been reviewed and wrong UUID entries have been removed.

    - The /charlie the pinata feature received an update.

    - Note: maintenance during the event will be 'bug fixes' only, to avoid me screwing up the event. Monday the regular spring update stuff will happen again after cleaning up the easter event.

    See you guys on Discord this weekend, especially voice chat. Have fun with the Easter Event and of course: Happy Easter.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2020
  11. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 11th, 2020:

    The 1MB Easter Weekend Event started last night, have fun and happy easter everybody.

    - Restarted the server to fix a bug with a timer.

    - You can now type: /egghunt to explore the Easter world.

    - You can now type: /egghunt fly, to fly in that world for 5 minutes.

    - You can now type: /egghunt time, to see how long it is until the next egghunt.

    - Monday morning the Easter Weekend is over, and so will this event be.

    - Fixed an issue with /jobs browse not opening for a few players.

    - If you die this weekend, you won't lose your inventory and exp. Don't trust this setting though, don't be lacks.
    Note: Assume when it's Monday in the Netherlands that this is turned off again.

    - Moved the private todo list to the team todo list, so they have a better idea on what's next to get worked on.

    - Removed user suggestions from Discord #suggestion channel that have been implemented or cannot be done.

    - Started the mcMMO 2x for random amount of times to happen during the weekend.

    - Happy Hour and Jobs Boosters will also happen on Saturday and Sunday. Don't miss out!

    - Fixed an issue with the kit editor.

    - Wrapping colors to new lines should go better now.

    - Known issue: When you sleep the timer flickers, this will be addressed at the next restart.

    - Known issue: Updates to commands weren't being saved, tomorrows restart will fix this.

    Have fun hunting for those eggs, there are Lucky eggs, Magic eggs, and Rare eggs, alongside the more common regular easter eggs. They are all in /egghunt. Every 4 or 5 hours they show up for 5 minutes.
  12. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 12th, 2020:

    I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend. Despite our social distance.

    - Fixed a known issue with /charlie the pinata.

    - /charlie now has a chest! So he's more like his big statue.

    - /charlie has more health the more players are online.

    - The pending maintenance will active with today's restart, as mentioned in 11th's changelog.

    - The CMI plugin will get a maintenance update.

    - Further maintenance planned for Monday morning/afternoon.

    - The /egghunt is still happening every handful of hours, don't miss out!
    Note: It requires 3 or more players to be online at the same time to trigger.

    Have fun.
  13. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 13th, 2020:

    The Easter Weekend is over! Back to mining again.

    - Restarted the server to activate some maintenance.

    - Fixed an issue with potentially disappearing inventory when going to /oneblock
    Note: Properly blocked now, thanks for reporting Fallak

    - Turned off access to the /easter world. And /egghunt commands have been turned off.
    Note: I hope you all had fun getting some goodies!
    Note: Next time, please properly read before asking questions: YOU can also make an effort.

    - Headsup; started internal conversation with the network owners and admins about generalizing the way we deal with being away from keyboard on any of the servers on the network, including this one. This will be implemented this Summer Update.
    Note: this means if you have any opinion or concerns, use the Spring time to share them in the Discord #suggestion channel.

    - Updated the /trade feature, small bug fixes.

    - Updated the /jobs feature, small bug fixes.

    - Started cleaning up the internal permissions groups that we have, there is a lot of duplicate and/or conflicting permissions. We're trying to better organize this so dealing with permissions will be smoother moving forward.
    Note: At least we're on a more modern system that allows us to do a lot more.

    - Death Messages, looking for your suggestions!
    Note: If you have any suggestions for fun death messages, please submit them to the Discord #suggestions channel.

    - Slot Machine Manager, looking for you?
    Note: Hi there, we're looking for someone who in a passive way can help us manage the slot machines. You will obtain additional permissions to potentially help manage the slot machines. We're looking for someone who has played for more than 24 months on our server, understands our economy and community, can build nice things, and has an understanding of balancing the value of items vs the money that's being put in etc. to have 'fun' gameplay for players who don't mind wasting a bit of their cash.
    Note: If that's you, feel free to contact 1MBNetwork (roberto) with a DM on Discord.

    - /points update: looking for your input!
    Note: If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to add to /points shop, please post your suggestion in the Discord #suggestion channel and we will seriously consider it.

    - Internal heads database has been updated.

    - The /achievements have been updated.

    - The Easter world has been archived, and uninstalled. It's no longer possible to go there.

    - Some internal commands have been slightly updated.
    Note: We noticed a player "trying" out all combinations to benefit from it, you're not unable to use commands until you contact me with a DM on Discord before April 30th. If I don't hear from you by the end of the month you will get perm banned May 1st.
    Note: Admin tools and commands not available to you: aren't there for players to try, abuse, test, etc. We consider this intrusive and act accordingly.

    - xray check on 5 players have completed, one person will receive a message to explain their actions, 3 people weren't xraying, and 1 person we will continue to monitor. Do NOT cheat, we will not tolerate it.

    - The bounty hunters feature is still being tested, trying it out is possible, but we don't recommend it.

    - There's a new gamemode in development, a preview of this is on my youtube: https://youtube.com/mrfloris
    Note: 1Block

    - Updated the F3 screen.

    - Sliiiightly tweaked the manager of all the mobs, rounded up numbers since we have a lot more spawning lately with everybody building farms.

    - Keep inventory feature disabled.
    Note: It was on for the easter world.
    Note: We're a survival server, losing things is part of survival.

    - Keep exp feature disabled.
    Note: It was on for the easter world.
    Note: We're a survival server, losing things is part of survival.

    - Removed the mcstats from /menu > mcMMO and moved over the 'extra' mcMMO stats menu to it's place.

    - Removed obsolete groups from groups/ranks we use now, some network stuff got synced that shouldn't have.

    That's it for now, I just want to do some Mining.
  14. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 14th, 2020:

    We're halfway through April basically, I hope everybody is still healthy!

    - Restarted the server to enable a newer version of 1MB Network scripts to better patch Spigot 1.15.2 jars.

    - Fixed an issue with some permissions, it's easier for us now to sort out bigger changes.

    - Removed inactive player-shops from /warp shops.

    - Made those plots and more available. Contact 1MBNetwork with an in-game /mail if you're interested in starting a shop.

    - Updated a few plugins that had minor bug-fixes and small maintenance stuff done.

    - Updated some stupid typing errors in the shell scripts. The next time the website updates they will be live.

    - Re-added Helper tools (Detect Entities and naughty player stuff)

    - Re-added 1MB Commands controller; allowing us to better identify issues before they happen.

    - Re-added the special 1MB Tree Saplings, we need someone who still has an old one, give mrfloris a poke in-game! And you get 2 new ones back.

    - Restocked some of my shops at /warp shops

    Leaving it at this for today, let's see how all the new stuff is running. Later today we will be updating OneBlock gamemode, hopefully we can update the plugin as well, and then later this month have everybody beta test it.
  15. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 15th, 2020:

    Gave up on life. Sorry.

    - Made a new Spigot jar so we're all up to date.

    - Compiled the latest version of 1MB Core/Network and Players/Tools.

    - Updated the /trade feature to fix a bug or whatever.

    - Restarted the server and pushed the Spring Update changes to the network.

    - Reviewing the /rules for a Spring Update as well.

    What's on my creations site is still true.
  16. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 16th, 2020:

    Thank you for sticking around.

    - Restarted the server to activate some maintenance changes.

    - Removed the legacy-mcMMO menu from /menu

    - Updated the new-mcMMO menu.

    - Updated the /menu interface to show player-head properly again, and to link properly to the new mcMMO menu.

    Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 09.53.32.png

    - Converted a handful of very old NPC villages in /general to the new 1.15.2 chunks.
    Note: Small reminder: World-grief is not allowed, raiding an NPC village for items is fine. Claiming it and using it for Villager trading or building is fine. Randomly destroying the walls and ceilings to ruin the look is world grief and not welcome.

    - Follow me on Twitch please: https://twitch.tv/mrfloris ~ thank you.

    Have fun playing.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2020
  17. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 17th, 2020:

    Past 50% of the month, this is an achievement.

    - Rebuild Spigot jar to latest version.

    - Created 1MB API with some default hooks and started moving individual jar files that hook into existing plugin apis to this one new plugin. This is hard work, I suck at this.

    - Updated CMI with a maintenance release.

    - Updated LWC Trust with a maintenance release.

    - Updated PlotSquared with a maintenance release.
    Note: LoOOOol v5$

    - Made further changes to our economy balance this month, reviewing a few things every other day or so.
    Note: Prices of various items added, prices of some existing items reduced. And raised the prices of some of the other items.

    - Live-streamed my responsibilities away.

    - Regenerated some very old NPC villages to 1.15.2 ones.
    Note: Did a dozen so far.

    - Moderated some spammy bots on the forums, and IP blocked their ranges for now.

    - Watching players play and talk about their own servers the whole time and wonder at which point they get the hint that we're on our website/server/discord/etc for 1MB, and talking about their servers is low-key advertising and I have to start pointing that out at some point.

    - Updated ender_vine to full admin on some of the network servers. Thank you for helping out. Glad to hear you're enjoying being an admin.

    Washing my hands before I publish videos on https://youtube.com/mrfloris
  18. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 18th, 2020:

    There are now almost a million confirmed covid-19 cases per week, please keep your distance and stay home.

    - Restarted the server for maintenance updates.

    - Added the ability to use /status, this is limited to owners today.
    Note: The plan is to allow all groups to use this command.
    Note: Thank you Smeffs for the suggestion.

    - Updated a couple of plugins that had very tiny maintenance updates.

    - Updated the /perk features.

    - Updated the 1MB Hunting plugins to fix some annoying bugs.
    Note: I honestly can't wait to nerf this plugin until it works properly.

    - Updated /acid gametype
    Note: Fixing how it deals with loaded chunks and burning mobs and stuff.
    Note: General island improvements.

    - Added huge maintenance update to /oneblock gametype
    Note: We're beta testing the latest build and customizing things to match our server setup.
    Note: Once we're comfortable opening this up to everybody, we will! And we can test with all players.
    Note: Updated placeholders, and item durability fixes.

    - Updates to the Bentobox engine.
    Note: Fixed issue with inventories and teleporting causing situations where they could clear on accident.
    Note: General maintenance.

    - Updated the gametypes Biomes feature.
    Note: Allows for changing biome types in certain gametypes.
    Note: Fix array out of bounds exception.

    - Updated the gametypes Border feature.
    Note: The border will show again when you respawn.
    Note: General maintenance to this gametype addon.

    - Updated the /skyblock gametype.
    Note: Bug fixes and general maintenance.

    - Updated the Magic Cauldron gametype feature.
    Note: Code improvements and better lightning effect management.

    - Updated the /cave gametype.
    Note: The same bugs and maintenance applied as to some of the other gametypes.

    - Updated the /<gametype> challenges mini-addon to gametypes.
    Note: I.e. /skyblock challenges
    Note: Fix broken tests due to placeholder additions.
    Note: New placeholders added.
    Note: General maintenance and bug fixes.

    - Updated the /<gametype> UI handling stuff (control panel etc).
    Note: We will probably uninstall this and use our own menu stuff.

    - Updated the extra mob handling for these additional gametypes.

    - Greenhouses for gametypes has been updated.
    Note: I wish this had better in-game documentation for players.

    - Gametype island level counter updated.
    Note: Handful of general bug fixes and improvements.

    - Gametype island likes updated.
    Note: Fixed a null check that could cause issues.

    - Limits to gametype islands updated.
    Note: General maintenance.

    - The <gametypes> Magic cobblestone generator has been updated.
    Note: Fixed issue with grass_block
    Note: Optimized isInRangeToGenerate method
    Note: Now has a range option.

    - Gametype /skygrid updated.
    Note: Changes to placeholders and permissions list
    Note: General maintenance and bug fixes.

    - Option to twerk for trees should be live on all island gametypes now.
    Note: oh boy.
    Note: Loads chunks async if supported before growing a tree.
    Note: Added spell particles when twerking

    - Gametype island warps updated.
    Note: Bug fixes

    - Added new feature: Check me Out, the ability to do island build contests and check it out / rate.
    Note: Untested.

    Okay, that will be enough for today.
  19. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 19th, 2020:

    Balcony weather.

    - Restarted the server to complete some maintenance.

    - Found an issue with one of the gametype modes, time to update this.

    - Got one step closer to making /wild public.
    Note: Fantastic work by emmabear, thank you for all the help.

    - Got one step closer to making /statue public.
    Note: Thank you for the reminder Smeths, can't wait to let players use this feature.

    - Got one step closer to making /oneblock public.
    Note: We've fixed some issues, updated the software (will mention below) and are finalizing configuration.

    - Updated the Bentobox package.
    Note: This impacts the five gametypes like /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock, and soon /oneblock

    - We're also a step closer to getting the fractal saplings to work again.

    See you guys on the voice chat later.
  20. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 20th, 2020:

    Spring weather, woop woop.

    - Restarted the server to clean up some chaos.

    - Processed user feedback.

    - Updated a couple of plugins with small maintenance updates.

    - Still going through some bigger configuration files, nothing report there. It's boring work.

    - Threw away a bunch of old youtube videos and twitch highlights, etc.

    - Did some more work on cleaning up the OMG boards forum threads in regards to Minecraft stuff.
    Note: Still so much to do.

    - Removed some outdated permissions from our new permissions system setup.
    Note: If you run into any issues just let me know.

    - Will continue work on /wild and /oneblock and hopefully soon open it to more groups.

    See you awesome people on the server later.
  21. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 21st, 2020:

    Worked on the server while stuffing my face with a hamburger.

    - Restarted the server to activate some maintenance.

    - Went through some recent log files and took note of data that we have to keep for a few years.

    - Fixed a few stupid little bugs that were annoying.

    - Removed access to jobs-furnace registration. It will be back at some point.
    Note: Thanks smeths for pointing something out.

    - Reported issues to developers that players reported to us.

    - Fixed a few permissions, though some players will still run into these. One by one by one we will go through these. Don't panic.

    - Converted old 1.13 and older NPC villages to Spigot 1.15.2 generated NPC villages. About a dozen of them.
    Note: If someone claimed a village, or already has built stuff there, we skipped it. Don't worry.

    - Raised the /points -> 1MB Aquatic Bonemeal option from 1 around the player to 3 around the player. Making it a bigger radius.

    - Now that we're all getting used to the Coronavirus stuff, we will slowly clean up some channels and better organize them.
    Note: It's still a great place to talk about movies, music, the virus itself, or just to hang out and have general chats.

    - CMI Added villagedefence type mob spawning check for PreventMobSpawning in afk section.

    - Improvements to 1MB Commands, and command handling. As well as some other command handling through CMI (yay)

    - The /seen command was a known issue for a few days, this works again.

    - Improvements to teleporting seems to have been introduced, we will see how this goes.

    Oh, finished my hamburger, guess it's time for just Mining and grinding those mcMMO levels.
  22. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 22nd, 2020:

    Make the best of your day.

    - Rebuild Spigot 1.15.2 jar, and improved my shell scripts a little bit.

    - Patched Spigot with the 1MB setup.

    - Restarted the server to activate maintenance.

    - Updated the CMI plugin.

    - Removed another month of /logs/, they're archived, but not currently used within searches etc.
    Note: We have November 1st, 2019 and newer.

    - Removed outdated /contest/ world.

    - Removed outdated /test/ world.

    - Updated /menu -> Worlds -> To not include /test world anymore.

    - Removed the /test command.

    - Converted a bunch of outdated NPC Villages to 1.15.2 ones again.

    - Fixed a few things with /oneblock

    - Added /oneblock to the Worlds Menu.

    - Working on a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with.

    Have fun gaming
  23. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April, 23rd, 2020:

    Easy maintenance day.

    - Server got a hug for being a good server.

    - The 1MB Heads features got an update.

    - The 1MB /builders world received an internal update.

    - Converted more NPC villages to 1.15.2 villages.

    - The Plan-B backup of Inventories received a small update so it's easier to use.
    Note: This is for staff more than it is for users, but sure helps users when something goes wrong with their inventories.

    - Updates to the kit feature, hopefully we got some features and bugs ironed out. Will be using Thursday to test.

    - Sneakily added more features to Default/Builders group, have fun if you can, be mindful.

    - Cleared out a bunch of old permissions from plugins we aren't (going to be) using anymore.

    - Merged some permission groups together to simplify the next step.

    - Looked at the plugins forcing us to go from "free" to "premium" by hiding behind "it is still free, it's open source", and then expecting us to pay: Watch me laugh in diamonds.

    - Improved control over various announcements on-screen, such as actionbar msgs.

    - Internal Mojang API update, THANKS MOJANG, but we've got stuff working again.

    - Converted a few raided Temples to 1.15.2 temples.

    Sitting in the sun, getting that vitamin D.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
  24. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 24th, 2020:

    More of the same.

    - Restarted the server to active pending maintenance.

    - A lot of the changes from yesterday were worked on today still.

    - Known issue: Shops don't work at the moment, don't freak out.

    Really not much to report, despite that it was a lot of work.
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