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Minecraft Changelog

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
This is the new changelog for the year 2021, an archive of the year 2020 can be found here.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 1st, 2021:

Hey, we made it through 2020.

- I've taken the server offline, and made a manual backup to an offsite drive.

- Bumped the version of 1MB to 2.8.5 and made the appropriate changes on the forums and in-game to reflect these changes.

- Bumped the version of Paper so we're current.

- Uninstalled all the Holiday Season 2020 plugins, and any other plugin left-over from previous events.

- I've swapped and/or cleaned out some of the more static Discord channels, making a fresh start for 2021.
Note: Hopefully this will make it easier to see for you what information is important.

- If you wish to provide feedback about the Jobs and/or mcMMO plugin, you can still find the forms here:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-features-feedback-forms.263612/

- We had secret ranks on the forums here: https://omgboards.com/forums/secretranks/, but noticed nobody has used them. We're retiring them early instead of extending them. These secret Tiered ranks are now no longer obtainable.

- All EPIC slots have been filled in 2020, the group is now locked throughout 2021. Donator group is still open and available at this point.

- Applied a light bug fix at /warp herb

- Updated a couple of custom alias commands we use from time to time.

- Purged rollback data that's older than 52 weeks.
Note: If you have builds, check them within a year, so we can help you roll back any griefs.

- Purged log files that are older than a few months.
Note: We still have this purged data in backups, if needed, but the live server doesn't really need them around 24/7.

- Added a new command: /impossible
Note: This will let you sync a list of impossible advancements. You can for example run that now and again in a few months. Or next year..
Note: If there's anything on this list of impossible advancements that you do not yet have, it will grant them to you.
Note: For example, we have portals turned off on our servers, so you can't achieve these advancements. With /impossible you can.

- Started the Celebration Year - 10 years 1moreblock.com thread on the forums:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/celebration-year-10-years-1moreblock-com.263614/

If there are any more changes happening that I think are worth mentioning, I will update this today entry.

Final note: This year we might not do daily changelogs. Just so you know.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 3rd, 2021:

Someone reminded me on voice chat last night it's my birthday this month. O_O

- Updated 1MB 2.8.5 to the latest version.

- Updated Paper 1.16.4 to the latest build because they had a secret token leak.

- Update CMI, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, Citizens, AsyncWorldEdit, and mcMMO to their latest version.

- Updated PyroFishingPro, HeadDatabase, PlotSquared, and SelectionVisualizer to their latest version.

- Completed some owner/admin todo items to keep the list as empty as possible.

- Identified a few potential permission issues on the server with the help of @the456gamer, and will gradually work on resolving those.

- Some plugins got updated to help fix potential duping issues.

- The server /logs/ files have been purged to a point, the data got archived first.

- The Plan-B backup inventory plugin database got reset, archived, and the oldest one purged.

- Rollback data to help fix grief has been purged, anything older than January 1st, 2020 will not be rolled back unless it's not a hassle to do so.

- Certain players that got banned in the past for very minor offenses have their ban lifted.

- The first Celebration Token has been found, there are 11 left, the next one will be introduced into the game soon-ish.

- Some CMI related data has been updated and shared on my github.

- Almost all the manual backups have been reviewed quickly, duplicate data has been purged, and it's all moved to the new backup drive away from the local drive.

- The internal Maintenance command now visually and audibly announces to the players when the server goes into maintenance mode, what it means, why it is in maintenance mode. And it reports back when we're no longer in maintenance mode.

- We have not sorted out the permissions yet, nor decided which group gets what color. But some groups have early access to the /glow feature. Soon-ish we will figure out the cosmetic perk per group. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
Note: Colored chestplate = available permission.
Note: Chainmail chestplate = no access to this color.
Note: Glowing chestplate = selected glow color (click it again to disable)
Note: Paper = turns off any glow color.

- Reminder: If you wish to get an account upgrade, for a group or rank, please do so by posting a new thread on the forums.
Note: https://omgboards.com/forums/secretranks/create-thread

- Some of the known issues with tab-complete and command-suggestions have been addressed.

- Players reported certain player heads returning only the Steve Head, this is due to Mojang API changes, we've tried our best to make adjustments. Hopefully most of these issues have now been resolved.

- Homes that were set in a world that no longer exists will now show with a barrier block in /homes

- I've reviewed who is on the operator list, who's stuck in fly mode, or god mode, and have made the appropriate changes to their accounts.

- I've reviewed 1500+ accounts of the most recent players in 2020 for oversized items in their enderchest, and inventories, and removed these items where appropriate.

- Further improvements to the way the new hex colors are being dealt with have been made in the underlying code, as well as the plugins using these libraries. Hopefully this causes less annoying issues for us all. Mojang: You could have done a better job here, for realz though.

- Future proofing Minecraft 1.17 and beyond for newer Java LTS releases, and chipsets like the Apple M1.

- Some plugins were updated to fix (potential) memory leaks, item duping, etc. Such as mcMMO.

- Luck on your fishing rod will give you more treasure now from all the fishing related plugins. Vanilla, mcmMO, /fish, Jobs, etc.

- If you have enchanted books that do not work, let me know. I do not mind trading them for vanilla ones.

- If you are missing Sweeping Edge on your existing sword, let me know. I will review the item and possibly restore it.

- Grief logging tools have improved.

- Added a new /impossible command to all the groups. If you type it, it will try to sync up missing advancements that are impossible. Try it today, in a month, end of Summer.. Because every once in a while we will add new advancements that we learn are impossible to get.

- We've started updating some custom commands that shouldn't have suggestions. They should slowly improve over time as I run into them, or at least they should start showing the correct suggestions if possible.

- Falling through the end portal in the end will no longer load the end-credits.

- Identified an issue with world teleporting that could be used to troll others, we've made the appropriate changes of course.

- Noticed that I left /point available to members, woops. Permissions revoked. Sorry.

- Added the Celebration Stick to the Global /market, which lets you ride additional mobs.
Note: Added the /ride command to disclose which players can ride what mobs.
Note: Updated the groups/ page on the site: https://omgboards.com/groups/

- Fixed an issue with Smite in the /points shop.

- Updated some internal info from 2020 to represent 2021 now. On Discord, on the Forums, in-game, etc.
Note: If you spot something saying the wrong date, feel free to point it out!

- Cleaned up more Christmas event things. And started the owner/admin thread for the 2021 event!

- The Feedback Form for Jobs is now being ignored. Internally we're processing the responses, and I've paid out the +500 points towards the /points accounts of people who left their IGN in the form. Check in-game for a new /mail.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-features-feedback-forms.263612/
Note: The mcMMO form is STILL open and you're invited to fill it in. Again, if you leave your minecraft IGN you will get 500 points for participating.

- Updated the /ignore feature to include all public chat now as well. The new Social feature from Mojang should now also ignore public msgs if you add someone.

And we will see how all of these changes run for 12+ hours, and continue our todo list, and prepare for the next items on our agenda for later this week.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 4th, 2021:

Congratulations to the MVP Tidala (for 2020)

- Announced the MVP for the year 2020.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/mvp-rewards-statistics-2019.261773/

- Closed some completed tickets on Discord (finished some todo items yesterday, tidying up today)

- Restarted the server with some new settings, for example; The End Credits will no longer play.

- Fixed a potential dupe issue, and fixed a pretty serious Mojang 1.16 bug.

- A small reminder, our community is for 13 years and up.

- A celebration stick has been added the the /market, did you get it yet?
Note: Suggestions for animals? Let us know on Discord!

- Everybody that played during Christmas and picked up their gift has received an extra batch of Jobs points.

- Updated the Tab list to the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

- Updated the Motd list to the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

- Updated the welcome/parting messages to match this.

- Updated the 1MB Tips to match the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

- Plugins that were updated due to dupe issues: mcMMO, PyroFishingPro.

- Plugins that were updated for bug fixing etc: AsyncWorkEdit, PlotSquared, CMI.

- Introducing Soul binding of items to players, check this thread, and the new in-game command: /soulbind
Note: It will be rare, expensive, and a privilege to bind your item to your character. Use it wisely. Incorrect use is on you.
Note: Nothing is perfect, if you lose the item due to a bug in the server, software, plugin or this feature: Sorry.
Note: We will be on 1.16.x for a while, so we can keep using this until it stops working. Do this to enjoy this 'now'.
Note: If 1.17 comes out and we upgrade and there's months before this feature updates, so be it: Be aware of this.
Note: If 1.17 comes out and we upgrade but this plugin cannot work on 1.17, so be it: Be aware of this.
Note: The details of what you can do with a soul bind item, and also what you no longer will be able to do with this item - is all in this thread:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-soul-bind-items-to-players.263617/

We're still setting up the Celebration Soul, but now you can ask us questions about it, learn about it, etc.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 6th, 2021:

Economy Update, we started this last year, we're picking it back up again this year.

- The following items had either their prices changed (higher or lower), or they've been added to the system if they were missing.
Note: {
Chain - $ 50

Smooth Red Sandstone - $ 0.10

Netherstar from 1k to $ 10,000.00

Pumpkin Block - $ 1.50

Carved Pumpkin - $ 1.50

Eye of Ender from 1.27 - $ 2.00

Ghast Tear from 165 to $ 150.00

End Crystal - $ 200.00

Rabbit Stew - $ 2.00

Stone Bricks Slab - $ 0.40

Lilac - $ 0.10

Quartz from 0.22 to - $ 0.22

Block of Quartz added - $ 0.80

Quartz Slab - $ 0.40

Quartz Stairs - $ 1.20

Quartz Pillar added - $ 0.80

Chiseled Quartz Block - $ 0.80

Smooth Quartz Block - $ 0.80

Smooth Quartz Slab - $ 0.40

Smooth Quartz Stairs - $ 1.20

Cobblestone from 0.22 to - $ 0.20

Cobblestone Slab - $ 0.10

Dirt Block from 0.11 to - $ 0.10

Gravel from 0.11 to - $ 0.10

Coarse Dirt - $ 0.20

Grass Block - $ 0.20

Podzol Block - $ 0.20

Grass Path Block - $ 0.30

Farmland Block - $ 0.30

Grass - $ 0.20

Tall Grass - $ 0.20

Sponge from 36.74 to - $ 35

Wet Sponge - $ 35

Beacon from 1600 - $ 10,000.00

Wheat Seed from 0.20 to - $ 0.10

Pumpkin Seed from 0.22 to - $ 0.20

Melon Seed from 0.22 to - $ 0.20

Beetrood Seed added - $ 0.20

Beetrood added - $ 0.20

Smooth Stone - $ 0.40

Smooth Stone Slab - $ 0.20

Heart of the Sea - $ 40.00

Prismarine Shard - $ 0.20

Prismarine Crystal - $ 0.50

Sea Lantern - $ 3.3

Dark Prismarine - $ 1.70

Any coral block, fan set to - $ 1.00

Prismarine - $ 0.80

Prismarine Bricks - $ 1.80

Prismarine Slab - $ 0.40

Prismarine Stairs - $ 1.20

Prismarine Brick Slab - $ 0.90

Prismarine Brick Stairs - $ 2.70

Dark Prismarine Slab - $ 0.90

Dark Prismarine Stairs - $ 2.60

Prismarine Wall - $ 0.80

String - $ 0.10

White Wool - $ 0.40

White Carpet - $ 0.30

Any other carpet colors are set to $ 0.40

Observer - $ 1.80

White Stained Glass Pane - $ 0.20
Any other stained glass are set to $ 0.30

White Terracotta - $ 0.20
All other colors are set to $ 0.30

White Glazed Terracotta - $ 0.40
All other glazed colors are set to $0.40

Oak_Plank from 0.23 to $ 0.20

Stick from 0.11 to $ 0.10

Oak Sign - $ 1.30
All signs are set to $ 1.30

Magenta Wool from 0.62 to $ 0.60

Magenta Banner - $ 3.70

Cyan Wool from 0.79 to $ 0.80

Cyan Banner - $ 4.90

Blue Wool - $ 0.60

Blue Banner - $ 3.70

Brown Wool - from 0.68 to $ 0.70

Brown Banner - $ 4.30

Yellow Wool - $ 0.65

Yellow Banner - $ 4.00

LightGrey Wool from 0.67 to $ 0.70

Light Grey Banner - $ 4.30

Black Wool - $ 0.60

Black Banner - $ 3.70

Pink Wool from 0.57 to $ 0.60

Pink Banner - $ 3.70

Orange Wool from 0.67 to $ 0.70

Orange Banner - $ 4.30

White Wool - $ 0.40

White Banner - $ 2.50

Light Blue Wool - $ 0.65

Light Blue Banner - $ 4.00

Gray Wool - $ 0.65

Gray Banner - $ 4.00

Lime Wool from 0.72 to $ 0.70

Lime Banner - $ 4.30

Green Banner from 0.73 to $ 0.70

Green Banner - $ 4.30

Red Banner from 0.68 to $ 0.70

Red Banner - $ 4.30

Purple Wool from 0.64 to $ 0.60

Purple Banner - $ 3.70

All Concrete Powder is set to $ 0.60

All Concrete is set to $ 0.60

All Stained Glass Blocks are set to $ 0.60

Stone Bricks $ 0.90

Mossy Stone Bricks $ 2.00

Chiseled Stone Bricks $ 2.00

Cracked Stone Bricks $ 2.00

Infested Cracked Stone Bricks $ 3.00

Infested Mossy Stone Bricks $ 3.00

Infested Stone Bricks $ 1.90

Ice from now $ 1.00

Packed Ice now $ 3.00

Blue Ice now $ 5.00

Chorus Fruit $ 0.20

Popped Chorus Fruit $ 0.30

Chorus Plant $ 0.20

Chorus Flower $ 0.30

Crying Obsidian $ 3.00

Glowstone now $ 1.90

Respawn Anchor $ 10.00

All Tulips are set to $ 0.20

Most short flowers are set to $ 0.20

Stone $ 0.30

Smooth Stone $ 0.40

Bedrock $ 100.00

Iron Trap Door $ 50.00

Enchanted Golden Apple $ 50.00

Sandstone - $ 0.20

Sandstone Slab - $ 0.10

Smooth Sandstone - $ 0.30

Smooth Sandstone Slab - $ 0.20

ArmorStand - $ 0.80

Fern $ 0.20

Large Fern $ 0.20

Scute $ 10.00

Magma Cream from 0.63 to $ 0.90

Magma Block - $ 3.60

Other maintenance from the 5th and 6th will be included in the next changelog.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 8th, 2021:

Maintenance Update, how are we liking the 2021 7 days trial period?

- Took the server offline for maintenance, details below. Server is back online after a few minutes of course.

- Updated Paper to the latest build, patched it up with 1MB 2.8.5 stuff.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.5 stuff.

- Updated the Tab list again, we should stick to this one for a while.

- Updated the /motd again, let's see how this looks to most people.

- Updated the -dev- server and -test- server.

- Moved "okay" stuff from the -test- server to the -live- server.

- Purged some log files older than July 2020 from CMI/ log directories.

- Make a manual backup of the server to the offsite drive again.

- Fixed the mcMMO borked placeholders.

- Updated some anvil related permissions, making sure people can't abuse it.

- Fix to /worth

- Amorstands editor code is playing nice again with other plugins.

- We're going to prevent custom items from being sold to /sell, to help prevent people from accidentally selling their special items.

- Diamond Pickaxe removed from /worth /sell list, so you can't accidentally sell your OP tool.

- Jobs changes:

- Smelting improved

- Cow exploit fixed

- Changes and fixes to the Jobs quests.

- Improvements to jobs database writing/reading to improve performance.

- Changes to the jobs boosting

- Improvements to jobs block handling, protection, etc.

- A small fix for jobs to play nicer with mcMMO actions.

- CMI plugin updated.

- Uninstalled Tamable fox plugin, nobody was really using it.

- Updates to the Combat mode that we use, so it's more how we expect it to work.

- Riding and Sitting commands play nice together again.

- Updated the internal naming of groups, so 1mb_donator, should now show in more places as Donator

- Updates to our xray system. Reminder: it's not allowed, we perm ban, we will not accept appeals.

- Loads of updates to mcMMO, we are going to spend this week slowly tweaking, resetting configs, updating configs, etc.

- Updated the Head database plugins.

- Updated the inventory rollback plugins, and have purged old data.

- Purged the data older than 52 weeks.

- Discord related plugins have been updated as well.

- We're 'so close' to Soulbind, just finalizing commands.

- Celebration giveaway done! Enjoy Hepcat, your new optifine cape.

- Cleaned up some phrasing that I run into and always say: I should fix that.

Okay, that's it for the last couple of days, we will pick up maintenance again tomorrow.


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Jan 1, 2001
January 9th, 2021:

We're doing more 10 Year Anniversary events this weekend.

- Drop party added to /celebration

- New drop party command added: /celebration dropparty

- New drop party area created (thanks Vloop for helping finish it)

- Jobs and mcMMO Boosters have been enabled.

- First drop party was at 6pm Dutch time.

- Next drop party is also today, at 10:30pm Dutch time (4 hours from now)

- Sunday we will also have a drop party, but a lot later in the evening.

- We will quickly check who was last online this week and from that group, who has been building. Then pick a random name after checking out their build and rewarding them with +250 points towards their /points balance.

See you all online!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 10th, 2021:

Server Updates and a Thank you.

- Thank you all for joining last night for the 10 Year Celebration Drop Party, we had lots of fun in-game, and on the Discord voice-chat. Even @Nix hopped on to say hello.

- Tonight (about 9 hours after the making of this post) there is one more Drop Party, so don't miss out!

- The Celebration Lootbox has been set to live, best of luck finding it. Details will be posted in the Celebration Thread on the OMG forums.

- The Cooldown for /rtp has been lowered from 9 to 7. And the warmup/delay of the command has been lowered from 5 to 4. Hopefully this makes using the teleporter machine a bit smoother.

- Additionally, in the future we will charge a bit of money to use /rtp, we've now exempted Donators - keeping the command free to use. On top of that, the warmup/cooldown has been removed for the Epic group as a perk.

- The World Editing and Guarding tools have been updated to their latest versions.

- Other plugins that updated because of this have also received a bump in version.

- Our Placeholders plugins have had an update, as well as our Permissions plugins.

- A small update has been made to the plugins related to the /builders world.

- Soulbind is live, we can kinda use it, but we're doing the final testing. Don't worry, it's now a guarantee it will come. Things are looking great. Almost there.

- We're working on compiling a list of 1MB Whitelisted mods/vanilla tweaks, etc. And potential changes in what is or isn't allowed. This will happen throughout the year, but hopefully during the Winter Update we can show players a list to answer some questions. Note: Anything with an unfair advantage is never allowed, this won't change.

- We're also working on collecting impossible achievements to add to /impossible. We've had some great feedback from a few players and team members. Thank you for working as a team!

- Updated the /celebration command and added a few more sub-commands. Stay up to date!

- Updated the /motd again, slight tweaks. It's hard to make this one work for all screen sizes.

- The /sell command has been updated. It will now no longer accept renamed or custom items. Only raw materials. This is now live to all groups.

- Another mcMMO update, and we've made the first batch of tweaks to the config files. But we have a lot of work to do. Hopefully before the end of January we finish this update. For now, when you reach certain levels it will publicly announce it again.

- Updated some permissions for Discord, tweaking it slightly.

- Made some basic performance improvements to the server. Hopefully this helps the people with higher pings.

- The price of Raw fish in /fish shop has been lowered from 50 to 10.

- The price of Cooked fish has been raised from 0 to 10.

- Cooked Cod and Cooked Salmon have been added to /sell (raw fish still sells in /fish sell)

- Added server-signs, you can place a sign and set only the first line to something like [trash] and it will update the whole sign, turning it into a server sign.
Note: {
[balance] (and [money])
and [mail]
Note: Each server-sign also has a command, like /sell, /trash, /sell, etc.

- Added new /elevator command.
Note: The elevator feature is for boosted members and up to create. But everybody can use elevators that are created.

- Added new /warp signs

Okay, that's it for the last 72 hours of updates that I can share. Thank you for reading this.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 15th, 2021:

Firmware updates today.

- Took the server offline and upgraded all the software, OS and firmware on the system.

- Meanwhile, I've restarted the Modem to get the latest firmware, and did a software update on the Router.

- The switches and other hardware got an update as well.

- Back online.

- Maintenance from the last couple of days includes the following:

- Variety of plugin updates in anticipation of Minecraft 1.16.5.

- Purging of old rollback data and logs that plugins keep. Tidying up the setup a bit.

- Revisited the Rollback features, making sure players do not have their permissions, but the appropriate team members do.

- Cleaned up the Celebration Dropparty area. We will soon prep for the February drop parties.

- Preparing the weekly Fishing Tournaments, we will announce this in #events on Discord and the Celebration thread on the forums here.

- Updated the plugins related to /builders

- /impossible updated for the last time in January with impossible achievements, if there are still impossible achievements, report them on the forum or discord, this way we can do this again in February.

- Revamped the omgboards.com/vote tier 1 and 2 layer 1 items. Moving forward those are the items players get, the 2021 edition.

- The Vote Items Tier 1 is now called Hero Set, Tier 1 : Hero Set.

- The Vote Items Tier 2 is now called Elite Set, Tier 2 : Elite set.

- And for Vote Items Tier 3, the set is called Legens, Tier 3 : Legend set.

- If you have existing items you wish to convert, that is possible, contact me in-game when you see me.

- Small changes made to the Jobs features.

- Updated the mcMMO Fishing treasures. They're reset to the default.

- The Permission manager related plugins have all been updated.

- World Editing tools have been updated to a newer version.

- The Placeholder related plugins have been updated.

- Player Xray checks are being done. If you have cheated: run.

- Player Inventories checks have been done. If you tried duping or exploiting: we now will double check manually.

- Tweaked the anti xray for various groups. Hopefully this results in improved performance as well as less issues for players who noticed random ores that weren't really there. Reminder: xray is not allowed, obviously.

- Discord <-> Minecraft integration has been improved, we will soon start pushing more MC events to Discord.

- The /glow perms are sorted out.

- We're looking into sign editing for certain groups.

- User tickets have been reviewed.

- Malicious Discord accounts and Minecraft accounts that we've found on the network have been synced. Yes, this means if you received a perm ban on our discord, forum or Minecraft servers, you will notice you will not be able to join any of our network linked services anymore. Tough sh..

- Custom commands have been created to help create consistency between Tier 1, 2, and 3 vote items. Can't wait to introduce new fun things with Tier 3 soon. (Well, I've said that before..)

- Helpers and up can now see vanished players online.
Note: Vanished players logging in from the hub[0] will not be visible.

- mcMMO Admin chat has been cancelled, we only have party chat, we now have /chat as a feature, and people can use that.

- Vote Streak items for 2019/2020 have been paid out. Those who got 1 or more, will notice an in-game /mail to inform them. And the items are in their inventory.
Note: 19 users, if you know you've voted weeks in a row and should get these tokens but didn't get any, nor the mail. Do contact me, we've focussed on the top 20 active users first.

- /glow will now have a lore saying 'you can not use this' and 'click to pick this color'. Or something along those lines. Making it easier to understand.

- Glow colors are listed on groups: omgboards.com/groups

- PvP/PvE combat mode improvements.

- You can now connect to our server with 1.16.5, we already had those bugs and others fixed. So we don't really need to upgrade. If we do in the future, then we will drop support for 1.16.4, right now: 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 can both connect to the server. And in the coming days we will start to slowly update references to .4 to .5 as we run into them.

- Cleaned up old #team content, making sure I didn't forget something. Moved things to private tickets and todo items, and tried my best to stay a bit current and organise stuff.

- For the Celebration stuff (10 years 1mb!!) we have had drop parties, lootchest drops, and fishing tournaments, and more. Stay tuned! Subscribe to the thread on the forum for ALL the details, or at least be in-game to not miss out events.

- The /celebration commands have been updated.

- Finishing soulbind, we will soon (i said that before) let you know how you can pick one or more items to soulbind.

- We had a variety of bugs with a few plugins. We've spoken to those developers and they were awesome and updated their plugins to support our needs, fix those bugs, and address some things to work smoother. These changes are all live now.

- The mcMMO Features Form on Google poll is no longer being looked at. You can submit stuff to it, but we will ignore it. We have taken note internally and you will soon get your free /points for participating.

- Another features form will soon be published. Keep an eye on the forums, twitter, in-game and especially the features form discord channel.

- We've introduced new server signs. You can make things like [trash], [elevator], [money], and a few others, check out /warp signs.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.5 to the latest -dev- build. Which is flagged stable.

- Made a new -dev- for 2.8.6, and we're prepping for the next thing.

- Compiled a list for the Spring Update 2021.

- Started discussion with the staff about give-aways for this year.

- Updated server engine to the latest build. And patched our custom stuff as well.

And I am pretty sure there's a lot more stuff done, either things I can't share yet, or they are private, or I forgot about writing down the changes I was making.


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Jan 1, 2001
January 17th, 2021:

Version bump update

- The server has been upgraded to 1MB 2.8.6's latest build.

- The server has been upgraded to the Minecraft 1.16.5's latest build.

- The resource worlds are NOT reset.

- Issues? Use the forums, or open a support ticket on Discord.

- If there's any issue forcing us to roll back, we will roll back instantly to the 1.16.4 build and try another day.

- All January drop parties have ended, the next /celebration dropparty will be in February

- Other Celebration events are still active, and we will keep the celebration thread up to date - so up to you to keep track.

- Further maintenance updates from 15th moving forward will be published on another day. Today's changelog is purely about 1.16.5

Thank you for playing, check the discord announcement forum please as well.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 19th, 2021:

Fishing Tournament in a few hours at /warp fish

- Check the thread on the forums or #events channel to learn more.

- Updated Paper to the latest build.

- Restarted the server to activate some maintenance changes.

- Fully upgraded to 1.16.5 now. We're going to stick to it. No, we will not reset the resource worlds.

- Added /mcstats discord, to push your MMO stats to the #server-chat discord channel. (DO NOT SPAM IT)

- When you vote, it gets pushed to the #server-chat discord channel.

- Added m0o0oeh's and writeescapes emoji to discord

- Fixed a potential dupe issue with the market, sigh. oh well.

- Updated Shop Chest feature to better support latest WE/WG and 1.16.5

- Fixed issue with WE in regards to offhand, and to better support 1.16.5

- Fixed issue with /startfun

- CMI updated to the latest version

- Jobs plugin updated to a 1.16.5 dev build

- Updated the /celebration related commands a little bit.

- Moved some stand alone code bits from 1MB resources into the main 1MB 2.8.6 thing as a class.

- Converted more NPC villages to 1.16.5

- Vote Items 2021 updated, tier 1 is done, tier 2 is done (minus conduit box)

- mcMMO Features Form processed, everybody that participated got their /points balance updated, check in-game /mail

- I've gone through all the ban appeals and forum support threads.

- And I've gone through all the discord > support > tickets.

- The in-game /mail, I've read them all and replied to the ones that required a response.

- Improved the mee6 bot, it does more stuff, i've configured it.

- /warp signs (slightly tweaked)

- /glow groups sorted, I think.. if you notice anything else just let me know.

- Updated "user found x ores" plugin.

- Updated /celebration dropparty area for February. If you want a sneaky peeky, go there and explore.

- References to 1.16.4 have been updated to 1.16.5, if you spot more outdated version numbers let me know :)

- Villager curing exploit fixed.

- IP Banning that is public will now obfuscate part of the ip address.

- General maintenance done as well. Little updates to config files, alias commands, permissions, etc.

Okay, that's it for the last couple of days. See you all online in a handful of hours for the fishing tournament.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 22nd, 2021:

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

- Ditched support for 1.16.3 and lower.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.6 but now without a stupid bug.

- Updated Paper to the latest build.

- Made those two ^^ play nice together.

- Updated some libraries that a bunch of plugins share.

- Removed a bunch of old stuff we don't need anymore.

- Cleaned up more log files.

- Bumped the java version to fix a little annoying bug.

- Had my birthday on the 21st, and I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Other maintenance from the last couple of days and tomorrow will be pushed to another changelog day.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 28th, 2021:

Almost February!

- Updated all the 1MB plugins finally to 2.8.6 and tested them for a week.

- Updated the Paper build to the latest, fixing some issues I guess.

- Preparing to customize the view-distance per world. Hopefully helping with performance and your playing experience.

- mcMMO plugin has been updated. The knock on wood feature received tweaks. Fishing has improved. Improvements and fixes to the scoreboard and some other visual elements.

- The NPC related plugins received an update. Improvements and fixes to things such as pathfinding, gui system updates, packet sending tweaks, etc.

- The Voting plugins received an updated. Fixes towards performance and error checking. Faster payouts in case players have lag. It will properly let the player know in the game chat that their inventory was full - so you can't claim you didnt' know they dropped on the floor. API issues seem to have been fixed.

- Spigot / Bukkit changes, improvements to leash, packets, dupe issues, entity equip, and other patches towards 1.16.5

- Paper changes, including fixes towards use of Shield, and something about distance and maps.

- Loads of Jobs plugin changes. Including things like fixes towards inventory type errors, properly joining a job. actionbar improvements, and fixes for placeholders and boosters.

- The /fish features have updated. Tournament fixes and the gutting station.

- First proof of concept towards the 1MB Resource Pack has been made @the456gamer (and doing fantastic work on the backend!)

- Finally identified a few issues with slow loading chunks. It's a Mojang bug from 1.4 that is still active. We've informed Mojang that there are code examples showing how to fix it - We have manually patched our server jars to try and get these fixes to work (and made some progress).

- And finally identified issues with POI data mismatch. We can now find them in-game and perhaps address them to help fix these issues.

- Made some privacy/security fixes to my personal alias commands I made within CMI, thank you @smeths as well for finding one.

- Other CMI plugin changes included a new internal variable, updates to placeholders, performance improvements. Bug reports were processed, and some new things that really help us finalize bedrock breaking features and custom foods.

- Portal (and vanilla portal) fixes.

- Preventively banned over 75 "bad' usernames that we've noticed joining other servers. They're network wide banned and a handful of them have been reported to Mojang with the request to enforce their Community Guidelines.

- Okay, back to mcMMO. Further changes include visual improvements in the game. You will notice reaching your power level to round numbers, as well as when you level up. Making it even cooler when you finally get to that 100th level increment!

- async improvements to mcMMO might help with performance.

- Found an issue with CMI and have reported it. This might mean certain custom items currently won't work. I am sure we will soon have a fix for this.

- Fixes to CMI placeholders extend to other plugins as well now. We are now also able to create immortal animals! So expect the boss fights to go crazy haha

- Respawning on the server has improved.

- Updates to my github page, I've shared what I could publicly share again, updated things to 1.16.5 where I had the time to do so.

- The Claim plugins have been updated, improving use of flags for things like nametag renaming within a residence/claim. Fixed chest protection. Improved things like claim entry/exit msgs, and a handful of other stuff. I can't wait for 1.17 !!

- added omgboards.com/ranks to go to omgboards.com/groups

- We had a few pages where discord links didn't load; temporary fixed https to http on these discord link.

- The /warp fish has been made with the help of @m0o0oeh and many others. Thank you all! Have fun with the tournaments.

- purged mcMMO backups/ data from 2020 and older (backups should have them)

- purged /LWC backups/ data from 2020 and older (backups should have them)

- Purged databases for the plan-b inventory backups, it's archived, but we had massive database sizes. Time to reset early.

- purged /network/fingerprinting/ data from legacy 1mb/ (wont work anymore anyway) (backups should have them)

- purged /discord discord-consoole-logs/ files from 2020 and older (backups should have them)

- purged /discord old/ directory files, dont need them (backups should have them)

- purged /discord *.old backup files, we dont need them. (and they're in the backups)

- purged /cmi moneyLogs/ files from 2020 and older (backups should have them)

- purged /cmi file-backups/ files from 2020, nothing from here that we need to keep

- purged /cmi sellLog/ files from fall season 2020 and older (backups should have them)

- purged /ah log files from 2020 and older. (backups should have them)

- Improvements made to tracking playtime.

- Custom permissions added for gamemode changes, allowing us to better control what each group can do. We will soon implement these changes.

- Updated the Ender chest features. That's all I can publicly say about that.

- Reviewed a secret internal feature that players won't know we are using, but they will use daily - this is related to dupe checking.

- Spawner related features have received an update.

- Managing armour stands should be easier now for players.

- The /fish catching features have improved. We will soon be able to let people know which fish was caught #flex

- Fixed a /fish exploit regarding fishing and deliveries. Naughty naughty.

- Fish deliveries lowered from 200 to 180, and other /fish features seem to be balanced, and will soon get another balance update if I understand the dev right.

- The totem feature from /fish has received fixes and improvements. I cannot guarantee it works. I still recommend to not use it.

- Looking into adding more foods to the server, we already had this project going, but with recent player suggestions we are soon introducing a birthday cake, chocolate cake, and an forever cake. Stay tuned!

- Other foods that we will introduce will be announced separately.

- The first soulbind was a prize from fishing, and I believe it went to macadam. Congrats.

- More Soulbind will be rewarded soon, and one soulbind will be dropped in February during the /celebration dropparty

- Looking for creative builders from certain ranks, who want to help finalize the dropparty builds.

- @the456gamer has started tweaking the /pvp feature we have. I've started on the plans for the /pvp world.. We will soon start internal testing and hopefully by Spring we can start beta testing with some eager warriors.

- Further anti xray features have been added, tweaked, and players are under review, or have been banned, whitelisted. etc.

- More custom recipes have been added to the game. Once we're confident of their configurations we will introduce them to you all.

- Bedrock breaking features are being tested and reviewed. Once they're ready for beta testing we will invite some long term players for testing and their feedback.

- Custom flag configuration has been added to our server startup scripts. We are reviewing this nonsense and tweak accordingly. Eventually we will share our findings in the github minecraft start script.

- Looking for a 1.16.5 experienced builder who wants to help merge our 2 skyblock spawns into 1 new awesome 1.16 experience.

- The first signs of "the purge" will soon be visible to all players. Pay attention. Avoid losing your mobs and items.

- Still reviewing and deciding on the 2021 whitelist for certain features, mods, tweaks, resource packs. If it's not on the whitelist, assume it's not allowed: but you're free to ask about it. Ask before using avoids bans!

- Players suggestions in the discord support tickets are being reviewed, sorry if it's a bit slow. As you can see by the length of this changelog I was busy haha.

- Looking into adding a playtime top leaderboard at /spawn in the (near) future. Thank you @Hepcat for the suggestion.

- Discord needs more #memes, get on it boiz (and girlz)

- Cleaned up the discord #staff channels.

- Cleaned up the discord #announcement and some other channels. Find something that's out of date/ Poke us!

- We are looking into figuring out how to add more jobs and to increase the number of jobs. Other jobs plugin changes coming this year!

- We are almost ready to start converting old worlds to 1.16.5 and importing them into /general and /builders.

- When there's nearly 10 people online we will tell 1mb fun bot to be more active!

- hologram related plugins have received updates to better support 1.16.4 and 5.

- 1MB 2.8.6 has dropped support for 1.16.0 / 1 / 2 and almost all of 3 is gone too.

- The discord related bots that merge mc <-> discord, have all been updated.

- The world editing and world protection tools have been updated to a more recent build.

Oh my, okay.. that's all I can remember right now. Oof! Sorry for the big one.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
February 1st, 2021:

New month, have fun gaming.

- Hologram improvements

- Maybe the skipping the night / sleep thing is resolved

- Rainbow leather armor will reset properly now

- Fixes applied to the chat system

- Updates to some internal commands

- Heads-up: Database purging will be more frequent. This Spring season we will require players to report grief within a reasonable amount of time. If you're taking too long to report, we can decline the request to roll back.

- Purged rollback data older than 1 year.

- Inventory backup plan data purged from 2020 and older

- Paths are visible again at /spawn

- Added a lot of right click events to the signs at /spawn

- Added a few world signs that players can click on at /spawn.

- Added fancy text titles at commonly used world spawns.

- All the Bentobox plugins have been updated.

- Paper has been updated to the latest build.

- Small issue with water on Skyblock has been fixed.

- CMI plugin updated to the latest build.

- Voting plugins have been updated.

- Fix with heads database and the economy has been applied.

- I thought I had changed the signs at spawn to say 1MB 2.8.6 and Minecraft 1.16.5, GUESS NOT, changed them now.

- Introducing bedrocker pickaxe, a unique pickaxe with limited use that lets you fix placed bedrock mistakes. (separate thread will follow in february)

- Improvements to the /clearchat command for the staff

- Nickname and color code fixes

- Bunch of core plugin cleanup

- Loads of server API changes

- End Crystal causing block damage issue identified and fixed.

- And loads of other changes I already forgot about.

Come online, play, tell a friend, have fun this weekend. Give me hope


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February, 9th, 2021:

Real life man, I want to opt-out and unsubscribe.

- Restarted the server every once in a while to make maintenance changes.

- Banned another batch of naughty usernames from the network.

- Probably updated the rules that apply to our community slightly.

- Villager handling has changed on the server.

- The /claims plugin has been updated, we can start to find motivation to configure it.

- More /fish features fixed, improved, etc.

- Giving more Spy features to the helpers with a private spy channel on Discord.
Note: This isn't to spy on you, this is to help find malicious users, spammers, etc early.
Note: The reason for this internal change is so I can give the team more responsibilities and I can have less.

- Broadcasts in-game will sometimes show up in server-chat channel on Disocrd

- 1.16.5 chunk generation has been completed for a bunch of the worlds.

- It's @Mikey his birthday.

- When we start and stop mcMMO boosters, it will now announce it to server-chat channel on Discord.

- MySQL server software and libraries etc updated.

- Voting plugins updated

- More anti xray support and tweaking has been done. Less annoying for regular players, and not so much for the ret.

- More creative anti-abuse stuff happening. Play nice ppl, tired of some of you trying and thinking we don't notice.

- Improved client fingerprinting, auto reporting is now live. If people gain enough points they automatically get a network wide ban. Again, play fair, we don't run this server for you to be a lamo

- Bumped Java 11 version to fix a few java issues we could potentially run into.

- Internal -dev- and -test- servers have been purged. They will soon be reset with aim on 1.16.6 or 1.17.x whatever is next.

- Further permission tweaking.

- Updated the perks features.

- Jobs features updated. Don't forget to report issues.

- Head database and display features improved.

- Nerfed pillager features.

- Updated entries here and there to reflect new versions of mc/1mb

- We run a filter on all our servers and auto banned usernames matching our hate-speech filter.

- Flushed a few old bans that were minor offenses -- feel free to try playing normal moving forward.

- cleared the 1MB game server mod queue

- cleared the OMG forum mod queue

- Added additional server management plugins (some temporary)

- A final and manual backup of 1.16.4 and 1MB 2.8.6 has been made. Our focus is 1.16.5 and 1MB 2.8.7.

- Purged old server backups.

- Updated the 1MoreBlock History thread on the forums.

- Locale files reset for BentoBox, meaning the gamemodes should have less little issues.

- skyblock challenges, updated farm job under competent from ocelot eggs to cat eggs.

- skyblock challenges, removed visit nether and visit end challenges.

- anti xray turned off in /spawn and /skyblock. nothing to mine.

- changed view distance for spawn to 4, non tick to 5.

- changed view distance for skyblock to 4, non ticking to 5.

- had a little discord event, that has expired now, points and money paid out

- small updates to github done in the last week or so.

- glanced over the secret todo items, made changes where i could, updated where i could, purged what i could. i am semi caught up

- "done-tickets" that weren't re-opened within 24 hours have been deleted, ticket starters get a transcript, so they can review that later.

- some private archive thing from 2019/2020 has been processed and is now purged. only owners had access to it

- glanced over the Discord welcome channel, seems fine, nothing to do there atm.

- changelog data purged until latest on Discord

- purged meetgreet channel on discord, early january welcomes removed.

- Earlier tests with /claims plugin has been adjusted, completed, and what worked is now live.

- celebration post updated on the forums.

- we've decided to not let players use //setbiome, but are still discussing if we should give Admin group this perk to help players who request it.

- We've decided players can incidentally request to update a logical reasonable section of their region protected area to match the rest to 'fix' how things look etc. It's not meant to help their grinding, gameplay, benefit from change in mobs etc.

- added player playtime top 5 at /spawn (left of emerald road where the horse barn was

- Soulbind is a thing, be active, play, dont miss events, and you can get it.

- Bedrock breaking pickaxe is a thing, be active, play, don't miss events, and you can get it.

Sorry that I am not that active on the server itself lately. We've had a personal thing to deal with, and a family situation. Thank you for understanding.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 14th, 2021:

Happy Valentine's Day

- Updated the #events channel about the event.

- Angry mobs were friendly this weekend.

- There was a temporary ValentinesDay kit.

- And the Boosters were on at Quad Rate

- Paper updated to the latest build.

- 1MB Core updated to the latest build.

- View-distance changed for a few worlds.

- Prevented a screen exploit that's going around to effect us.

- Added thread about the Jobs feature on the forums.

- Added thread about 1MB Foods feature on the forums.

- Posted about a staff position on the forums.

- Updated CMI plugin, fixing a few bugs and mainly added things/tweaks we asked for.

We had snow in the Netherlands this week.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 21st, 2021:

Please read the information we provide, so you don't have to ask the questions.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.7 to the latest build.

- Patched Paper to play nice with our 1MB Core.

- Shut down 7 more servers on the Network. (3 given away, 3 merged, 1 dissolved)

- We had the Celebration Dropparties this weekend. That was fun.

- Reminder: Read the celebration thread or read the #events channel on discord and you won't miss out.

- Plan_B inventory backup data analysed and plugins updated.

- Updated the Bedrock celebration pickaxe.

- Border visualizer plugins updated.

- A developer build of Jobs has been uploaded, report back issues you find.

- Fishing features updated.

- We've started work on the New and Updated /skyblock spawn.

- We've started work on the Celebration Build Competition.

- Drop Party area for March and April are being worked on.

- We've had more issues with the horse plugin, and so we've asked you all to let us know if we should keep it. Nobody replied: we've now uninstalled it.

- CMI plugin updated and has fixed about 25 to 50 things, thank you zrips. I am 100% happy we don't use that outdated EssentialsX anymore.

- Added the /is command

- Bukkit / Craftbukkit / Spigot changes added to our patchy patch patched patch.

- Banned raid of bots from Discord before they got to bother us.

- Soulbind is being given away here and there to some lucky people. It's live on our server now.

- Updated /kit donator

- Removed a plugin that helped us analyse chunk tiles/entities

- Removed a plugin that helped us analyse players.

- Issue with sleeping skipping a day should be fixed now.

- Any booster we had running has been reset now.

- Legacy kits like valentines etc have been removed.

- Updated some permissions related to kits.

- The Valentine's Day Mobs are gone. They're obviously all angry again.

- I've gone through 12 months of xray traps and taken appropriate action.

- Cleaned up my /homes, boy, I had a lot.

- Updated the Discord command !rankup

- Changed the timezone for one of the Discord bots. This will have an effect on some features/commands.

- Discord now lets you set your birthday. Ask a staff member how.

- Organized some todo items, followed up on some todo items, and I've deleted some completed todo tickets.

- I've gone through most of the player-tickets that were created.

- Jobs thread https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-jobs-feature.263634/ created

- The /claims plugin had an update.

- Oh, and I am sure we've done a bunch more stuff.

Remind me why I do it? K, tnx. See you on the server soon. Write down in your agenda: march 7th.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 26th, 2021:

Heads up! Check the Discord #events channel for the February give-away.

- Updated Paper to add hex-color support for the console.
Note: A bloody headache!

- Updated the shell scripts to prefer tmux over screen.

- Pushed scripts to github - enjoy.

- Updated brew, and upgraded packages.

- Moved the server(s) from screen to tmux.

- Reminder: hate speech is NOT welcome, we will ban on sight, we do not unban.

- We've looked into /trade supporting nicknames, the answer is: not possible at the moment. Sorry.

- Permissions for gamemodes have been adjusted, more changes will happen with the Spring update.

- Moved the dark oak trees over 2 blocks, so they don't connect to Acacia trees so quickly. (/warp treefarm)

- Falling in oneblock/skyblock will no longer support teleporting. You fall, you die. That's what the void is for.

- Celebration give-away for in-game money and points was fun! For more, check #events

- Next give-away is in #events on Discord, it will be a nitro code.

- Updated Bukkit stuff, CraftBukkit stuff, Spigot stuff, and Paper stuff.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.7 to support the above changes, patched Paper, and restarted the server.

- Updated the CMI plugin to improve some features with more options.

- Mass banned 50+ discord accounts from known doxxers, raid bots, spam bots, etc.

- purged server logs from before january 1st, 2021. (only had december left) (there's a backup somewhere)

- Voting related plugins have been updated. All six sites tested: they work.

- When you select something, or get close to a border, plot border, etc. The plugins responsible for this have been updated.

- Inventories backup plan-b plugins updated.

- Reviewed 27+ accounts on the forums, processed.

- Updated the Vikings area for the March drop party. Thank you @m0o0oeh, @emmabear, @Vloop and many others who've helped finish building it.

- More progress has been made with the Nether spawn, thank you @Vloop for helping.

- Closed some tickets made by players, followed up the best I could.

- Deleted previously closed tickets.

- Closed private tickets, and deleted some previously closed tickets that only the staff have access to.

- Reviewed existing tickets, finalizing the Winter update and prepping for the Spring update.

- We've removed the Horse plugin, it might come back, @the456gamer has been analyzing the data.

- View distance has been updated for a handful of worlds, and non-tick view distances have been updated as well.

Phew! Despite having very little time and a lot of stress due to offline things, I've tried my best to keep moving forward with the server. Thank you for playing on it, it motivates me to keep at it.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 5th, 2021:

10 Year Anniversary Celebration Events Weekend, and other catchy keywords to remind you to be online this weekend.

- Restarted the server to update some plugins in preparation for the drop parties.

- Keep inventory has been turned on, as well as Keep exp. Death is saver until after the weekend.

- PayPal give-away this weekend, as well as in-game money and points give-aways.

- Super boosters are live until after the weekend. The more players active the higher the boosters (maxes out at 10)

- Fishing Tournament on Friday/Saturday.

- Discord voice chat all weekend! Come say hi and come celebrate that we're 10 years old now!

- Special Run Game on Friday or Sunday.

- Special Spleef Game on Saturday or Saturday.

- Drop parties on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

- Soulbind and Bedrock for active players.

- Celebration Party outfit, color changing party outfit!

- Special and massive /celebration dropparty area!

- 3 more Lootbox chests with celebration tokens have been made live
Note: 1 is already found by The456gamer, so be quick!
Note: 3 more will go live later this month (or early April).

- Crazy lag monster pve fight!

- mcMMO party grinds between friends can be set up to max out the MMO booster bonus.

- A special celebration ten years box is available in /kits (only this weekend! dont miss out)

- Other server maintenance from this point on.

- mcMMO and Jobs plugins have been updated.

- CMI and Voting plugins have been updated.

- View distances have been tweaked again, thank you all for your feedback.

- The Nitro give-away has ended, enjoy Macadam!

- Updates to the /claim plugin, and further plans have been made for /wild.

- The 1MB Heads Database plugins have been updated.

- The /achievements plugin is planned to get a big update (hopefully March, otherwise April)

- Further updates to 1MB 2.8.7 have been made to help with performance on the server.

- More hex color issues have been resolved.

- I've started a bossbar msg at the top that reminds you during this weekend of what's up.

- 1MB Permissions have been slightly changed, including the plugin we use for managing our permissions.

- Small "tweak" to soulbind, it was causing issues with keep inventory (tnx enderdip for reporting)

- And so much more, but don't worry about: Just .. come play this weekend!

I can't stress this enough: This is the weekend to not miss.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 7th, 2021:

Today we're 10 years old. We celebrate this on Discord, Twitch, and In-game.

Thank you all for participating.

Love you Mikey, Nix, and everybody that has helped me keep the server on for a decade. And that includes all the players!

- Floris.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 8th, 2021:

The 10 Year Anniversary events continue, we have special lootboxes you have to find, tokens to collect, drop parties that you can attend, and more. But we're picking this up in April again. The March events are over.

- Paper engine updated a billion times because of their many upgrades causing issues.

- CMI Updated.

- Critical mcMMO bug fixed.

- Voting Plugins updated.

- We are preparing the April dropparty area.

- We are preparing the 1MB Boxed world game.

- All the rewards for winning /run, /spleef, /warp fish, etc have been paid out. (except PayPal)

- Everybody that participated this weekend on Discord one way or another received a participation cake icon in front of their name.

- Support tickets made by players have been replied to.

- Forum DMs have been replied to.

- In-game /mail has been replied to.

- Closed/Done support tickets public/private have been dealt with for 90%

- Cleaned up Discord channels a little bit to remove clutter.

- Temporary 10 year special banner added to discord

- Light bugs have been dealt with for 20% more to come.

- We had some temporary worlds that showed up in configuration files, I've gone through those and cleaned that up.

- I've spent time going through all the Discord settings we have, hopefully things are better configured now.

- Plan-B inventory archived, due to the events we had a lot of extra inventory changes. This helped. haha.

- Anti grief roll back data purged, we keep 52 weeks right now.

- The /claim plugins have been updated.

- The Permissions managers that we use have been updated to their latest versions.

- The Jobs plugin is in early beta, but we've upgraded! Let us know please if you find issues with it.

- There were some debug/test commands left over from February, I've removed those now.

- Removed some event plugins like walk the plank and the drop party stuff. They might return in April.

Thank you all for playing, I hope you had fun this weekend. I can't wait to see what you all build with all those dropparty items.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 11th, 2021:

Offline is pushing my buttons, it needs to chill the f out.

- Restarted the server to activate some changes.

- Updated Paper for the millionth time for hex/legacy chat fixes.

- CMI Updated because zrips is awesome and goes out of his way to assist us.

- Thank you xDaniChii, Vloop, and others for streaming the server.

- Pyro updated the Welcomes plugin for me, awesome dude. We can do more cool things now.

- The 1MB Fun bot has been fixed now, well, has more fixes.

- Keep exp / keep inv is really turned off, die to try it out.

- Further testing has been made to Boxed. #soon

- /is and /ispawn is being used by players to start islands, we now inform them how we do things here.

- We've been working hard on the April drop party area.

- We've made decisions what we're going to do (differently?) with May celebration party.

General maintenance has been done here and there to make things 'nicer' for players.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 15th, 2021:

We've had some nice activity lately on the server, keep it up awesome people.

- Restarted the server to do some maintenance.

- Did a 2nd attempt at upgrading bentobox and reported back findings to author.

- Updates to the Voting plugins are now live.

- Paper updated to the latest version.

- First beta of 1MB 2.8.8 is live now on all our servers.

- Patched Paper so it plays nice with 1MB code.

- Updated the Perks plugins.

- The end of the Winter Update is here, 2.8.8 is for the Spring Update.

- Organized the -live-, -test-, and -dev- servers.

- Made an extra manual backup of the live server to an external drive. We automate backups, but a manual backup never hurts.

- The Claims plugins have been updated.

- Selection and border visualizing plugins updated.

- Internal analyzing plugins updates.

- The /fish plugin has fixes, so you can enjoy those now.
Note: known issue > the totem still doesn't work. I strongly recommend against using this feature.

- Serious issue with mcMMO fixed. Thanks for reporting! And thank you Nossr50 for fixing it.

- Quality maintenance of CMI is now live.

- Updated /is and /ispawn commands (ppl shouldn't use it, but they try, now we inform them)

- And a bunch of other updates.

Quite busy today myself, I probably won't be around much - if you need help please bother team members :D


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 19th, 2021:

It's time to say Goodbye to the Winter Update and welcome the Spring Update 2021

- Oof, Covid-19 we're kind of tired of you, how do I uninstall?

- Wow, Chris from mrbeast played on our server! And wait, was that mrbeast donating over $10k to @Vloop

- OMG, is our forum over 20 years old now this year? That's worth celebrating this year. And so we have !

- 1MB, this is crazy but, march 7th we existed 10 years with 1MoreBlock, and we celebrated this community. And more to come this year.

- So many things have happened, it's too much to mention. New players, and old players must all be so overwhelmed, I am sorry!

- But BUT !! And stay with me: We are now a day away from the Spring Update 2021, we can take a breather and gather our thoughts.

- We've learned from ten years of running a community. This means changes to the rules and policies for the forums, discord and the game are coming. We've made the first step in the last year, but it's time to try our best and do better!

- We've learned even more the last ten years playing with awesome players, and some toxic ones. We're going to adjust our rules so we can give smiles and hugs to our awesome players, and make it less appealing for toxic players to be here. We have the time now to apply what we've learned and do better for all.

- Plugins have come and gone in the last ten years, we're going to use this Spring Update behind the scenes to see what we can do to bring some back, or to make the ones we use work for 1.17 and beyond.

- We're also going to improve the plugins we do run. We're going to turn off a few features to make it simpler for new players. Or maybe open up some cool features to regular players so they can make the most of it.

- Builders and other groups can be requested on the forum, we will try to communicate this better. Updating your role is less exclusive moving forward. We are 'new' to groups. We had them, but it's tough to try and make something where one could go 'you are new, you are not allowed ..' no no no, It's not about punishing new players. We are learning this and we will do better. The goal for us in regards to groups is not to limit you to be a player vs builder, or pay to bypass that. Our goal is to say thank you for playing the more active you are - and to help make life a bit easier so you can focus on your awesome gameplay. A fine balance, and we're going to do better. The Winter Update gave us enough information that we can make changes now in this Spring Update.

- Rules, policies, and our thoughts about what kind of community we are and how we can move forward. It's all going to get a good thinking through and then over time we will slowly introduce some changes. We've given a headsup already in regards to a few of them. See below:

- Grief/Rollback Policy Changes 2021
Note: Starting March 20th, 2021, moving forward:
• We will require a certain amount of playtime before we region protect an area. But we will protect it a lot quicker!
• Reports are to be made within a few weeks to a few months after the grief, it will be the responsibility of the player to keep an eye on their build. You know your builds the best!
• We will store data with a guarantee of up to six months to roll back. Meaning if you report many months later and we have purged the data, we unfortn. can't any longer go the extra mile and dive into our archives for you.
• We will purge data every month with a cut-off data of 30-ish weeks. (Sometimes we skip a month)
• We will purged archived databases from 'way back' a lot more often. For example, in 2022 we will purge all rollback data backups from 2019 and older.

- Wait, what does this mean? This means if you are an active player and want the guarantee of no-grief, you can request a region protection and we will go out of our way to help you achieve that. But if you don't have a region protected and someone griefs it, please note it sooner than later. Our data used to go back more than half a year, now it's up to half a year. Thankfully we almost never have any grief, so don't panic! Just keep an eye on your builds.

- Another changes that we gave a headsup on is about the Rules blacklist/whitelist and examples/clarification.
Note: Starting March 20th, 2021, moving forward:

- Wait, what is that about? This means if you play the game without any mods and the vanilla launcher and vanilla client. All official, no stolen alt account etc. That this doesn't apply to you. If you however wish to install certain data pack, resource pack or modification that you should/could check with us first if it's on our whitelist or blacklist. Technically and to simplify things: Everything is allowed that helps you for accessibility, cosmetic changes, or to add fun to your gaming experience. But Nothing is allowed that gives you any unfair advantage. There are some grey areas, and we will try to clarify those. So don't be shy in asking. Inquiring about a custom game experience is welcomed, getting caught with a hack client or xray pack, etc. can be a perm bannable offense. This Spring Update we will try to be more open about this, to learn more about it all, and share with you what we share with players who have been asking.

- All our rules and policies can be found here: https://omgboards.com/threads/community-rules-policies-and-guidelines.261832/ And yes, it's a lot to read: You all ask us a lot of questions! :)

- But! We're looking to do better. This Spring Update we're looking for a Community Helper. Someone who has the time, who loves to help, can write English well enough to correct me (and I am sure my English isn't that great these days). And who is familiar with how to use (XenForo) forums. If you think you can help us write and edit documents to better communicate our content to (new) players: Contact us! https://omgboards.com/threads/staff-position-looking-for-community-helper.263632/

- Okay, to the techy stuff.

- The server engine helper 1MB "network" plugins are all deprecated, we now have a single patch that hooks into the server engine as a helper and helps us run the network the way that we demand and want it. Thank you to so much Kev for your nearly five years of awesome help. You're the secret ninja behind the scenes that helps us.

- The 1MB version is now 2.8.8 and it is running live on all the servers. We're going to purge all the old data and never looking back again. We now support Spigot, Paper, Tuinity and soon Airplane. We have dropped support for 3 other engines and any older version that 1.16.4 (since .5 and .4 are basically the same).

- Upgrade paths have been created for PRE 1.16 worlds to 1.16.5 and from 1.16.5 to 1.17.x worlds. We're just waiting for Mojang I guess.

- On 1MB server we're now running the latest 1.16.5 build of Paper, we're current. Fingers crossed this doesn't introduce new issues.

- The mcMMO plugin is now up to date, any known issues are resolved, I guess.

- Known issue with mcMMO, we might have some players with corrupted data who had their levels reset.
Note: REPORT that to us, and we will dive into a backup and see if we can find out what you had and help restore them.

- Worth Update coming, we're using the Spring Update as an excuse to make changes to our economy again. This is a grace period between 1.12 worth values and 1.15, then now 1.16 and the upcoming ore changes for 1.17. Instead of being forced to make bigger changes we're going to use this grace period to make predicting adjustments that aren't too big. (And add more 1.16 items!)

- Our custom commands are going to get a visual update, but this depend on free time. I've worked really hard on prepping for this. We have the tech/tools/and experience now. What is left is free time to sit down and spend an hour on updating a batch of commands. This is about visual changes. An easier 'interface' so to speak that looks more appealing. Easier to understand text, less placeholder values and hopefully it's easier for players to understand and find information.

- CMI Plugin updated to fix a bunch of stuff that we use, zrips is pretty awesome. I am glad I don't run outdated essential plugins anymore and use a much more modern solution.

- The /trade feature has received an update.

- Some land claiming plugins have received an update. Hopefully supporting newer versions of other plugins better, while dropping support for outdated versions (which we dont use anymore either). And this can lead to improvements in performance.

- The /jobs plugin has been updated, this is a more stable release of the same version. Hopefully it doesn't introduce issues: REPORT them to us! pls.

- We are aware of the /lock and /unlock plugin spitting out 'something went wrong, report to admin' issue, we made some changes and fixed up a database. Hopefully this is now better. Keep letting us know if it goes wrong pls!

- The CMI configuration file had some entries left for legacy worlds we no longer have running, this has been cleaned up by me and roberto.

- We can no longer reproduce the losing of inventories when you reset an island, but boy is it scary. What a bug! We're aware of it but it's really hard to debug and figure out. It's probably due to multiverse-inventories being such an outdated and old plugin. We've done our best. I do recommend players to just store their inventories and ender chest before changing game type and resetting islands. A reset does come with 'clean out enderchest', if you teleport around while doing this that can lead to issues.

- Our goal with the Spring Update is to get our Discord ticket list down to 100, not have it be more than 100. CAN WE? Probabliy not, but we will try.

- Starting today we will start purging very old data, and we will announce our 2021 "The Purge" - it's been ten years since we've done one, basically. Anyway, we will explain soon. Don't worry: If you play and logged in 2020 or 2021, you're account is safe :D

- Rumors about an official server resource pack are TRUE @the456gamer is working on learning every once in a while what we can do and can't do with an official resource pack. And we will at this point not require it to play. It's meant as a compliment to make certain features more fun or appear more custom. Who knows, maybe some epic players can pre-test it with us at some point this year. Maybe donators too. We are not there yet, but we're working on the tech of it behind closed doors. For example, making sure our feature support these custom items, or that we can recognize them in the resource pack etc. I won't bore you with the details.

- We will update our Github repo this Spring Update as well, that's all I am saying about that. :)


- If you need a forum account and want to learn: Contact our staff ! Ask @Nix or @Mikey or me.
- If you have one but need help posting or editing on the forum: Forum staff is here for you! Contact us.
- The forums will get updates this Spring Update as well. We always update it.. there .. sigh .. are always updates. For both the software, the hosting, the bills haha, and the contact (forum structure, content, etc).


- If you need a Discord account and want to learn: Contact our staff! Ask any of us on how to get on our Discord.
- if you have one, but need help figuring out what is what: Discord staff is here for you! Contact us.
- The Discord server always is getting updates, from titles, the channel order, the titles, content etc. Browse around and familiarize yourself.


- Well, everything in the game is just discussed in the above, so, "all that", but if you ever need any help: Contact us! We're on the forums, twitter, facebook, youtube, twitch, discord, etc. Feel free to ask and we guide you in the right direction.


- We do a lot, but .. in return we just want you to have fun. Join the server, put on a smile and share it. Grab a block form a resource world and build with it in /general. Or, try out /oneblock or /skyblock. We have some fun gamemodes. Go to /spawn and learn! Or ask staff or other players for help. We'e here to help. We like working together. We're a community. And you're part of it! Information can be overwhelming, we will try to do better all the time. So enjoy playing, play fair, keep it family friendly and we will build memories together as a community.

See you all online soon.
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