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Minecraft Changelog

Discussion in '1MoreBlock.com Information' started by Floris, Dec 31, 2020.

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  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    This is the new changelog for the year 2021, an archive of the year 2020 can be found here.
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 1st, 2021:

    Hey, we made it through 2020.

    - I've taken the server offline, and made a manual backup to an offsite drive.

    - Bumped the version of 1MB to 2.8.5 and made the appropriate changes on the forums and in-game to reflect these changes.

    - Bumped the version of Paper so we're current.

    - Uninstalled all the Holiday Season 2020 plugins, and any other plugin left-over from previous events.

    - I've swapped and/or cleaned out some of the more static Discord channels, making a fresh start for 2021.
    Note: Hopefully this will make it easier to see for you what information is important.

    - If you wish to provide feedback about the Jobs and/or mcMMO plugin, you can still find the forms here:
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-features-feedback-forms.263612/

    - We had secret ranks on the forums here: https://omgboards.com/forums/secretranks/, but noticed nobody has used them. We're retiring them early instead of extending them. These secret Tiered ranks are now no longer obtainable.

    - All EPIC slots have been filled in 2020, the group is now locked throughout 2021. Donator group is still open and available at this point.

    - Applied a light bug fix at /warp herb

    - Updated a couple of custom alias commands we use from time to time.

    - Purged rollback data that's older than 52 weeks.
    Note: If you have builds, check them within a year, so we can help you roll back any griefs.

    - Purged log files that are older than a few months.
    Note: We still have this purged data in backups, if needed, but the live server doesn't really need them around 24/7.

    - Added a new command: /impossible
    Note: This will let you sync a list of impossible advancements. You can for example run that now and again in a few months. Or next year..
    Note: If there's anything on this list of impossible advancements that you do not yet have, it will grant them to you.
    Note: For example, we have portals turned off on our servers, so you can't achieve these advancements. With /impossible you can.

    - Started the Celebration Year - 10 years 1moreblock.com thread on the forums:
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/celebration-year-10-years-1moreblock-com.263614/

    If there are any more changes happening that I think are worth mentioning, I will update this today entry.

    Final note: This year we might not do daily changelogs. Just so you know.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2021
  3. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 3rd, 2021:

    Someone reminded me on voice chat last night it's my birthday this month. O_O

    - Updated 1MB 2.8.5 to the latest version.

    - Updated Paper 1.16.4 to the latest build because they had a secret token leak.

    - Update CMI, CoreProtect, DiscordSRV, Citizens, AsyncWorldEdit, and mcMMO to their latest version.

    - Updated PyroFishingPro, HeadDatabase, PlotSquared, and SelectionVisualizer to their latest version.

    - Completed some owner/admin todo items to keep the list as empty as possible.

    - Identified a few potential permission issues on the server with the help of @the456gamer, and will gradually work on resolving those.

    - Some plugins got updated to help fix potential duping issues.

    - The server /logs/ files have been purged to a point, the data got archived first.

    - The Plan-B backup inventory plugin database got reset, archived, and the oldest one purged.

    - Rollback data to help fix grief has been purged, anything older than January 1st, 2020 will not be rolled back unless it's not a hassle to do so.

    - Certain players that got banned in the past for very minor offenses have their ban lifted.

    - The first Celebration Token has been found, there are 11 left, the next one will be introduced into the game soon-ish.

    - Some CMI related data has been updated and shared on my github.

    - Almost all the manual backups have been reviewed quickly, duplicate data has been purged, and it's all moved to the new backup drive away from the local drive.

    - The internal Maintenance command now visually and audibly announces to the players when the server goes into maintenance mode, what it means, why it is in maintenance mode. And it reports back when we're no longer in maintenance mode.

    - We have not sorted out the permissions yet, nor decided which group gets what color. But some groups have early access to the /glow feature. Soon-ish we will figure out the cosmetic perk per group. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
    Note: Colored chestplate = available permission.
    Note: Chainmail chestplate = no access to this color.
    Note: Glowing chestplate = selected glow color (click it again to disable)
    Note: Paper = turns off any glow color.

    - Reminder: If you wish to get an account upgrade, for a group or rank, please do so by posting a new thread on the forums.
    Note: https://omgboards.com/forums/secretranks/create-thread

    - Some of the known issues with tab-complete and command-suggestions have been addressed.

    - Players reported certain player heads returning only the Steve Head, this is due to Mojang API changes, we've tried our best to make adjustments. Hopefully most of these issues have now been resolved.

    - Homes that were set in a world that no longer exists will now show with a barrier block in /homes

    - I've reviewed who is on the operator list, who's stuck in fly mode, or god mode, and have made the appropriate changes to their accounts.

    - I've reviewed 1500+ accounts of the most recent players in 2020 for oversized items in their enderchest, and inventories, and removed these items where appropriate.

    - Further improvements to the way the new hex colors are being dealt with have been made in the underlying code, as well as the plugins using these libraries. Hopefully this causes less annoying issues for us all. Mojang: You could have done a better job here, for realz though.

    - Future proofing Minecraft 1.17 and beyond for newer Java LTS releases, and chipsets like the Apple M1.

    - Some plugins were updated to fix (potential) memory leaks, item duping, etc. Such as mcMMO.

    - Luck on your fishing rod will give you more treasure now from all the fishing related plugins. Vanilla, mcmMO, /fish, Jobs, etc.

    - If you have enchanted books that do not work, let me know. I do not mind trading them for vanilla ones.

    - If you are missing Sweeping Edge on your existing sword, let me know. I will review the item and possibly restore it.

    - Grief logging tools have improved.

    - Added a new /impossible command to all the groups. If you type it, it will try to sync up missing advancements that are impossible. Try it today, in a month, end of Summer.. Because every once in a while we will add new advancements that we learn are impossible to get.

    - We've started updating some custom commands that shouldn't have suggestions. They should slowly improve over time as I run into them, or at least they should start showing the correct suggestions if possible.

    - Falling through the end portal in the end will no longer load the end-credits.

    - Identified an issue with world teleporting that could be used to troll others, we've made the appropriate changes of course.

    - Noticed that I left /point available to members, woops. Permissions revoked. Sorry.

    - Added the Celebration Stick to the Global /market, which lets you ride additional mobs.
    Note: Added the /ride command to disclose which players can ride what mobs.
    Note: Updated the groups/ page on the site: https://omgboards.com/groups/

    - Fixed an issue with Smite in the /points shop.

    - Updated some internal info from 2020 to represent 2021 now. On Discord, on the Forums, in-game, etc.
    Note: If you spot something saying the wrong date, feel free to point it out!

    - Cleaned up more Christmas event things. And started the owner/admin thread for the 2021 event!

    - The Feedback Form for Jobs is now being ignored. Internally we're processing the responses, and I've paid out the +500 points towards the /points accounts of people who left their IGN in the form. Check in-game for a new /mail.
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-features-feedback-forms.263612/
    Note: The mcMMO form is STILL open and you're invited to fill it in. Again, if you leave your minecraft IGN you will get 500 points for participating.

    - Updated the /ignore feature to include all public chat now as well. The new Social feature from Mojang should now also ignore public msgs if you add someone.

    And we will see how all of these changes run for 12+ hours, and continue our todo list, and prepare for the next items on our agenda for later this week.
  4. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 4th, 2021:

    Congratulations to the MVP Tidala (for 2020)

    - Announced the MVP for the year 2020.
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/mvp-rewards-statistics-2019.261773/

    - Closed some completed tickets on Discord (finished some todo items yesterday, tidying up today)

    - Restarted the server with some new settings, for example; The End Credits will no longer play.

    - Fixed a potential dupe issue, and fixed a pretty serious Mojang 1.16 bug.

    - A small reminder, our community is for 13 years and up.

    - A celebration stick has been added the the /market, did you get it yet?
    Note: Suggestions for animals? Let us know on Discord!

    - Everybody that played during Christmas and picked up their gift has received an extra batch of Jobs points.

    - Updated the Tab list to the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

    - Updated the Motd list to the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

    - Updated the welcome/parting messages to match this.

    - Updated the 1MB Tips to match the new 1MB 2.8.5 2021 theme.

    - Plugins that were updated due to dupe issues: mcMMO, PyroFishingPro.

    - Plugins that were updated for bug fixing etc: AsyncWorkEdit, PlotSquared, CMI.

    - Introducing Soul binding of items to players, check this thread, and the new in-game command: /soulbind
    Note: It will be rare, expensive, and a privilege to bind your item to your character. Use it wisely. Incorrect use is on you.
    Note: Nothing is perfect, if you lose the item due to a bug in the server, software, plugin or this feature: Sorry.
    Note: We will be on 1.16.x for a while, so we can keep using this until it stops working. Do this to enjoy this 'now'.
    Note: If 1.17 comes out and we upgrade and there's months before this feature updates, so be it: Be aware of this.
    Note: If 1.17 comes out and we upgrade but this plugin cannot work on 1.17, so be it: Be aware of this.
    Note: The details of what you can do with a soul bind item, and also what you no longer will be able to do with this item - is all in this thread:
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-soul-bind-items-to-players.263617/

    We're still setting up the Celebration Soul, but now you can ask us questions about it, learn about it, etc.
  5. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 6th, 2021:

    Economy Update, we started this last year, we're picking it back up again this year.

    - The following items had either their prices changed (higher or lower), or they've been added to the system if they were missing.
    Note: {
    Chain - $ 50
    Smooth Red Sandstone - $ 0.10
    Netherstar from 1k to $ 10,000.00
    Pumpkin Block - $ 1.50
    Carved Pumpkin - $ 1.50
    Eye of Ender from 1.27 - $ 2.00
    Ghast Tear from 165 to $ 150.00
    End Crystal - $ 200.00
    Rabbit Stew - $ 2.00
    Stone Bricks Slab - $ 0.40
    Lilac - $ 0.10
    Quartz from 0.22 to - $ 0.22
    Block of Quartz added - $ 0.80
    Quartz Slab - $ 0.40
    Quartz Stairs - $ 1.20
    Quartz Pillar added - $ 0.80
    Chiseled Quartz Block - $ 0.80
    Smooth Quartz Block - $ 0.80
    Smooth Quartz Slab - $ 0.40
    Smooth Quartz Stairs - $ 1.20
    Cobblestone from 0.22 to - $ 0.20
    Cobblestone Slab - $ 0.10
    Dirt Block from 0.11 to - $ 0.10
    Gravel from 0.11 to - $ 0.10
    Coarse Dirt - $ 0.20
    Grass Block - $ 0.20
    Podzol Block - $ 0.20
    Grass Path Block - $ 0.30
    Farmland Block - $ 0.30
    Grass - $ 0.20
    Tall Grass - $ 0.20
    Sponge from 36.74 to - $ 35
    Wet Sponge - $ 35
    Beacon from 1600 - $ 10,000.00
    Wheat Seed from 0.20 to - $ 0.10
    Pumpkin Seed from 0.22 to - $ 0.20
    Melon Seed from 0.22 to - $ 0.20
    Beetrood Seed added - $ 0.20
    Beetrood added - $ 0.20
    Smooth Stone - $ 0.40
    Smooth Stone Slab - $ 0.20
    Heart of the Sea - $ 40.00
    Prismarine Shard - $ 0.20
    Prismarine Crystal - $ 0.50
    Sea Lantern - $ 3.3
    Dark Prismarine - $ 1.70
    Any coral block, fan set to - $ 1.00
    Prismarine - $ 0.80
    Prismarine Bricks - $ 1.80
    Prismarine Slab - $ 0.40
    Prismarine Stairs - $ 1.20
    Prismarine Brick Slab - $ 0.90
    Prismarine Brick Stairs - $ 2.70
    Dark Prismarine Slab - $ 0.90
    Dark Prismarine Stairs - $ 2.60
    Prismarine Wall - $ 0.80
    String - $ 0.10
    White Wool - $ 0.40
    White Carpet - $ 0.30
    Any other carpet colors are set to $ 0.40
    Observer - $ 1.80
    White Stained Glass Pane - $ 0.20
    Any other stained glass are set to $ 0.30
    White Terracotta - $ 0.20
    All other colors are set to $ 0.30
    White Glazed Terracotta - $ 0.40
    All other glazed colors are set to $0.40
    Oak_Plank from 0.23 to $ 0.20
    Stick from 0.11 to $ 0.10
    Oak Sign - $ 1.30
    All signs are set to $ 1.30
    Magenta Wool from 0.62 to $ 0.60
    Magenta Banner - $ 3.70
    Cyan Wool from 0.79 to $ 0.80
    Cyan Banner - $ 4.90
    Blue Wool - $ 0.60
    Blue Banner - $ 3.70
    Brown Wool - from 0.68 to $ 0.70
    Brown Banner - $ 4.30
    Yellow Wool - $ 0.65
    Yellow Banner - $ 4.00
    LightGrey Wool from 0.67 to $ 0.70
    Light Grey Banner - $ 4.30
    Black Wool - $ 0.60
    Black Banner - $ 3.70
    Pink Wool from 0.57 to $ 0.60
    Pink Banner - $ 3.70
    Orange Wool from 0.67 to $ 0.70
    Orange Banner - $ 4.30
    White Wool - $ 0.40
    White Banner - $ 2.50
    Light Blue Wool - $ 0.65
    Light Blue Banner - $ 4.00
    Gray Wool - $ 0.65
    Gray Banner - $ 4.00
    Lime Wool from 0.72 to $ 0.70
    Lime Banner - $ 4.30
    Green Banner from 0.73 to $ 0.70
    Green Banner - $ 4.30
    Red Banner from 0.68 to $ 0.70
    Red Banner - $ 4.30
    Purple Wool from 0.64 to $ 0.60
    Purple Banner - $ 3.70
    All Concrete Powder is set to $ 0.60
    All Concrete is set to $ 0.60
    All Stained Glass Blocks are set to $ 0.60
    Stone Bricks $ 0.90
    Mossy Stone Bricks $ 2.00
    Chiseled Stone Bricks $ 2.00
    Cracked Stone Bricks $ 2.00
    Infested Cracked Stone Bricks $ 3.00
    Infested Mossy Stone Bricks $ 3.00
    Infested Stone Bricks $ 1.90
    Ice from now $ 1.00
    Packed Ice now $ 3.00
    Blue Ice now $ 5.00
    Chorus Fruit $ 0.20
    Popped Chorus Fruit $ 0.30
    Chorus Plant $ 0.20
    Chorus Flower $ 0.30
    Crying Obsidian $ 3.00
    Glowstone now $ 1.90
    Respawn Anchor $ 10.00
    All Tulips are set to $ 0.20
    Most short flowers are set to $ 0.20
    Stone $ 0.30
    Smooth Stone $ 0.40
    Bedrock $ 100.00
    Iron Trap Door $ 50.00
    Enchanted Golden Apple $ 50.00
    Sandstone - $ 0.20
    Sandstone Slab - $ 0.10
    Smooth Sandstone - $ 0.30
    Smooth Sandstone Slab - $ 0.20
    ArmorStand - $ 0.80
    Fern $ 0.20
    Large Fern $ 0.20
    Scute $ 10.00
    Magma Cream from 0.63 to $ 0.90
    Magma Block - $ 3.60

    Other maintenance from the 5th and 6th will be included in the next changelog.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2021
  6. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 8th, 2021:

    Maintenance Update, how are we liking the 2021 7 days trial period?

    - Took the server offline for maintenance, details below. Server is back online after a few minutes of course.

    - Updated Paper to the latest build, patched it up with 1MB 2.8.5 stuff.

    - Updated 1MB 2.8.5 stuff.

    - Updated the Tab list again, we should stick to this one for a while.

    - Updated the /motd again, let's see how this looks to most people.

    - Updated the -dev- server and -test- server.

    - Moved "okay" stuff from the -test- server to the -live- server.

    - Purged some log files older than July 2020 from CMI/ log directories.

    - Make a manual backup of the server to the offsite drive again.

    - Fixed the mcMMO borked placeholders.

    - Updated some anvil related permissions, making sure people can't abuse it.

    - Fix to /worth

    - Amorstands editor code is playing nice again with other plugins.

    - We're going to prevent custom items from being sold to /sell, to help prevent people from accidentally selling their special items.

    - Diamond Pickaxe removed from /worth /sell list, so you can't accidentally sell your OP tool.

    - Jobs changes:

    - Smelting improved

    - Cow exploit fixed

    - Changes and fixes to the Jobs quests.

    - Improvements to jobs database writing/reading to improve performance.

    - Changes to the jobs boosting

    - Improvements to jobs block handling, protection, etc.

    - A small fix for jobs to play nicer with mcMMO actions.

    - CMI plugin updated.

    - Uninstalled Tamable fox plugin, nobody was really using it.

    - Updates to the Combat mode that we use, so it's more how we expect it to work.

    - Riding and Sitting commands play nice together again.

    - Updated the internal naming of groups, so 1mb_donator, should now show in more places as Donator

    - Updates to our xray system. Reminder: it's not allowed, we perm ban, we will not accept appeals.

    - Loads of updates to mcMMO, we are going to spend this week slowly tweaking, resetting configs, updating configs, etc.

    - Updated the Head database plugins.

    - Updated the inventory rollback plugins, and have purged old data.

    - Purged the data older than 52 weeks.

    - Discord related plugins have been updated as well.

    - We're 'so close' to Soulbind, just finalizing commands.

    - Celebration giveaway done! Enjoy Hepcat, your new optifine cape.

    - Cleaned up some phrasing that I run into and always say: I should fix that.

    Okay, that's it for the last couple of days, we will pick up maintenance again tomorrow.
  7. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 9th, 2021:

    We're doing more 10 Year Anniversary events this weekend.

    - Drop party added to /celebration

    - New drop party command added: /celebration dropparty

    - New drop party area created (thanks Vloop for helping finish it)

    - Jobs and mcMMO Boosters have been enabled.

    - First drop party was at 6pm Dutch time.

    - Next drop party is also today, at 10:30pm Dutch time (4 hours from now)

    - Sunday we will also have a drop party, but a lot later in the evening.

    - We will quickly check who was last online this week and from that group, who has been building. Then pick a random name after checking out their build and rewarding them with +250 points towards their /points balance.

    See you all online!
  8. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 10th, 2021:

    Server Updates and a Thank you.

    - Thank you all for joining last night for the 10 Year Celebration Drop Party, we had lots of fun in-game, and on the Discord voice-chat. Even @Nix hopped on to say hello.

    - Tonight (about 9 hours after the making of this post) there is one more Drop Party, so don't miss out!

    - The Celebration Lootbox has been set to live, best of luck finding it. Details will be posted in the Celebration Thread on the OMG forums.

    - The Cooldown for /rtp has been lowered from 9 to 7. And the warmup/delay of the command has been lowered from 5 to 4. Hopefully this makes using the teleporter machine a bit smoother.

    - Additionally, in the future we will charge a bit of money to use /rtp, we've now exempted Donators - keeping the command free to use. On top of that, the warmup/cooldown has been removed for the Epic group as a perk.

    - The World Editing and Guarding tools have been updated to their latest versions.

    - Other plugins that updated because of this have also received a bump in version.

    - Our Placeholders plugins have had an update, as well as our Permissions plugins.

    - A small update has been made to the plugins related to the /builders world.

    - Soulbind is live, we can kinda use it, but we're doing the final testing. Don't worry, it's now a guarantee it will come. Things are looking great. Almost there.

    - We're working on compiling a list of 1MB Whitelisted mods/vanilla tweaks, etc. And potential changes in what is or isn't allowed. This will happen throughout the year, but hopefully during the Winter Update we can show players a list to answer some questions. Note: Anything with an unfair advantage is never allowed, this won't change.

    - We're also working on collecting impossible achievements to add to /impossible. We've had some great feedback from a few players and team members. Thank you for working as a team!

    - Updated the /celebration command and added a few more sub-commands. Stay up to date!

    - Updated the /motd again, slight tweaks. It's hard to make this one work for all screen sizes.

    - The /sell command has been updated. It will now no longer accept renamed or custom items. Only raw materials. This is now live to all groups.

    - Another mcMMO update, and we've made the first batch of tweaks to the config files. But we have a lot of work to do. Hopefully before the end of January we finish this update. For now, when you reach certain levels it will publicly announce it again.

    - Updated some permissions for Discord, tweaking it slightly.

    - Made some basic performance improvements to the server. Hopefully this helps the people with higher pings.

    - The price of Raw fish in /fish shop has been lowered from 50 to 10.

    - The price of Cooked fish has been raised from 0 to 10.

    - Cooked Cod and Cooked Salmon have been added to /sell (raw fish still sells in /fish sell)

    - Added server-signs, you can place a sign and set only the first line to something like [trash] and it will update the whole sign, turning it into a server sign.
    Note: {
    [balance] (and [money])
    and [mail]
    Note: Each server-sign also has a command, like /sell, /trash, /sell, etc.

    - Added new /elevator command.
    Note: The elevator feature is for boosted members and up to create. But everybody can use elevators that are created.

    - Added new /warp signs

    Okay, that's it for the last 72 hours of updates that I can share. Thank you for reading this.
  9. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 15th, 2021:

    Firmware updates today.

    - Took the server offline and upgraded all the software, OS and firmware on the system.

    - Meanwhile, I've restarted the Modem to get the latest firmware, and did a software update on the Router.

    - The switches and other hardware got an update as well.

    - Back online.

    - Maintenance from the last couple of days includes the following:

    - Variety of plugin updates in anticipation of Minecraft 1.16.5.

    - Purging of old rollback data and logs that plugins keep. Tidying up the setup a bit.

    - Revisited the Rollback features, making sure players do not have their permissions, but the appropriate team members do.

    - Cleaned up the Celebration Dropparty area. We will soon prep for the February drop parties.

    - Preparing the weekly Fishing Tournaments, we will announce this in #events on Discord and the Celebration thread on the forums here.

    - Updated the plugins related to /builders

    - /impossible updated for the last time in January with impossible achievements, if there are still impossible achievements, report them on the forum or discord, this way we can do this again in February.

    - Revamped the omgboards.com/vote tier 1 and 2 layer 1 items. Moving forward those are the items players get, the 2021 edition.

    - The Vote Items Tier 1 is now called Hero Set, Tier 1 : Hero Set.

    - The Vote Items Tier 2 is now called Elite Set, Tier 2 : Elite set.

    - And for Vote Items Tier 3, the set is called Legens, Tier 3 : Legend set.

    - If you have existing items you wish to convert, that is possible, contact me in-game when you see me.

    - Small changes made to the Jobs features.

    - Updated the mcMMO Fishing treasures. They're reset to the default.

    - The Permission manager related plugins have all been updated.

    - World Editing tools have been updated to a newer version.

    - The Placeholder related plugins have been updated.

    - Player Xray checks are being done. If you have cheated: run.

    - Player Inventories checks have been done. If you tried duping or exploiting: we now will double check manually.

    - Tweaked the anti xray for various groups. Hopefully this results in improved performance as well as less issues for players who noticed random ores that weren't really there. Reminder: xray is not allowed, obviously.

    - Discord <-> Minecraft integration has been improved, we will soon start pushing more MC events to Discord.

    - The /glow perms are sorted out.

    - We're looking into sign editing for certain groups.

    - User tickets have been reviewed.

    - Malicious Discord accounts and Minecraft accounts that we've found on the network have been synced. Yes, this means if you received a perm ban on our discord, forum or Minecraft servers, you will notice you will not be able to join any of our network linked services anymore. Tough sh..

    - Custom commands have been created to help create consistency between Tier 1, 2, and 3 vote items. Can't wait to introduce new fun things with Tier 3 soon. (Well, I've said that before..)

    - Helpers and up can now see vanished players online.
    Note: Vanished players logging in from the hub[0] will not be visible.

    - mcMMO Admin chat has been cancelled, we only have party chat, we now have /chat as a feature, and people can use that.

    - Vote Streak items for 2019/2020 have been paid out. Those who got 1 or more, will notice an in-game /mail to inform them. And the items are in their inventory.
    Note: 19 users, if you know you've voted weeks in a row and should get these tokens but didn't get any, nor the mail. Do contact me, we've focussed on the top 20 active users first.

    - /glow will now have a lore saying 'you can not use this' and 'click to pick this color'. Or something along those lines. Making it easier to understand.

    - Glow colors are listed on groups: omgboards.com/groups

    - PvP/PvE combat mode improvements.

    - You can now connect to our server with 1.16.5, we already had those bugs and others fixed. So we don't really need to upgrade. If we do in the future, then we will drop support for 1.16.4, right now: 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 can both connect to the server. And in the coming days we will start to slowly update references to .4 to .5 as we run into them.

    - Cleaned up old #team content, making sure I didn't forget something. Moved things to private tickets and todo items, and tried my best to stay a bit current and organise stuff.

    - For the Celebration stuff (10 years 1mb!!) we have had drop parties, lootchest drops, and fishing tournaments, and more. Stay tuned! Subscribe to the thread on the forum for ALL the details, or at least be in-game to not miss out events.

    - The /celebration commands have been updated.

    - Finishing soulbind, we will soon (i said that before) let you know how you can pick one or more items to soulbind.

    - We had a variety of bugs with a few plugins. We've spoken to those developers and they were awesome and updated their plugins to support our needs, fix those bugs, and address some things to work smoother. These changes are all live now.

    - The mcMMO Features Form on Google poll is no longer being looked at. You can submit stuff to it, but we will ignore it. We have taken note internally and you will soon get your free /points for participating.

    - Another features form will soon be published. Keep an eye on the forums, twitter, in-game and especially the features form discord channel.

    - We've introduced new server signs. You can make things like [trash], [elevator], [money], and a few others, check out /warp signs.

    - Updated 1MB 2.8.5 to the latest -dev- build. Which is flagged stable.

    - Made a new -dev- for 2.8.6, and we're prepping for the next thing.

    - Compiled a list for the Spring Update 2021.

    - Started discussion with the staff about give-aways for this year.

    - Updated server engine to the latest build. And patched our custom stuff as well.

    And I am pretty sure there's a lot more stuff done, either things I can't share yet, or they are private, or I forgot about writing down the changes I was making.
  10. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 17th, 2021:

    Version bump update

    - The server has been upgraded to 1MB 2.8.6's latest build.

    - The server has been upgraded to the Minecraft 1.16.5's latest build.

    - The resource worlds are NOT reset.

    - Issues? Use the forums, or open a support ticket on Discord.

    - If there's any issue forcing us to roll back, we will roll back instantly to the 1.16.4 build and try another day.

    - All January drop parties have ended, the next /celebration dropparty will be in February

    - Other Celebration events are still active, and we will keep the celebration thread up to date - so up to you to keep track.

    - Further maintenance updates from 15th moving forward will be published on another day. Today's changelog is purely about 1.16.5

    Thank you for playing, check the discord announcement forum please as well.
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    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 19th, 2021:

    Fishing Tournament in a few hours at /warp fish

    - Check the thread on the forums or #events channel to learn more.

    - Updated Paper to the latest build.

    - Restarted the server to activate some maintenance changes.

    - Fully upgraded to 1.16.5 now. We're going to stick to it. No, we will not reset the resource worlds.

    - Added /mcstats discord, to push your MMO stats to the #server-chat discord channel. (DO NOT SPAM IT)

    - When you vote, it gets pushed to the #server-chat discord channel.

    - Added m0o0oeh's and writeescapes emoji to discord

    - Fixed a potential dupe issue with the market, sigh. oh well.

    - Updated Shop Chest feature to better support latest WE/WG and 1.16.5

    - Fixed issue with WE in regards to offhand, and to better support 1.16.5

    - Fixed issue with /startfun

    - CMI updated to the latest version

    - Jobs plugin updated to a 1.16.5 dev build

    - Updated the /celebration related commands a little bit.

    - Moved some stand alone code bits from 1MB resources into the main 1MB 2.8.6 thing as a class.

    - Converted more NPC villages to 1.16.5

    - Vote Items 2021 updated, tier 1 is done, tier 2 is done (minus conduit box)

    - mcMMO Features Form processed, everybody that participated got their /points balance updated, check in-game /mail

    - I've gone through all the ban appeals and forum support threads.

    - And I've gone through all the discord > support > tickets.

    - The in-game /mail, I've read them all and replied to the ones that required a response.

    - Improved the mee6 bot, it does more stuff, i've configured it.

    - /warp signs (slightly tweaked)

    - /glow groups sorted, I think.. if you notice anything else just let me know.

    - Updated "user found x ores" plugin.

    - Updated /celebration dropparty area for February. If you want a sneaky peeky, go there and explore.

    - References to 1.16.4 have been updated to 1.16.5, if you spot more outdated version numbers let me know :)

    - Villager curing exploit fixed.

    - IP Banning that is public will now obfuscate part of the ip address.

    - General maintenance done as well. Little updates to config files, alias commands, permissions, etc.

    Okay, that's it for the last couple of days. See you all online in a handful of hours for the fishing tournament.
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    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    January 22nd, 2021:

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

    - Ditched support for 1.16.3 and lower.

    - Updated 1MB 2.8.6 but now without a stupid bug.

    - Updated Paper to the latest build.

    - Made those two ^^ play nice together.

    - Updated some libraries that a bunch of plugins share.

    - Removed a bunch of old stuff we don't need anymore.

    - Cleaned up more log files.

    - Bumped the java version to fix a little annoying bug.

    - Had my birthday on the 21st, and I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes.

    Other maintenance from the last couple of days and tomorrow will be pushed to another changelog day.
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