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    1MB is a public, family-friendly #minecraft survival server, version 1.16.5.
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Minecraft Changelog

Discussion in '1MoreBlock.com Information' started by Floris, Dec 31, 2020.

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  1. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    March 25th, 2021:


    - Updated the /achievements plugin, and the advancements have to sync up. Sorry.. If you've played before you are going to hear some ding dong noises - just mute for 5 seconds. We gave an announcement in the #announcement ahead of time, so .. read announcements and you don't get unpleasant surprises.

    - There are new /achievements now! 64 in total, and there's room for us to make even more. So check in the summer perhaps what you're missing.

    - Updated 1MB 2.8.8 to the latest version.

    - Updated Paper 1.16.5 to the latest version.

    - Updated a handful of plugins to their latest version.

    - Updated the BentoBox features to their latest version.

    - Updated the 1MB Cave, /cave > pick default, if you don't have a cave yet. Existing players will not lose their existing caves, you can keep playing :)
    Note: more info: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-cave-information.263640/

    - The TPA features for gametypes have been turned off (as we've mentioned for months that we would haha)

    - To visit a friend on cave, acid, skygrid, skyblock, or oneblock, get to level 10 and then you can place a [welcome] sign. They can then join.

    - Force calculate the island with /skyblock level, or /oneblock level, and to join it is /skyblock warp theirname, or /oneblock warp theirname

    - There have been permission updates for a few plugins, for example to the /ah (/market) to make sure people can't be naughty and try to exchange items over.

    - Fixed a huge oopsie with the /anvil feature, <shifty eyes>, thank for reporting enderdip.

    - Removed some signs that weren't family friendly.

    - Updated Discord to have more channels, go check them out!

    - Groups in Minecraft will sync up with Discord roles and give you access to a few more channels. How to get started? Check #roles ! (spoiler: link your mc<-> discord account)

    - Server crash with bamboo has been fixed, people exploiting it will be auto reported to the bunny police.

    - Added a public hangout channel for the staff and members, if you want to bother staff members with some more serious questions but it isn't really needed to start a ticket: do it there! Or .. poke them with a stick and say hello to them to see if they're still around. hehe

    - Added a private /streamer command - if you want to live-stream on our server and get access to it, be sure to be an affiliate or at least a regular streamer and I will add you to the perm list.

    - I've done a buuunch of other stuff to try and tweak some plugin configurations, improve on permissions and double check some of our settings. Thank you all for the continued support and feedback. if you want to say thank you with a donation our paypal is paypal.me/mrfloris, we will buy a pizza slice with it and then pay for our domain name or some other involved costs.

    See you all online
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  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    March 29th, 2021:

    Whoo, the first week of the Spring Update is behind us.

    - Soon: The 1MoreBlock ZEN features! Subscribe to my youtube to learn all about this new feature that we will soon announce.

    - The Purge has started, the first phase is still ongoing. Old accounts and old content on the forums are being reviewed and processed.

    - If you want a forum account and don't have one: You need it for Easter! Then sign up and let me know, I will approve it.

    - Updated Paper to the latest build.

    - Updated a bunch of plugins to their latest build.

    - Quickly took a look at new players and their clients, resource packs, mods, etc. Processed findings.

    - Added some groups to the bypass list in case the server gets full. This way regulars can keep playing.

    - mcMMO updated to give support for sweet berry bushes and to fix a bunch of stuff.

    - Our server IP showed up in a MrBeast video that now has millions of views. Well okay then. Thank you Jimmy.

    - Cool CMI updates to help us with our upcoming features!

    - For now, and only in /general, the /perk command is back!
    Note: New perks will be unlocked during April
    Note: Any old perk you had is still there (or, it should be)

    - A potential dupe issue was found, but we never gave the players these permissions, so, nobody could use it anyway; but it's fixed now.

    - Banned some players that were blatantly ignoring staff in regards to item stealing and griefing. You might see a video on youtube where they get banned.

    - The /cave default cave has been updated!

    - Upgraded Bentobox to the latest version, in preparation to the new border and new /boxed game.

    - The new border is live now! /skyblock border, /oneblock border, etc.

    - More commands that shouldn't work in Skyblock etc have been properly blocked now.

    - Did you see all the Discord changes?! Go chat!

    - The upcoming Zen Features will soon be announced and introduced, we can't wait to show you how we're going to fight lag in 1.17.

    - Thousands of banned accounts on the forums have been unbanned, if they had 0 posts.

    - Tens of thousands of discussions on the forums that were made before 2017 have been moved to our historical archive.

    - The content of old threads will no longer be visible, access to it can be requested.

    - Double exp events will start again in April, which it is soooon.

    - Headsup, we are still doing /celebration things, we're picking it back up again in April. We just needed a little break from all the crazy times we've had in March.

    See you all online soon.
  3. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 2nd, 2021:

    April Fools was fun, and a special Shoutout in this changelog to a few people (stay tuned, you won't believe what happens next)

    - Restarted the server to active some April Fools things.

    - Note please that this changelog includes changes made today, yesterday, and the last few days of March.

    - Stiffereled made an awesome April Fools youtube video for us!
    Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/new-the-1moreblock-zen-features.263644/
    Note: Thank you so much for the video, it's awesome. Shoutout https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGoPzfGzegeyPB0TfS7YM0w

    - mcMMO levels like crafting and diving, turns out.. April Fools, sorrrry!

    - We've received a few donations, so cool. Thank you, this helps pay for hosting, services, domains, resources, etc.
    Note: Thank you @Vloop for bumping @JaCkper his rank to Donator!
    Note: Thank you @EugeneNubberslaw for your donation!

    - Updated the Paper engine to the latest version.

    - Updated CMI a few times to fix a few problems with Anvil and introduce new placeholders that we needed.

    - We added the Spring kit !!
    Note: /kits

    - We temporarily had /kit zen, giving calming tea, drinking it would reset your walking speed.

    - We temporarily had /zen, giving information about the zen features for April Fools.

    - Oh no, more mcMMO player data corruption. I think this 10 year old flatfile database is falling apart. We might have to make some drastic changes soon.

    - Updated mcMMO a few times to try and fix things, introduce berry support, and fix berry exp bugs. Things should be fine now.

    - Cleaned up the March Meet & Greet channel. Thank you all for joining our Discord, with HelenAngel being our 150th member!

    - We're opening discussions-channels to Content Creators in our Discord creators channel. Hopefully we can help eachother in 2021.

    - The /chat command has better tab complete now.

    - The /motd is updated to better match the 1MB Theme!

    - The temporary zen info has been removed from the motd.

    - The MOTD of the server list has updated. It's more 'friendly' now. i M nOT a ROBot

    - Updated the /chests command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

    - Updated the /worlds command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

    - Updated the /newplayer command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

    - Finally: /vote tokens
    Note: IT WORKS, i think.. sorry bout that

    - The /kit winter has officially been disabled, sorry. Get the spring kit!

    - The players that join the server for the first time have a bit of a different kit. The diamond ore is gone. They get iron to get started. They get less food, and they have 2 books with info. Hopefully this will give them enough info about our survival and gametype worlds.

    - When any player joins the server now and has /mail, it will isolate the message a bit more so it's easier to read. And the msg tries to match the 1MB Theme a bit more.

    - Yikes, we're still trying to figure out how to add /boxed

    - Generic changes to things some players have reported.

    - Closed resolved support tickets on Discord

    - Glanced over tickets that are still open and scheduled some time (was planned for yesterday but was in bed with migraine all day)

    - Updated the mee6 bot, it had new things, more things, better things.. Slowly making changes.

    - The rollback data is now shorter, remember? I gave a bunch of headsups on this: GO CHECK YOUR BUILDS FOR GRIEF and THEFT, and report it within a timely manner. Especially with 1.17 it will be more data to store so we're shortening the time.

    - Purged grief and inventory rollback data.

    - The inventories for before April 1st have been purged. We're starting with a fresh backup-database for inventories April 1st, - if you ever have an inventory issue, stop in game, write down what happened, perhaps include a screenshot and /pos coordinates and report it to us so we can look into it asap.

    - Log files from server /logs/ before a certain date will be purged soon.

    - Log files and backup files from various plugins will be purged soon.

    - Banned users on the forums have been purged if they had 0 posts.

    - Users that signed up between 2001 and 2016 and never made a post, have now been purged from the forums.

    - The inside scoop forum has been moved to the lounge.

    - The meet and greet forum threads have been moved to the lounge (and forum deleted)

    - The minecraft category on the forums have been moved all the way to the top.

    - Outdated threads in the OMG sub-forums made between 2001 and 2016 have been moved to the historical archives.

    - Content of threads in the OMG archives have been set to request only. Only recent members can request access to thread content, but basically nobody can see inactive thread content.

    - Operating systems for the forums have been updated to their latest patches and updates.

    - Some discord channels have been slightly tweaked, re-ordered or permissions have changed.

    - Anti raid bot has been set to active, naughty ppl learn the word yeet. (you get banned)

    - Purged 30+ day inactive members without a role from Discord (if you were a real person, just join again! (and maybe be active this time around))

    - Headsup! Easter Event on the 4th of April. Due to lack of time it will be pretty chill. We are looking forward to seeing you online for some surprises. We are probably not giving a lot of headsup this year.

    - Headsup! The Celebration stuff continues this month, once easter is over we will give you more details again!

    - A shoutout to the youtube and twitch streamers xDaniChii, VloopPlays, m0o0oeh, and others who have been streaming!

    - Headsup! Scheduled downtime. We might have two scheduled downtimes during very quiet hours that will last longer than usually (up to 6 hours for example) to do hardware, software updates, upgrades and backups, and to prepare for 1.17 upgrades in the future.

    As you can see, we don't sit still. And there's loads more! Small typo updates, small tweaks to commands, improvements to annoying things like /is not working. We notice what you do, the good and bad, and we act on it. And we try to listen to your feedback. Something wrong? Be timely, be constructive, and dont DM me, but open a support ticket so the right person can follow up when they have the time.

    Need an account on the forum? Sign up! Poke me what username you signed up with and we will approve it. Access is limited now, and only the coolest of the coolest get in (that's you!)

    I have to admit, I probably forgot about 20% of the things we've worked on and it's not on this changelog, apologies!
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  4. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    April 6th, 2021:

    We've noticed some awesome new people coming in from server lists search results, welcome!

    - Updated 1MB to the latest 2.8.8 build.

    - Deleted server engine caches, rebuilding, re-patching.

    - Updated Paper to the latest build.

    - Found more mcMMO corruption, manually fixed the database - fingers crossed I guess.

    - Updated the mcMMO plugin as well.

    - Added the anti Discord raid bots bot to our Discord.

    - Closed and cleaned up the Zen features thread and features on the forum and in-game.

    - Removed the 'reset to walk speed 1' command on-join, if you still can't walk at normal speed: reach out to staff!

    - The Zen kit is now disabled.

    - Cleaned up some region protection stuff.

    - The /perk command is now limited to the /general world again.

    - Cleaned up some user specific permissions.

    - Updated the description to be more current and friendly on the six voting websites.

    - The backup inventory plugin had some archives, purged them.

    - Updated the purge-thread on the forums here.

    - I've removed /spawn/playerdata/ from 2011 to jan 1st 2015 - checked against last modified and first-created filenames attributes. If players have joined then, but haven't joined since 2015, I think it's fair enough today to get rid of their data.

    - I've removed /spawn/stats/ 2011-jan-1st-2015 (checked last created & last modified) Same thing..

    - Made a manual backup of the server after the easter event.

    - Access to the Easter world has been removed again.

    - Users that were still in this world have been moved to spawn.

    - Keep inventory and keep exp has been disabled again. You can lose items/stuff again.

    - Some references to the easter world have been removed from some configuration files.

    - Removed everybody still in the 1MB Jail. We've had our chats, or their time has run out. Just "spring cleaning"

    - Forum accounts pending moderation have been moderated.

    - The forum thread about the easter event has been updated to indicated the event is over.

    - /motd updated, removed the easter thing

    - Cleaned up 'events' in CMI (for example, removing falling into the void in the easter world, etc)

    - Updated the /events, /easter, /egghunt and /egghunt fly commands.

    - The /easter/ world has been uninstalled, zipped up and archived to return next year.

    - Quick xray and hack client checks have been performed. We're keeping an eye on a few players. Stop using this stuff and we will stop looking.

    - There were changes to the Voting plugins, we've updated them. Test shows that voting still works.

    - The Permission Manager plugins had updated. We've updated them. It looks like things are working fine.

    - The NPC plugins had updates, so we've updated them as well.

    - /sell "/logs/" from 2020 and older have been purged deleted.

    - /money "/logs/" from 2020 and older have been purged deleted.

    - We've reviewed and removed /advancements/ files from uuid files from the general world from 2017 and before. They haven't played in years. They can get those again if they get back.

    - Special mcMMO region files have been removed from /spawn and /general that are from 2011 to jan 1st 2018

    - logs files from server/logs/ removed that were older than a certain date.

    - cleaned up #events channel on Discord so there's less clutter. also just telling ppl there to check the thread on the forum via announcements.

    - There were a few fixes for the plugins that help run /builders, those fixes are now live.

    - Over 700 mcMMO users with 0 levels have been removed from mcMMO player data. They logged in 100+ months ago, but still today have 0 power level.

    - Rollback data has been purged that's over 52 weeks old. We will soon run another batch of 51 weeks and the next time after that 50 .. in anticipation of 1.17 we have to tighten things up. REPORT griefs to us in a timely manner.

    - Disabled an annoying advancement that new players were getting.

    - General maintenance to the server, cleaning up commands, making sure things don't tab complete when needed. Changing colors here and there. Tweaking a setting from x mobs to some new value. Stuff like that.

    - Raised the price of "beacon" in the /points shop from 350 to 400 points. Because as a nether star it has more value. See below.

    - Removed beacon from the /points shop, it's now a nether star. This way it can be used in more features.

    - Added heart of the sea to the /points shop, it's set to 400, looking forward to hearing arguments why to lower the value.

    - Closed some support tickets opened by users, after hopefully properly resolving them.

    - Deleted some older closed support tickets, both public and private ones.

    Thank you for playing.
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