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Minecraft Changelog

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 25th, 2021:


- Updated the /achievements plugin, and the advancements have to sync up. Sorry.. If you've played before you are going to hear some ding dong noises - just mute for 5 seconds. We gave an announcement in the #announcement ahead of time, so .. read announcements and you don't get unpleasant surprises.

- There are new /achievements now! 64 in total, and there's room for us to make even more. So check in the summer perhaps what you're missing.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.8 to the latest version.

- Updated Paper 1.16.5 to the latest version.

- Updated a handful of plugins to their latest version.

- Updated the BentoBox features to their latest version.

- Updated the 1MB Cave, /cave > pick default, if you don't have a cave yet. Existing players will not lose their existing caves, you can keep playing :)
Note: more info: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-cave-information.263640/

- The TPA features for gametypes have been turned off (as we've mentioned for months that we would haha)

- To visit a friend on cave, acid, skygrid, skyblock, or oneblock, get to level 10 and then you can place a [welcome] sign. They can then join.

- Force calculate the island with /skyblock level, or /oneblock level, and to join it is /skyblock warp theirname, or /oneblock warp theirname

- There have been permission updates for a few plugins, for example to the /ah (/market) to make sure people can't be naughty and try to exchange items over.

- Fixed a huge oopsie with the /anvil feature, <shifty eyes>, thank for reporting enderdip.

- Removed some signs that weren't family friendly.

- Updated Discord to have more channels, go check them out!

- Groups in Minecraft will sync up with Discord roles and give you access to a few more channels. How to get started? Check #roles ! (spoiler: link your mc<-> discord account)

- Server crash with bamboo has been fixed, people exploiting it will be auto reported to the bunny police.

- Added a public hangout channel for the staff and members, if you want to bother staff members with some more serious questions but it isn't really needed to start a ticket: do it there! Or .. poke them with a stick and say hello to them to see if they're still around. hehe

- Added a private /streamer command - if you want to live-stream on our server and get access to it, be sure to be an affiliate or at least a regular streamer and I will add you to the perm list.

- I've done a buuunch of other stuff to try and tweak some plugin configurations, improve on permissions and double check some of our settings. Thank you all for the continued support and feedback. if you want to say thank you with a donation our paypal is paypal.me/mrfloris, we will buy a pizza slice with it and then pay for our domain name or some other involved costs.

See you all online


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 29th, 2021:

Whoo, the first week of the Spring Update is behind us.

- Soon: The 1MoreBlock ZEN features! Subscribe to my youtube to learn all about this new feature that we will soon announce.

- The Purge has started, the first phase is still ongoing. Old accounts and old content on the forums are being reviewed and processed.

- If you want a forum account and don't have one: You need it for Easter! Then sign up and let me know, I will approve it.

- Updated Paper to the latest build.

- Updated a bunch of plugins to their latest build.

- Quickly took a look at new players and their clients, resource packs, mods, etc. Processed findings.

- Added some groups to the bypass list in case the server gets full. This way regulars can keep playing.

- mcMMO updated to give support for sweet berry bushes and to fix a bunch of stuff.

- Our server IP showed up in a MrBeast video that now has millions of views. Well okay then. Thank you Jimmy.

- Cool CMI updates to help us with our upcoming features!

- For now, and only in /general, the /perk command is back!
Note: New perks will be unlocked during April
Note: Any old perk you had is still there (or, it should be)

- A potential dupe issue was found, but we never gave the players these permissions, so, nobody could use it anyway; but it's fixed now.

- Banned some players that were blatantly ignoring staff in regards to item stealing and griefing. You might see a video on youtube where they get banned.

- The /cave default cave has been updated!

- Upgraded Bentobox to the latest version, in preparation to the new border and new /boxed game.

- The new border is live now! /skyblock border, /oneblock border, etc.

- More commands that shouldn't work in Skyblock etc have been properly blocked now.

- Did you see all the Discord changes?! Go chat!

- The upcoming Zen Features will soon be announced and introduced, we can't wait to show you how we're going to fight lag in 1.17.

- Thousands of banned accounts on the forums have been unbanned, if they had 0 posts.

- Tens of thousands of discussions on the forums that were made before 2017 have been moved to our historical archive.

- The content of old threads will no longer be visible, access to it can be requested.

- Double exp events will start again in April, which it is soooon.

- Headsup, we are still doing /celebration things, we're picking it back up again in April. We just needed a little break from all the crazy times we've had in March.

See you all online soon.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
April 2nd, 2021:

April Fools was fun, and a special Shoutout in this changelog to a few people (stay tuned, you won't believe what happens next)

- Restarted the server to active some April Fools things.

- Note please that this changelog includes changes made today, yesterday, and the last few days of March.

- Stiffereled made an awesome April Fools youtube video for us!
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/new-the-1moreblock-zen-features.263644/
Note: Thank you so much for the video, it's awesome. Shoutout https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGoPzfGzegeyPB0TfS7YM0w

- mcMMO levels like crafting and diving, turns out.. April Fools, sorrrry!

- We've received a few donations, so cool. Thank you, this helps pay for hosting, services, domains, resources, etc.
Note: Thank you @Vloop for bumping @JaCkper his rank to Donator!
Note: Thank you @EugeneNubberslaw for your donation!

- Updated the Paper engine to the latest version.

- Updated CMI a few times to fix a few problems with Anvil and introduce new placeholders that we needed.

- We added the Spring kit !!
Note: /kits

- We temporarily had /kit zen, giving calming tea, drinking it would reset your walking speed.

- We temporarily had /zen, giving information about the zen features for April Fools.

- Oh no, more mcMMO player data corruption. I think this 10 year old flatfile database is falling apart. We might have to make some drastic changes soon.

- Updated mcMMO a few times to try and fix things, introduce berry support, and fix berry exp bugs. Things should be fine now.

- Cleaned up the March Meet & Greet channel. Thank you all for joining our Discord, with HelenAngel being our 150th member!

- We're opening discussions-channels to Content Creators in our Discord creators channel. Hopefully we can help eachother in 2021.

- The /chat command has better tab complete now.

- The /motd is updated to better match the 1MB Theme!

- The temporary zen info has been removed from the motd.

- The MOTD of the server list has updated. It's more 'friendly' now. i M nOT a ROBot

- Updated the /chests command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

- Updated the /worlds command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

- Updated the /newplayer command, it's matching the 1MB Theme now, has up to date info, and it's a bit easier to read.

- Finally: /vote tokens
Note: IT WORKS, i think.. sorry bout that

- The /kit winter has officially been disabled, sorry. Get the spring kit!

- The players that join the server for the first time have a bit of a different kit. The diamond ore is gone. They get iron to get started. They get less food, and they have 2 books with info. Hopefully this will give them enough info about our survival and gametype worlds.

- When any player joins the server now and has /mail, it will isolate the message a bit more so it's easier to read. And the msg tries to match the 1MB Theme a bit more.

- Yikes, we're still trying to figure out how to add /boxed

- Generic changes to things some players have reported.

- Closed resolved support tickets on Discord

- Glanced over tickets that are still open and scheduled some time (was planned for yesterday but was in bed with migraine all day)

- Updated the mee6 bot, it had new things, more things, better things.. Slowly making changes.

- The rollback data is now shorter, remember? I gave a bunch of headsups on this: GO CHECK YOUR BUILDS FOR GRIEF and THEFT, and report it within a timely manner. Especially with 1.17 it will be more data to store so we're shortening the time.

- Purged grief and inventory rollback data.

- The inventories for before April 1st have been purged. We're starting with a fresh backup-database for inventories April 1st, - if you ever have an inventory issue, stop in game, write down what happened, perhaps include a screenshot and /pos coordinates and report it to us so we can look into it asap.

- Log files from server /logs/ before a certain date will be purged soon.

- Log files and backup files from various plugins will be purged soon.

- Banned users on the forums have been purged if they had 0 posts.

- Users that signed up between 2001 and 2016 and never made a post, have now been purged from the forums.

- The inside scoop forum has been moved to the lounge.

- The meet and greet forum threads have been moved to the lounge (and forum deleted)

- The minecraft category on the forums have been moved all the way to the top.

- Outdated threads in the OMG sub-forums made between 2001 and 2016 have been moved to the historical archives.

- Content of threads in the OMG archives have been set to request only. Only recent members can request access to thread content, but basically nobody can see inactive thread content.

- Operating systems for the forums have been updated to their latest patches and updates.

- Some discord channels have been slightly tweaked, re-ordered or permissions have changed.

- Anti raid bot has been set to active, naughty ppl learn the word yeet. (you get banned)

- Purged 30+ day inactive members without a role from Discord (if you were a real person, just join again! (and maybe be active this time around))

- Headsup! Easter Event on the 4th of April. Due to lack of time it will be pretty chill. We are looking forward to seeing you online for some surprises. We are probably not giving a lot of headsup this year.

- Headsup! The Celebration stuff continues this month, once easter is over we will give you more details again!

- A shoutout to the youtube and twitch streamers xDaniChii, VloopPlays, m0o0oeh, and others who have been streaming!

- Headsup! Scheduled downtime. We might have two scheduled downtimes during very quiet hours that will last longer than usually (up to 6 hours for example) to do hardware, software updates, upgrades and backups, and to prepare for 1.17 upgrades in the future.

As you can see, we don't sit still. And there's loads more! Small typo updates, small tweaks to commands, improvements to annoying things like /is not working. We notice what you do, the good and bad, and we act on it. And we try to listen to your feedback. Something wrong? Be timely, be constructive, and dont DM me, but open a support ticket so the right person can follow up when they have the time.

Need an account on the forum? Sign up! Poke me what username you signed up with and we will approve it. Access is limited now, and only the coolest of the coolest get in (that's you!)

I have to admit, I probably forgot about 20% of the things we've worked on and it's not on this changelog, apologies!


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 6th, 2021:

We've noticed some awesome new people coming in from server lists search results, welcome!

- Updated 1MB to the latest 2.8.8 build.

- Deleted server engine caches, rebuilding, re-patching.

- Updated Paper to the latest build.

- Found more mcMMO corruption, manually fixed the database - fingers crossed I guess.

- Updated the mcMMO plugin as well.

- Added the anti Discord raid bots bot to our Discord.

- Closed and cleaned up the Zen features thread and features on the forum and in-game.

- Removed the 'reset to walk speed 1' command on-join, if you still can't walk at normal speed: reach out to staff!

- The Zen kit is now disabled.

- Cleaned up some region protection stuff.

- The /perk command is now limited to the /general world again.

- Cleaned up some user specific permissions.

- Updated the description to be more current and friendly on the six voting websites.

- The backup inventory plugin had some archives, purged them.

- Updated the purge-thread on the forums here.

- I've removed /spawn/playerdata/ from 2011 to jan 1st 2015 - checked against last modified and first-created filenames attributes. If players have joined then, but haven't joined since 2015, I think it's fair enough today to get rid of their data.

- I've removed /spawn/stats/ 2011-jan-1st-2015 (checked last created & last modified) Same thing..

- Made a manual backup of the server after the easter event.

- Access to the Easter world has been removed again.

- Users that were still in this world have been moved to spawn.

- Keep inventory and keep exp has been disabled again. You can lose items/stuff again.

- Some references to the easter world have been removed from some configuration files.

- Removed everybody still in the 1MB Jail. We've had our chats, or their time has run out. Just "spring cleaning"

- Forum accounts pending moderation have been moderated.

- The forum thread about the easter event has been updated to indicated the event is over.

- /motd updated, removed the easter thing

- Cleaned up 'events' in CMI (for example, removing falling into the void in the easter world, etc)

- Updated the /events, /easter, /egghunt and /egghunt fly commands.

- The /easter/ world has been uninstalled, zipped up and archived to return next year.

- Quick xray and hack client checks have been performed. We're keeping an eye on a few players. Stop using this stuff and we will stop looking.

- There were changes to the Voting plugins, we've updated them. Test shows that voting still works.

- The Permission Manager plugins had updated. We've updated them. It looks like things are working fine.

- The NPC plugins had updates, so we've updated them as well.

- /sell "/logs/" from 2020 and older have been purged deleted.

- /money "/logs/" from 2020 and older have been purged deleted.

- We've reviewed and removed /advancements/ files from uuid files from the general world from 2017 and before. They haven't played in years. They can get those again if they get back.

- Special mcMMO region files have been removed from /spawn and /general that are from 2011 to jan 1st 2018

- logs files from server/logs/ removed that were older than a certain date.

- cleaned up #events channel on Discord so there's less clutter. also just telling ppl there to check the thread on the forum via announcements.

- There were a few fixes for the plugins that help run /builders, those fixes are now live.

- Over 700 mcMMO users with 0 levels have been removed from mcMMO player data. They logged in 100+ months ago, but still today have 0 power level.

- Rollback data has been purged that's over 52 weeks old. We will soon run another batch of 51 weeks and the next time after that 50 .. in anticipation of 1.17 we have to tighten things up. REPORT griefs to us in a timely manner.

- Disabled an annoying advancement that new players were getting.

- General maintenance to the server, cleaning up commands, making sure things don't tab complete when needed. Changing colors here and there. Tweaking a setting from x mobs to some new value. Stuff like that.

- Raised the price of "beacon" in the /points shop from 350 to 400 points. Because as a nether star it has more value. See below.

- Removed beacon from the /points shop, it's now a nether star. This way it can be used in more features.

- Added heart of the sea to the /points shop, it's set to 400, looking forward to hearing arguments why to lower the value.

- Closed some support tickets opened by users, after hopefully properly resolving them.

- Deleted some older closed support tickets, both public and private ones.

Thank you for playing.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
April 14th, 2021:

1MoreBlock.com upgraded to version 2.8.9 as part of our Spring Update 2021.

- Upgraded the Paper engine multiple times this last week to ensure certain issues we kept running into are finally addressed.

- Upgraded plugins like WorldEdit / WorldGuard / Plotsquared / Citizens and a couple more to play nice with the latest Paper build.

- Updated plugins like CMI, mcMMO, Achievements, and a few more to play nice with the latest WE/WG/PS/C versions.

- More about java16 in a second, but temporarily uninstalled some aSync plugins that do not play nice with java16. However, we don't need these to run the server. And they will be back.

- We've completely dropped java7, any references in our 1MB plugins or some legacy script etc. has been removed.

- We've marked java8 as legacy now. We're keeping it around as an upgrade path from pre-1.13 worlds. Don't worry about it, another year and it's gone too.

- We've retired java11 for now, it's there in case java16 doesn't work out.

- We've upgraded everything to java16 and tested all our plugins. So far so good.
Note: PLEASE REPORT ISSUES TO THE STAFF WHEN YOU SEE THEM. That way we can take action as soon as possible.

- Plan-b for java: We can hot swap between java16/java11 in case there's some showstopping bugs that we find.

- Every old 1MB version 2.8.7 or older is no longer supported. The whole network is on 2.8.8 or 2.8.9, and we're moving to 2.8.9 when tests complete. 2.8.7 is 'archived', everything else is getting purged.

- Talking about purging, it has started. We will let you know what we've purged, keep reading.

- Discord: Created a new bot-master role to improve 'security', and to prevent potential abuse.

- Discord: Better organized the team-roles for certain bot dashboards.

- Discord: Added a new !groups command that will introduce you to our in-game groups.

- Made a manual backup of the last run of 1mb 2.8.8 server, and put it on the other drive as a precaution. If todays update completely fails, we can roll back to that one I guess.

- Upgraded the plugins that let us have multiple worlds. We haven't since 1.12 or 1.13 basically. It was time.

- Upgraded the plugins that let us have multiple inventory groups for worlds. Same deal, we haven't in ages, it was really really time.

- 1MB Patch is injected into Paper directly, well, more of it. This lets us hide things better, and heck, it even runs a little faster.

- Updated the live-shell files. I will hopefully soon have time to bump things to github.

- Fixed an issue with the computer system that the server runs on. Yikes, that is a terrible way to start a computer.

- The OS on the systems are up to date for the version they are running, we hard shutdown everything (properly) and let it come back online. ITZALIVE

- Switches reconfigured for the latest network setup.

- Routers firmware updated, shutdown and started back up again.

- Modem firmware updated, shutdown, and started it back up again.

- mcMMO player data test case plugin patch version build thing running live now. Hopefully this helps us fight this weird data corruption we've noticed lately.

- mcMMO exploits that were reported are fixed.

- mcMMO memory leak issue resolved hopefully.

- LWC chest/container protection plugin updated.

- CMI debug code maybe injected to do some secret testing.

- Our /fish plugin has received a bunch of updates.

- I've been spending days trying to test case java16 and talk to authors about any issues. Boy, talk about stress for me AND for java.

- Discord: Integration with Minecraft fixed where usernames with underscores would get trimmed or escaped.

- Forever cakes should no longer disappear, a handful of bugs have been fixed, and it's time to test. Lost a cake? Contact us!

- /fish exploit with /fish stats fixed, Improvements to the Tournaments feature (we should really use this more huh!)

- Fixed an issue in 1MB Core to better play nice with Paper and paper fixes disclosing protocol version, etc. Yay, no more issues.

- Loads of cool new features and bug fixes and added options, perms, etc. with the last few updates of the CMI and core plugins. Too much to mention. One for example allows a player to create a visit with multiple warp points. FREAKIN AWESOMEEE.. more about that in the future.

- log4j or whatever got removed, some plugins that weren't playing nice like Enginehub stuff needed to get updated. Oh yeah sure, I love wasting more of my time.

- Discord: Kicked out some bots we don't use anymore. And stopped paying for support/patreon for some bots that we hardly ever use and aren't worth the money anymore.

- Discord: Cleaned up some bot roles and permissions. There's more to do, but this is a start.

- A bunch of Bukkit, Craftbukkit and Spigot changes were upstream patched into Paper, we updated Paper and have all of those "so that is nice".

- The456gamer started work on a command list for players, so we can learn what Discord command there are that are worth looking into.

- Discord: Added !shop and coins and items and games and awesome things. Check out the #offtopic or #bot-commands channel and type !daily every day. We're still setting things up, but we need to test as well. Collect coins early!

- Discord: Oopsy, we discovered that players could use !give-exp and stuff, when mee6 added these they didn't auto disable things it seems. Thank you guys for not abusing this! <3

- The456gamer has done some amazing work on the resource pack stuff. If only ppl knew!!

- Accidentally .. left .. the server .. in maintenance mode .. the other day EMBARSZZINGGGg

- mcMMO: Purged 23 users that never used mcMMO for 90 months and older.

- mcMMO: Purged 0 users that have not used mcMMO in 90 months and older. We will soon purge 80 months, then 70.. etc.

- mcMMO placeholders were not showing for some reason. Hit the server with a stick and it should be fine again. Someone test it pls :D

- Grief rollback data older than 51 weeks purged. 1 million records are now gone. If you find out tomorrow you were griefed nearly a year ago, sorry.. As announced multiple times we will start to work towards storing data of 6+ months. Check your builds frequently!

- Added in-game command: /account discord, which will list your account balances to discord #server-chat

- Added in-game command: /fish discord, which will list fishing stats to discord #server-chat for mcmmo fishing, jobs fishing, and /fish stats. Pretty nifty.

- Updated: /jobs discord

- Updated: /mcstats discord

- Discord bot renamed in #server-chat to Server

- Discord bot renamed in global to Warden

- Renamed a few more bots like ticket, covid, etc. Making it a bit easier to understand which bot says what.

- When a player goes to sleep in-game it will now say zzz->playername, pretty nifty (suggestions? Let us know!)

- Updated the swear filter to catch a few more terms, and we will quietly deal with those players now.

- The hover-over-username in-game chat msgs have matched the 1mb theme colors now, and it is easier to read. It now also includes your balances for /money and /points. Oh and it also shows the usergroup with the more appealing display name rather than the internal group id name.

- mcMMO issue with null usernames is now hopefully fixed.
Note: Thank you nossr50 for excellent personal support (and your patience)

- The first phase of changing the group chat colors has started. Some (most) groups have their own color now. New players are default colors, boosted have a color, then builders have a green tint, sponsors a blue one, and staff a red one.

- The 2nd phase will tweak these colors, we will try to balance them, and we're open to suggestions!

- The Voting Plugins have been updated to fix some silly little issues.

- The Discord integration plugins received major updates, but they're features we don't have time to look into now. We've made sure things currently run as they were running before. Hopefully with more free time we can start experimenting tweaking some fun new cool things.

- Anvil issues seem resolved. You can use it again.

- Soulbind fixes are now live. We can start handing out soulbind again. Old soulbind items are auto upgraded, dont' worry.

- Last week there was a massive CMI update that gave us all the little tweaks and bells and whistles that we need for our custom 250+ commands and features. Super awesome, I honestly don't see the old essentialsx doing that sorta stuff. Yay for actual modern plugins and progress.

- Fixed an issue with some players having multiple hearts in their records. We now know how to fix this (sorta)

- With the help of Ady, Vloop and others we've now got a new description for the vote sites. All six vote sites have had a tiny bump in titles, tags, descriptions, etc. Hopefully making us more appealing, and accurate.

- Player data from world files that are older than x years and haven't had them login in y time, and do not have more than z playtime .. and other weird algorithm conditions like that.. purged.

- The same for stats.

- We removed advancements files from uuid files from the general world from 2017 and before. They haven't played in years. They can get those again if they get back.

- And another 25+ small tweaks that I forgot to probably write down or just don't remember.

Phew, we made it to the end of this Spring Update changelog.

We are now on 2.8.9 !! Enjoy :)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 19th, 2021:

Important: World updates and mcMMO updates - please read


- With the recent news from Mojang about the delay/split of caves and cliffs update we're forced to make some more drastic changes.
Note: The /souls and /wild worlds have been shelved for now, and we will wait until we have some facts before introducing them both as new perm worlds. Again, apologies for the delay.
Note: More info: https://omgboards.com/threads/sorry-new-worlds-are-on-hold.263649/

- We will not expand the /general world border when 1.17 comes out. We're saving updated world generation for the resource worlds and the future /souls and /wild world.

- When we upgrade to 1.17 or 1.18 or 1.19, we will not get rid of the /general world. It's a perm world.

- When we upgrade to 1.17 or above, we will reset the resource worlds /mine, /nether, and the /end, so you have full access to all the new game mobs and resources.

- We have and are still slowly updating the nitpicky configurations of our worlds:
Note: Legacy features, and configuration issues are sneaking into our Universe. We're trying to identify and resolve them.
Note: We are updating tickable view distance, and non-tick view distance, dynamic server tick control for the worlds.
Note: And we're changing the random tick speed on a per world basis. For example: speeding it up in easy worlds, slowing it down in hard mode worlds.

- Most of the world configuration changes are to help improve the gaming experience, overall server performance, and to slowly prepare for future releases that introduce yet again a batch of mobs, blocks, game mechanics, updates, biome changes, world height changes, etc. If you find any issues: REPORT THEM, we have a ticket system on Discord in #support, anda button on the forum to start a support discussion.


- In the last 6 months we've had a few forms posted on twitter, discord, forums, in-game, etc. And have given everybody a heads-up that we're going to make some changes in 2021 in regards to Jobs and mcMMO. I have an idea which direction we want to take it, and with your feedback through these forms I am now able to make the first of a few bigger moves.
Note: And yes, I am well aware that these will not be really popular changes, if you have a suggestion please open a new support ticket on the forum or on discord. This way the staff can read it and participate. DM complaints will be ignored.

- mcMMO nerfing will start in 2021, we have a year of analytics on your gameplay and grinding, farming, etc. And we're going to balance that against our economy and feature set. Not to make it harder for you, but to help with the overall game experience for users from any group.

- mcMMO Features are for our survival worlds. As a long-standing bug they've worked in all the worlds.
Note: As mentioned, and after asking our community to let us know, we feel better at turning it off in the worlds it shouldn't work in.
Note: And yes, we are open to discussing re-adding it to certain worlds.

Screenshot_2021-01-18_at_10.30.20.png Screenshot_2021-01-18_at_10.30.36.png

- More exploit-fixes have been resolved by the author of the plugin, and we've started enabling a few of these. This means certain auto grinding is more difficult, or will automatically be stopped.


- Updated 1MB 2.8.9 to the latest version.

- Updated Paper engine to the latest version.

- Processed all in-game /mail I have received. Thank you for your questions!

- Uninstalled the /claim plugins for /Souls and /Wild, they will return when we revisit the introduction of these worlds. The wait is on Mojang now.

- mcMMO database corruption is being looked into, further issues that have been identified are addressed. We've got debug code actively keeping an eye on potential corruption so we can help identify what might be causing this.
Note: If you notice your mcMMO levels being reset to 0, take a screenshot, report it to us, we can try to check our backups and help restore your levels. Reporting it weeks or months later makes this impossible, we will ignore the request.

- Removed the /souls and /wild, and /claim and /wild info commands. If they are there now still, they just point to the information thread on the forums.

- Shelved the souls and wild worlds, and uninstalled them.

- 25+ commands that had suggestion-tab-complete on but didn't need it; now have that set to off. This makes it a bit more comfortable to use these commands.

- Removed the following commands: /pet, /dolphin, /youtuberwish, /optifine, /find, and a few admin only commands.

- Due to mcMMO and Worlds changes, permissions have been slightly updated.

- Reviewed more plugin configuration files, tweaking newly introduced configuration options - hopefully it's all okay now.

- A few tiny tweaks to the /menu command are live now.

- Fixed a tiny issue with the /ranks command.

- Updated the /changelog, /mod, /staff, /apply commands to match the new color theme, and slightly adjusted the phrasing.

- An old /register command has been made legacy, it's useless. But it's up to date useless at least. We will remove it in the future.

- Moved certain /1mb commands into the 1MB plugins.

- Removed the /1mb commands in-game, players can no longer use them. Staff can use the /cmi prefix instead now.

- World manipulation tools have been adjusted, updated, and tested. We're on java16 now with them, so far so good.

- Added /tptoggle, allowing you to ignore incoming teleport requests from say /tpa, etc. Handy for when you're streaming, or focussed on something, recording something, or do not wish to get bothered by people.

- Fixed a chat breaking feature, it's fixed, faster, and allows us to fight spam bots a bit better.

- Inventories weren't being saved properly to our backup sometimes, very rarely, this should now be fixed.

- Added the /repair toggle, and /salvage toggle commands.
Note: This is from mcMMO, if you want to avoid accidentally repairing or salvaging your items, toggle these features.

- Added a Discord #HYPE channel, we will soon introduce it hopefully. We're still figuring out the details.

- Discord bot had a startup issue, talked to the dev, a snapshot release fixed it. Yay

- Cleaned up the server startup logging, certain information that we only need during particular maintenance is now no longer displayed.

- Tweaked the disabled categories for the /achievements plugin. Things we can't do - shouldn't be listed!

- Added polished blackstone pressure plate and cauldron to whitelist for creative control config file

- Forever cakes, have you tested it yet? I have stopped getting reports, so I guess it's fixed?

- Stress testing the server to find bottlenecks, breaking features, etc. has completed for 50%, so far it looks we're good.

- In-game the legendary group color has been changed from the wrong legacy one to the new purple-ish one.

- In Discord the legendary group color has been updated to match the in-game colors. And they will auto sync for legendary players who link up their discord with minecraft via #server-chat

- The in-game team group color has been changed from a legacy one to a new red-ish one.

- In Discord the team group color has been updated to match the in-game colors. And they will auto sync for 1mb team members who link up their discord with minecraft via #server-chat

- If you have any suggestions to improve the ingame hex colors for groups, their msgs, etc. Please reach out.

- Banned players who were caught playing using a hacked client, fly mods, etc. Please play fair: don't be a .. unfair player.

- Oh, there's a give-away this week, check this out: https://omgboards.com/threads/10yra-give-away-box-for-april-2021.263650/

TLDR; shelved 2 worlds, updated commands, fixed plugin issues, improved performance, worked towards 1.17 upgrade, and started making bigger changes to mcMMO (while taking community feedback under consideration)
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I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 27th, 2021:

A short break.

- Tooks a short break this week from Minecraft, my brain needed to cool down.

- The server was taken offline today for a few hours to install OS security updates, kernel patches, upgrade Java, and a bunch of other stuff.

- Moderated some pending accounts, and took the appropriate action (Discord, In-game and on the forums)

- Quickly reviewed if there were plugins that needed some updating. It looks like we're okay.

- Updated the Discord <-> Minecraft integration bot/plugin to the latest snapshot.

- Did some 1.17 lib stress testing.

- We now run on AdaptJDK - OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 16.0.1+9

- Procs, programs, apps, services, etc on the system have been updated.

- Made a manual backup of the server locally, on the second drive and offsite (encrypted, etc)

- CMI updated introducing some cool new things, new placeholders, permission updates, and loads of maintenance updates that we've pointed out. Zrips really has been helping us massively.

- There was an issue with the bottling experience feature, we had to take it offline for a day, it's been resolved now.

- Upstream patches applied from bukkit, craftbukkit, spigot, and paper.

- 1MB version 2.8.9 updated to remove some of these manual patches, and patched into paper again.

- Updated Paper 1.16.5 to their latest build.

- 1,2 million records have been purged from the rollback feature, restoring is now possible up until 48 weeks, soon 47 and then 46.. until we're on 1.17 and we will only store up to 6 months of data.

- Tested 1MB Buildtools script and it works fine with 1.16.5, java 16, and some custom stuff. I will soon push it to github.

- Inactive users (70 months and over) have been purged from the mcMMO database.

- Inactive users (1200+ days and over) have been purged from the Jobs database.

- An owner tool has been updated, tested, we don't live-run it, but it helps us do periodic checks on the server to try and improve performance, quality, etc.

- Discord @ everyone group is no longer allowed to embed, share images and videos. You need to be a regular and active user. If you ARE and you can't post content anymore, reach out to us. We will look into this. The reason behind this is an active exploit in Discord.

- The /achievements plugin has been updated to improve on join performance. Hopefully this helps some players and the overall performance on the server.

- Plan-b inventory saving feature database archived, old archives purged, and new archive created. It will reset early May agian.

- Our 1MB/CMI Github went from version 2.8.x to 2.8.9.

- CMI Github 'alternatives' folder updated.

- The Jobs feature should now only work in the main survival worlds (/general, /end, /nether and /mine)

- The mcMMO feature should now only work in the main survival worlds (/general, /end, /nether and /mine)

- An issue with /kits not being clickable has been resolved.

- The world protection plugins required an update to work nice with the latest Paper build and java16, so we updated.

- The /oneblock and /skyblock limits was not working as desired, we've updated to a latest snapshot, hopefully resolving the issue.

- Give-away is live, see #events

- Time to continue my break. I will be back soon probably. I just need some 'me' time.

Have fun gaming.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
May 6th, 2021:

It's been busy on the server! Thank you all for playing.

- Renamed a few Discord channels.

- Purged some old server /logs/ that we no longer need.

- Purged some old inventory-backup .sql databases.

- Restarted the inventory-backup database.

- Updated CMI a bunch of times the last few weeks, as many other plugins. Introducing new features, expanding on options, improving performance, stuff like that.

- Updated 1MB 2.8.x and Paper a handful of times, things should be a bit smoother again.

- Improved Discord <-> Minecraft integration.

- Having loads of fun in #bot-commands with new item shop, shop, coins, work, and new games!

- Updated the Permission Managers that we use to achieve some fun things.

- Made a few manual backups and cleaned up some older manual backups to keep things clean.

- Received a donation over PayPal from JackPerByte, thank you! I've bumped you to MVP group.
Note: If you are also thinking of donating, up until $39 is welcome, but $39 and over and you become Donator
Note: You can donate on paypal.me/mrfloris

- Added AFK away titles, they show sometimes, it's fun to come back to the computer and it knows you're afk huh.

- Updated Bentobox package, this includes /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock, /oneblock, and all their addons like Greenhouse, Limits, Levels, Count, Likes, Challenges, and a bunch of other stuff. Woof, big update to do.

- The /achievements received more performance improvements, hopefully this helps everybody again.

- Purged some old archived Discord channels from 2019/2020.

- We've internally decided that 2.8.x is going to be for 1.16, since the bigger biome/worldchanges come with the Christmas release. The 1.17 release will probably be 2.9.x and then 2.3.x for the big christmas/2022 update with new worlds (old worlds are kept, we dont reset those)

- Old -dev- and -test- servers have been purged.
Note: What has been tested and worked, has been moved upstream to the -live- server

- New -dev- and -test- servers have been created.

- Removed Twitch API integration out of the -live- server, we don't have enough frequent live-streamers to add the extra stress to the server for. We will keep the /streamer command for now.

- We are still looking to add /boxed

- For now the bottled exp plugin has been uninstalled, we've noticed an increase in abuse on it.
Note: People testing the exploit in the future get auto perm banned. So, realise you're joining to play, not to exploit-test.

- Improved oversized book protection. We've noticed an increase in abuse, and decided it was time to nerf use.
Note: You can now only have a certain size book (in stored data on disk). Write a page, save it, see how it goes.

- Banned players who were caught cheating with hack clients, and who were flying using cheat mods, etc. You're not welcome, please go away (or play fair)

- There have been a bunch of plugins with small updates, from typing errors, to supporting newer library files or general improvements and bug fixes. Not really worth mentioning.

Have fun gaming everybody, keep voting, keep inviting friends, keep sharing your screenshots on Discord of your builds, and feel free to report back what is broken, doesn't work as expected, or request us to review a feature so we can all as a community try to improve it.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
May 13th, 2021:

Small update, bit busy offline.

- The /chests "/trust" feature has been updated.

- Our internal #SpyDog channel has been fixed.

- Updated some things on Github. And shared a few more little resources.

- Fixed a few things in CMI and got a few new things, so we've updated again.

- Made a manual backup of the server, and moved it to the offsite server.

- Async tools that we use have been updated to their latest versions.

- 1MB Perks related features have been updated.

- Permission tools/handlers have been updated to their latest snapshot builds.

- We had a little issue with Discord <-> Minecraft integration. It's been resolved now.

- Bukkit/Craftbukkit/Spigot and Paper upstream stuff has been updated.

- Updated Paper to latest build.

- Did you hear? We're on Java 16 and Mojang announced 1.17 with java 16. Fantastic.

- Added a batch of regular and nitro emoji to our discord server. Feel free to make a suggestion!

- Added !emoji command to Discord

- Removed a few outdated emoji from our discord.

- Added !boosters command to Discord

- Set up some !economy boosters.

- Removed an old Discord timer to ask to vote, it will now post it every 24 hours in #server-chat on Discord.

- Banned about 100 raid bot user id on Discord as a preventive measure.

- Added Beemo bot to Discord to help fight raid bots (not that we have had these problems to be honest)

- The Pyro /fish plugin has been updated. I think in #minecraft I posted some of the updates/changes.

- As a test in May, we now have MedKits and Bandages thanks to Smeths!
Note: Still in beta/dev stage, if things go smooth we will keep updating it and testing, and maybe keep it for the rest of the Spring season.
Note: To craft use paper in + and # pattern in /craft

- Closed some private/public support tickets on Discord

- Cleaned up the #meet channel on Discord

- Cleaned up the #giveaway channel on Discord

- Glanced over the #welcome channel, I think it's ok as it is now, suggestions?

- Cleared out old entries in the #changelog channel on Discord.

And back to offline stuff. But I am around, just a bit less.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
May 26th, 2021:

Performance, security, general maintenance updates.

- Since the last changelog we've been working on some custom fun things, we will introduce them in June as we're currently testing.

- Added MedCraft v1 recipes (tnx Smeths)
Note: You can craft bandages and medkits with paper!

- Security patches applied to the Firmware of the system, operating system, and some apps.
Note: Yikes, I had to restart the computer, grr.
Note: Thank you Apple, lol.

- OMG boards upgraded from XenForo 1 to XenForo 2 (finally)
Note: details > https://omgboards.com/threads/forum-changelog.261364/post-773647
Note: Thank you Mikey and Nixxy for always being awesome.

- Github projects have been updated where I could.
Note: MedCraft feedback given! Version 2 is out and looking good.
Note: 1MB Boosters plugin updated, and thank you The456gamer and Smeths for helping.
Note: CMI repo updated to 1.16.5
Note: MRF project small updates
Note: New Jobs repo created.
Note: I probably updated a bunch more things.

- OMG boards integration with Discord updated by Mikey (tnx!)
Note: Subscribe to his Twitch channel!
View: https://www.twitch.tv/madmikeyb

- The /achievements plugins have been updated to further improve performance, especially with the on join events.

- Async features have been re-enabled and updated to java 16.

- Compass teleporting feature has been updated to behave how it has always behaved.

- Voting plugins have been updated to better support Java 16 and the latest Paper builds.
Note: Seriously, stop causing crapouts paper, ktnx. ffs.

- 1MB Heads related plugins have been updated (uhm, I should really revisit their configuration files btw)

- Fix for Java16 zip on shutdown issue with NuVotifier by Smeths provided (tnx, since Tux said: idc basically.. sigh)

- Discord <-> Minecraft integration has been updated (we had some console errors, fixed now)

- Further improvements made to the 1MB Permissions that we have set up (ready for a summer update soon!!)

- CMI had a bunch of updates, some commands are more precise, more extended, more dynamic. Fantastic updates. (tnx zrips)

- Upstream patches from Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot applied.

- Custom patches applied to Paper, and Paper updated.

- Internally we've updated "1MB" to version: 2.8.9-10-re - Minecraft 1.17.0 we see you baby.

- Publicly we've updated "1MB" to version 2.8.9 pre-10, ready for 1.16.5 most recent changes.

- Banned a bunch of VPN/Proxy ranges that have recently been probing our server(s).

- Banned a bunch of Usernames that have been acting maliciously on other servers.

- Kicked (but not banned) usernames that were family unfriendly. Change your username and you're welcome.

- The 6th Lootbox has been found by the456gamer (nice one!)

- The remaining Celebration Lootboxes will be introduced throughout June. Keep your eyes open on the forums and Discord, and of course in-game.

- Started a DIscord-giveaway. You can react in #give-away and have a chance at free Nitro. Winner gets randomly picked June 1st.

- Made some security aware changes to server.properties, the mc account, etc. (Much more to do, but gottah start somewhere)

- Moderated spam accounts on Discord, Forums, 1MB Server: 381 accounts caught, blocked, moderated (and reported).

- Reminder: Make sure you have 100% access to your Minecraft (Mojang) username (email) and password (know the password!)
Note: There was a tweet by Mojang leaking that there's a Summer update coming for MSA Migration.

- Reminder: Make sure your computer matches the Minecraft 1.17 minimum requirements. Prepare yourself for a Summer update!

- Purged mcMMO empty accounts and inactive accounts; offset months: 60 (few empty accounts, and 1 account with levels)

- Purged 47 weeks+ of rollback data for our anti-grief plugin. Next time it will be 46, 45 .. until we have only 6+ months of data. Please check your builds and report grief. (1,029,656 row(s) of data deleted.)

- Archived backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from May 6th 2021 to May 23rd 2021.db, starting fresh, purged old databases from before may 6th.

- The 1MB /trust plugins have been updated.

- Preparing to update Bentobox packages to their latest ci builds. We will see how it goes.

- Preparing to update Jobs-reborn plugin(s) to the latest stable. We will see how it goes.

- Updated the internal server word-filter for the chat features.

- Restored some Spying-features. Signs and other stuff goes to a staff-only channel on Discord again. So it's easier to keep an eye on things.

- Added a batch of new emotes to Discord, go play with them in #offtopic !

- And a bunch of daily little tweaks when we see players play and notice something needs a tiny fix or adjustment.

Phew, quite a bit of stuff for the last week of so. And all that while I had some offline stuff taking up most of my time.

Honorable mention: Thank you Nixxy, Mikey, the456gamer, zrips, and smeths for all your help the last few weeks.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
June 7th, 2021:

The one before 1.17.x

- Headsup: Mojang has announced 1.17 to be released tomorrow, after that we wait for Spigot and Paper, before we start converting worlds. And then we will wait for Plugins to finish updating before we start testing a full upgrade. When we have more info we will let you know.

- In anticipation of 1.17 we've made sure our plugins, server engines and resources, tools, etc are all up to date and ready for 1.17.

- 1MB 2.8.9 is updated

- Paper 1.16.5 is up to date

- Plugins are up to date.

- Worlds are up to date.

- Permissions are well, the best they can be at this point lol. We tried.

- Updated the staff setup
Note: https://ptb.discord.com/channels/487398800353263616/822626117730697266/850745172890746891

- Added @the456gamer to the admin group

- Added @JaCkper (JackPerByte) to the community helper group

- Received a donation from JackPerByte (unrelated to his group update btw)

- Updated protocol support for 1.17 rc2

- Updated more plugins that now have java16 support

- mcMMO updated, they say they have 1.17 item/mob support.

- Boring 5+ hour task to deal with chunks, split up in 3x downtimes, has now completed.

- Made minor changes to the welcome channel on Discord

- Purged 750k rows of roll back data from the database. We currently have up to 45 weeks that we can roll back. It will soon be 6 months only.

- mcMMO users that haven't been here in 50+ months and have 0 levels, have been purged.

- Cleaned up the #meet-and-greet channel on Discord

- Cleaned up the #changelog channel on Discord

- Placeholder API plugins have been updated.

- Permission related plugins have been updated.

- CMI has been updated.

- Discord integration got another upgrade.

- Engine java/plugins/etc profiler tools have been updated

- Updated Voting related plugins

- Updated the /fish plugins

- Added dropdown to the omg forums for minecraft features, we will soon start adding content to this.

- Dark mode is now possible on the forum, this is pre-beta, very early.

- The /trust feature got updated.

- Updated 1MB Anti fire plugin. Thank you the456gamer for helping

- Updated 1MB Anti crystals going boom plugin. Thank you again the456gamer for helping.

- Updated the 1MB Boosters plugin with the help from smeths and the456gamer, you can now use /rate

- forum changes: https://omgboards.com/threads/forum-changelog.261364/post-773990

- updated sheets.google (dont ask haha)

- published 1mb and 1.17 info https://omgboards.com/threads/information-1moreblock-and-minecraft-1-17.263673/

- poked everybody about the give-away

- Forever cakes should be more forever.

- And a bunch more stuff as we run into it but I probably forgot to write down.

Hopefully the next changelog is when we move to 2.9.x and 1.17.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
June 8th, 2021:

Thank you 1.16, we had some fun times. We're going to focus on 1.17 now.

- Manually backed up the server on the latest 1MB 2.8.9 version for 1.16.5.
Note: Handy for when we need to compare potentially corrupt data between builds in 1.17 if it comes to that.
Note: This also ends the Spring Update 2021.

- Manually backed up the server on the newest 1MB 2.8.10 version for 1.16.5-final.
Note: We're feature locked, etc. Tiny important maintenance is okay, the rest will be ignored and pushed to the Summer release.

- I've gone through the archive of backups and made sure any duplicates we need to keep are kept, and purged any too-old data.

- Plugins that had tiny updates to support java 16 better have been updated.

- Beta snapshots of plugins in anticipation of 1.17 are ignored for now, we have no time to test stability.

- Bigger stable builds that are released especially to support java 16 and upcoming Minecraft 1.17 better are now updated and tested.

- All the worlds we have in use today have been reviewed and tweaked.

- World optimization has been completed.

- Chunks have been checked, light fixes have been applied.

- Chunks have been checked, optimizations have been run on them.

- Known update pending for 1MB 2.8.10 - double checked the 'lever' that we can pull to drop legacy support once we're on 1.17

- Known update pending for 1MB 2.8.10 - bentobox latest ci builds.

- Plugins that had serious bugs fixes (even if we don't use those particular features) have been updated and tested.

- Updated the History page
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- Bumped 1MB from version 2.8.9 to 2.8.10.

- Bumped internal java version to the latest JDK.

- Beta tested 1.17.rc2 extensively

- Updated plugins: PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms, DiscordSRV, mcMMO

- Please note that the .10 in this bump was a little easter egg to give a wink at the ten year anniversary.

- Updated some text in the Discord #welcome channel.

- Completed group/rank/role updates for JackPerByte on the forums, discord and in-game. Welcome to the team!

- Completed group/rank/role updates for the456gamer on the forums, discord and in-game. Enjoy the upgrade!

- We are now officially done with the Spring Update 2021, and with 1.16.x.
Note: I hope you all had fun playing.

- We now officially put our focus on today's Mojang 1.17 release and the 1MB Summer 2021 Update.
Note: Stay tuned, you're part of this amazing community and we love having you here. Any suggestions on what we can do better? Give us a poke and let us know.

- Economy update: /points shop
Note: {
cost: 400 -> 300
item: heart_of_the_sea

Cost: 400 -> 300
item: nether_star

Cost: 1000 -> 800
item: mending_book

Cost: 35 -> 75
item: shulker_box

Cost: 75 -> 100
item: elytra

Cost: 150 -> 125
item: totem_of_undying

Cost: 250 -> 200
item: trident

Cost: 35 -> 75
item: player_head

Cost: 32 -> 75
item: sponge

Cost: 32 -> 75
item: nautilus_shell

Personal note:

The last couple of years have been a direct attack on my mental and physical health. I've lost my father in 2019, I've got family drama due to this in 2020, Covid-19 affecting all of us, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But friendships, this community, playing games to escape real life. Instead of shutting down the server and hiding in a hole. I've been able to push through, and cling on to doing my best. And make the best of it.

Thank you. Just for reading this, for sharing it with a friend. For inviting someone to come play. To hang out on Discord or post on the forums. Just to tell me it's going to be okay and then come play a game with me. To live stream the server, to be a real friend and not back-stab me. Just helping each other get through a pandemic, and sharing a smile where we can.

Thank you all for your donations, for your support by voting. It got us to stick to the course, plan for the future and take another step forward. And that despite it all, despite having limited time, despite not being able to do what we wanted to do.

If you check our many pages of changelogs you can see we have done nothing but our best. Not just me, but everybody on the team, and every player that participated and supported us one way or another. Thank you.

Depression and mental health problems, physical issues and everything that wears us down: It can't stop us from what we enjoy: Moving forward, enjoying life, 1moreblock at a time.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
June 21st, 2021:

We're in limbo, but that's okay! 1.17 is coming, don't worry.

- The last changelog I mentioned it's probably the last for 1.16.5, but here I am, back with an update.

- 1.17 news though, stay tuned!

- 1MB 2.8.10 is in limbo release, it's got all the bells and whistles we need for 1.17.0, guaranteed to work. But it's focus is still 1.16.5, so I didn't bump the version yet.

- Minecraft is still Paper 1.16.5, they took their sweet time to try and get an alpha and now a beta release out. But it's here!

- SpigotMC has released their 1.17.0 build tools and are probably preparing for 1.17.1 as well.

- This means we've been able to grind and grind for 6+ hours per day to check all our services, resources, tools, data, player data, worlds, and plugins. And boy, it's a lot of work.

- The plugins that we've helped test are on 1.17.x support now. Even though everything's still an early beta. Nothing seems to be stable enough to run live on 1.17. Testing continues!

- The plugins that do properly support 1.16.5 and 1.17.x at the same time, we've slowly been testing those and upgrading the live server with it. Making sure we're ready for a smooth transition.

- These above tests and experiences showed us what we can guarantee and what we're concerned about. We're optimistic.

- A very simple dupe bug for 1.17 has been discovered, unfortunately. We also noticed some private bug reports and a delay in 1.17.1's release. So we put a halt on upgrading 1MB to 1.17 until Mojang has addressed these issues.

- Development and testing has shifted from Spigot 1.17 to Paper 1.17. We will see continue testing with this extra time, and start preparing world conversions to 1.17.1.

- Okay, to the live server news, you're up to date now.

- Plugins that had updates for 1.16.5 and introduced 1.17 support have been ignored to update.

- Plugins that had updates for 1.17.0 and support 1.16.5 still, are tested, and slowly updated.

- A new "/teams" command has been added, great for Skyblock and Oneblock players.

- The /team and /staff commands have been updated slightly.

- The /spawn area has now been updated to the Summer theme. More subtle than last year, but it's there!

- The signs at spawn have also been slightly updated.

- Thank you @emmabear for your awesome help as player, team member, and even server builder and administrator. Your contributions to our community have been stellar and nothing but fantastic. I am so happy to have you be part of our community and thank you for letting us know that you're too busy with other things right now that you had to step down as admin. We totally understand this, and just like any legendary player you're very welcome to demand! your status back whenever you need it.

- A bit before we've learned about emma's real life keeping her busy we've bumped @the456gamer to a (junior) admin role. Thumbsup!

- These changes mean there's room on our team for another helper, and we've invited @JaCkper to help us out. His response: "si!" Welcome to the team. Just keep doing what you were doing.

- We've figured out which plugins we want to convert with to 1.17 as our core plugins, and we're working towards a test server that has all of these. All our internal stuff is being tracked properly again.

- It's possible to connect with 1.17 client to our 1.16.5 server for now.

- We've updated: 1MB Fun bot, CMI plugins, Discord integration plugins, permissions, and other API plugins.

- We've purged another week of rollback data, so go check your builds, we can still roll back grief - soon it will be only the last 6 months.

- The /chests related features, those plugins are updated.

- The plugins we use to sort out holograms, updated!

- Officially the Spring season has ended, and it's Summer now. The 1MB Summer Update for 2021 has started!

- Various Library plugins have been updated.

- Jobs plugins have been updated to their latest dev builds, fingers crossed.

- cmi.support:55555 is basically our test server, it changes constantly. Feel free to hop on and help test if you see us, but don't be surprised if it keeps going up and down.

- There's a massive DDoS attack against top10 servers it seems, it even took Hypixel offline. So, come play on our server :)

- We are working with zrips to get our old custom death msgs to return in 1.17, it's going to be so much fun.

- Our selection tools have updated.

- Mob control and nerfing has been updated.

- The plugins we need for /wild and /souls and stuff, all updated too.

- Slight changes to Discord, we will sort things out again soon (permission wise) We're just cleaning up where we can.

- mcMMO updated.

- The /perks and /perk commands have been updated.

- The NPC related plugins have been updated.

- Multiple worlds related plugins have been updated.

- The async handlers have been updated.

- The /achievements plugins have been updated.

- Internally I've let the staff know the progress of which plugins can run 1.17 and linked them to our internal google document where we keep progress.

- A super awesome new server-list icon !! Nycolete came through and make a fantastic fresh looking 1mb icon we can use as Emote on discord and in the server-list of your minecraft client. Super awesome work.

- Merged old information from admin related sections to pinned msgs in the current #team channel. Cleaning up time :D

- We've had more posting activity on the forum, come join us!

- Finished admin todo items left over from the Winter and Spring update.

- When a player sleeps, it now says which world they're sleeping in.

- A plugin called Spark, updated.

- A couple of typos in text files have been fixed, like ranks. thanks ben for reporting!

- Our internal plugins are all supporting 1.17 now I think.

- Chunky tool updated.

- Java 16 build updated to fix a potential security issue, no biggie, but I was updating anyway.

- Purged users from Discord who had no roles, and haven't been active in 30+ days. You're free to rejoin if you want to be active.

- Oooh pfff, I've done so much more but I have honestly started to lose track.

Thank you for reading, send me an email in the chat before July 1st, with this code and get 250,000 into your /money
/mail send mrfloris u9re$#f6


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
June 25th, 2021:

We are on 1.17, so I am going to keep this short.

- Added temporary Maintenance channel on Discord for everybody to keep track of the upgrade process

- Updated and upgraded all the plugins.

- Upgraded and optimized all the worlds.

- Tested everything internally.

- Testing it publicly live now!

- 1MB is now version 2.9.0

- Minecraft is now Paper 1.17.0

- Support for older clients is here (maybe to stay?)

- I've done a millllion billion googlygazillion things, but let's sum it up to:

We're on 1.17 !!

Yay, okay..

- The Summer Update now includes 1.17

- The GRACE PERIOD has started, and poked everybody on Discord about it.

- Go test this weekend, so we can find bugs early and know that your data is safe.

- If by monday things are fine: We stay on 1.17

- The GRACE PERIOD ends on Monday. If things didn't go find, we will roll back to 1.16.5's backup.

Okay, I am passing out now.

See you on our freshly upgraded 1.17 server


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
June 30th, 2021:

We did it, upgraded to 1.17 before July 1st. WHooooOo thank you all for your help, and zrips, and the456gamer, and smeths, and ady, and our team members, and all the beta testers. You're awesome people. I am so happy we have such a lovely community.

- Loads and loads of behind the scenes things done, we had a temporary #maintenance channel on Discord.

- Content from that maintenance channel will be appended to this changelog, see below.

- That #maintenance channel is now deleted.

- 50% of the 1.17 support tickets are now processed, and we're still working on some things.

- Our focus is now 1.17 maintenance, so we have a stable and fun experience.

- We've heard there is 1.17.1 pre releases, and that means in a week (early July) we will enjoy trying to upgrade to that haha.

- The resource worlds are pre-generated to 3k radius and have a 10k world border.

- We're updating plugins multiple times per day to fight bugs, improve their performance and support on 1.17. The restarts will slowly be less and less.

- Updated Github repositories.

- Added @Hepcat to our team as junior community helper.

- The grace period is over, we will stick with 1.17 and 1mb 2.9.0, and move forward.

- We've removed the option to roll back to 1.16.5.

- There's honestly too much to mention due to all the changes and work between versions, it's not worth bothering you all with it, but here's the maintenance that i will screenshot and list below.

- Known issues: Shops at /warp shop are the only thing that really isn't working. We're waiting for that developer to step up his game.

- Known issues: All the reported Mojang 1.17 , Spigot 1.17, and Paper 1.17 bugs that are hopefully fixed in 1.18.
Note: I want to point out if there are known issues, exploits, bugs, you are not to try them. We do instant ban without appeal for abuse of game glitches. As always.

- Unknown issues: If you stumble on an issue, please go to #support on discord or the forums and open a new ticket, report it the best you can and we will take a look.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 17.59.28.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 17.59.46.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 17.59.52.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 17.59.59.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 18.00.05.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 18.00.11.pngScreenshot 2021-06-30 at 18.00.17.png


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 4th, 2021:

Stability update and general maintenance

- 1MB 2.9.0's latest version is in use now.
Note: Java 8 support is almost gone. Java 11 is next.
Note: Support 1.17.1.rc1 and anticipates 1.17.1 release.
Note: It's actually 2.9.1 pre-release

- Github pages slightly updated.

- Paper engine patched with 1MB 2.9.x and Paperclip updated.

- Slight update in rules: Certain mining methods are now frowned upon and we probably won't sanction. We do not encourage it, but will make less of a fuss.

- Economy updates.
Note: {
Shulker boxes added (2k)
/points shulker box value raised from 75 to 150 points.
Shulker shells have been added (1k)
Wood tools added
Diamond tools added
Diamond armor added
Warped and Crimson fungus added
Fungus on a stick added
Crossbow and bow added
Note: Items that have lore or custom name cannot be sold.
Note: Currently you can sell both empty and full shulker boxes, we're working on making sure a shulker box with anything in it cannot be sold. Be careful!

- Manual backup of the server has been made, and a second copy of it moved to external drive.

- We will not go back to 1.16, we're on 1.17 to stay.

- Snapshots, dev servers and test servers have all been purged.

- Gametypes have been updated.
Note: Impacting /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock and /oneblock
Note: If you have any issues, report it on the forums or in #support as a new ticket (discord)

- To get closer to only six months of rollback data, we've purged data every once in a while.
Note: from 104 weeks to 52 weeks, now we're slowly crawling down to 25 weeks.
Note: Everything over 41 weeks has now been purged.
Note: Check your builds! Any grief? Report it in a timely manner!

- /money logs have been reviewed, and anything over 6 months old has been purged.

- /sell logs have been reviewed, and anything over 6 months old has been purged.

- Discord related plugins have been updated.

- /points > Shulker > To balance things out, here's a story.
Note: {
Players wanted shulker boxes to be over 4k
/points has them for 75 points. 20 points is $250.
That makes 75 points almost $1000.
4k per shulker in /sell is 4x as much then, even at 50% off.
But to go with more than 1k, like 2k .. this pushes points from 75 to 150.
It's the best we can do at this point.

- We had 3x Boosters on for Jobs.

- We had 4x mcMMO weekend.

- Next will probably be Discord exp boosters.

- Updated the !staff and !rankup commands in Discord

- Cleaned up mee6 settings, embeds, etc.

- Tightened up the moderating features of mee6 due to increase of raid bot and DM spam.
Note: In the future we will exclude certain roles, at the moment it applies to everybody.

- Reviewed mee6 global settings (timezone, language, etc)

- Auto roles msg in #welcome on Discord has been slightly adjusted.

- Cleaned up the #events channel.

- Hay Bales should be obtainable in /builders again, if not, let me know.

- Fishing totem apparently still doesn't work in 1.17.
Note: We strongly recommend against using the fishing totem feature, we will not return the items.

- Async chunk handling has been adjusted.

- Beacon range issues have been fixed.

- The /fish plugins have been updated.

- Fixed the /myping command.

- Made the first changes to /bottle, hopefully it will be back soon.

- Internal "path to 1.17" document updated and it will soon be used for 1.17.1

- PlayerStatueBuilderX will soon be re-installed, maybe we can have some fun with it.

- Armorstand cloning has been fixed, hopefully.

- Dealing with /heads has been fixed for 75%, more to come.

- Weird display of homes in /homes should be fixed now.

- Action bar msgs should be taking up less resources.

- "glow" features have improved for 1.17

- I think the /anvil is back!

- Jobs has been updated to the latest maintenance release.

- CMI Library has been updated to the latest version.

- CMI has been updated to the latest build.

- mcMMO exploits fixed.

- The /perk features have been updated.

- The mining, end and nether worlds have a world border of 5k now.
Note: We're ignoring expanding this until 1.17.1 is live.
Note: We do not know yet if we will reset with 1.17.1, depends on the fixes.

- The mining, end and nether worlds have been fully pre-generated.
Note: We're ignoring expanding this until 1.17.1 is live.
Note: We do not know yet if we will reset with 1.17.1, depends on the fixes.

- NPE related issues have been addressed where possible.
Note: Yay for learning how to patch manually.

- Head Database has been updated.

- NPC plugins have been updated to their maintenance releases.

- Shell scripts have been updated to drop legacy support and focus on 1.17 upwards now.

- Updated the staff setup, thank you emmabear, mistic_ice and globug100 for all your help, you're still on the team as far as I am concerned but privileges have been lowered. We understand you're too busy for daily activity. At any time you need access back: poke me! And New additions jackperbyte and _hepcat_ are doing great, thank you for keeping your eyes on the server to help answer questions as junior community helpers. And if we need more team members we will reach out to our friendly and active players.

- Archived old #team channel. Cloned it, and made a new #team channel on Discord

- Purged the #maintenance channel on Discord

- Known issues: /warp shops - the shops don't work. I know, we're bothering the dev as we speak.

- Known issues: In /builders the /plot claim is bugging out for us. If you need help poke mrfloris

- Toast message handling has improved.

- Player rotation when sitting (or using /sit) should be fixed now.

- The /afk features have improved.

- NPC Blazes were bugging out, this should be fixed now.

- Github documentation has been improved where I noticed it needed improving. Lots more to do probably.

- Known issue: We are aware of a dupe, we're being transparent about it: We pretend it's not patched, but in fact we have code running that passively reports back to us. This way we learn which users come online to try and exploit it. You think it works, we're aware of it. We review your whole account history and take appropriate action. See /rules to prevent a perm ban. #honeypot

- Prepare your Mojang accounts, it's almost time to MSA migrate. Know your email, pass, etc. We've warned you 6 months ago about this. Hopefully you have enough time to migrate. We fully support migrated accounts (have for months).
Note: MSA capes will come soon, that's not our server, that's Mojang not giving them (yet).

- Github 1MB dirs bumped from 2.8 to 2.9

- Voting related plugins have been updated

- World corruption addressed.

- Some java16 custom compiles have been made of certain plugins due to the lack of interest by their developers. We're keeping this private until we know it's allowed under their licenses to publicly distribute our versions.

- The Summer Update is going strong as you can see, and we're ready to celebrate Summer Vacation with a Walk the Plank 1.17 edition. Maybe even a Tournament. Stay tuned!

- PlotSquared plugins upgraded.

- And loads of other little tweaks, in the moment fixes, rephasing, typo correcting, and whatever else maintenance done that I forgot to write down.

I also found time to play some minecraft. :)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 6th, 2021:

The tiny 1.17.1 update on 1.17.0.

- Updated 1MB 2.9.0 to the last pre-release before hopping onto the 1.17.1 train and bumping version to 2.9.1

- Updated Paper to their latest 1.17.0 build, and restarted the server.

- Updated a bunch of plugins to better support 1.17.0 and in anticipation of 1.17.1

- Allowing 1MB connections up to 1.17.1, and updated ViaVersion to support 1.17.1 incoming connections.

- Updated the Multiverse plugins.

- Updated the Github docs where logical.

- Jobs plugin updated, fixing a few irritating little things.

- Updated CMI, fixing a bunch of little bugs, and improving loads of stuff.

- Economy updates have continued, another 50+ items that were missing have been added.

- Economy update part 3 or 4 .. all gold and diamond and netherite items have been added, more will soon follow. Please note that the prices of emerald and diamonds have dropped.

- More prep work for Bottling your exp has been done. We're hoping for a full recovery soon. haha

- More NPC related fixes.

- Improved mob spawning, control, and nerfing.

- Permission managers have been updated. Bulk actions are now easier, and will make mass updating everything soon a lot easier!

- Discord related plugins have been updated to their latest builds.

- Massive update to placeholder api stuff, hopefully this did not break anything.

- Shulker boxes can be sold in /sell, and if they have items in them they should be prevented (go test!)

- Broken items will sell, but are devalued. If you have a broken bow you might get 30 cents, a repaired bow gives maybe 70 cents.

- And further cleaning up of archives, forum data, etc has all happened as well. Boy, so much time needed to do this.

Okay, back to gaming! And maybe this week we can upgrade to 1.17.1


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 12th, 2021:

More of the same!

- Everything we've done in the last week or so has been done again.

- We've upgraded what we remembered to upgrade on the forums to the new versions.

- And on Discord.

- And on Github.

- And the plugins have been updated to fix little annoyances, and to better support java16 and MC 1.17.1

- Hopefully this gives a better gaming experience.

Questions? Bugs? Concerns? #Support > New ticket > And let's talk :)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 19th, 2021:

Maintenance done!

- Fixed an issue with the PMC voting site.
Note: Thank you random_dog for reporting.

- Fixed an issue with Bentobox/Skygrid in regards to treegrowth.
Note: Thank you all for reporting some weird chunk sync lag issues.

- Extended the /end worldborder, and more resource worlds will soon follow.

- Started Discord #polls channel, letting you share your preferences for 'stuff'.
Note: You can get / earn different rewards for participating.

- API and other libraries updated to their latest 1.17.1 supported version.

- Core libraries that plugins use/share, have been updated to their latest build.

- Voting related plugins have been updated to try and resolve some of the weird voting behaviors we've noticed.

- The /streamer live "bossbar" has been fixed.

- Twitch livestreams by me have been more frequent, have you followed me yet?
Note: https://twitch.tv/mrfloris

- Melon and Pumpkin were not paying out in the /Jobs plugin, this has been resolved.
Note: Thank you random_dog and JackPerByte and Ender_vine for reporting.

- More items have been added to /worth and /sell, we're down to 4 pages of missing items.
Note: More soon! We're just doing it step by step and reviewing what we already have.

- Bugs in the /builders world caused by 1.17.1 has been addressed in a Plot patch update.

- The lag monster has been visiting us, affecting everybody. Earlier I mentioned that some tree growing feature caused some chunk jitter issue. But the south of holland had some serious flooding, affecting a few data centers. We use them for backing up features, and these timeouts were felt in-game as well.

- 1.17.1 support added to grief-protection features/plugins.

- The grief-lookup tool xlu has been updated by The456gamer to 1.17.1 (thank you!)

- Hot fix to Jobs database corruption has been fixed by Zrips and Roberto, thank you!

- Manually made some backups in the last week and they've been reviewed, cleaned up, important data archived, and copied to external drive.

- Jobs "old users" that do not make sense to keep data of, have been purged (conditionals applied)

- mcMMO "old users" that haven't made any contribution since their visit to the server 50+ months ago have been purged.

- BentoBox updated.
Note: This includes gametypes like /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock, and /oneblock.
Note: This also includes their addons like level, limits, biomes, challenges, etc.

- World protection plugins have been updated, branches were merged, improved 1.17.1 features.

- World editing tools have been updated to a version that made sense. Ignoring bleeding edge.

- Paper(clip) updated. Patches applied.

- Further changes to NPC plugins have been made.

- And as always, DiscordSRV plugin updated.

- Quite a few CMI updates, introducing new stuff, feature enhancements, further 1.17.1 support, general maintenance, and bug fixes.

- /sell logs older than march 1st 2021 have been purged.

- /money logs older than march 1st, 2021 have been purged.

- Various updates to bunch of git repo pages because of new instructions, version bumps etc.

- Rollback data for griefing has been purged, anything over 39 weeks is no longer able to get rolled back, we will soon continue to purge millions of records until we're down to 30+ weeks.

- Shell scripts updated to 1.17.1

- Fixed issue with /fish augments not being craftable. It wasn't our fault after all. Cauldron changes in 1.17 were overlooked. Patch was released thankfully. Next we hope to get the totem working again.

- [item] should now show in server console, in game chat and even on Discord. (yay)

- Updated to /achievements related plugins.

- Inventory backup (planb) database purged after archiving it. Latest archive purged.

- 1MB 2.9.1 latest version updated include:
Note: Purged Java 7 left over code.
Note: Purged Java 8 code to make sure it's no longer deprecated stuff and using java11+ things now
Note: Java11 things we found are now 13+, aiming for 17.
Note: Player-connecting events moved to a super secret proxy for fingerprinting. Giving us custom control over finding out what players are potentially running. We can now auto ban cheaters a bit better.
Note: Dupe issues from 1.16.5 and 1.17.0 shouldn't work now in 1.17.1
Note: Updated the website to say 1.17.1 in various places.
Note: Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, Paper upstream stuff removed that's now default in Paper.
Note: Protocol support for 1.12.2 and up has been re-added.

- Improvements to /sit

- Improved teleporting in the worlds

- /perk updates, and yes, we know, still can't load it as a player "soon"

- The /run has been updated

- Mining and Nether and End worlds are now 10k borders I believe.

- Migration capes for MSA accounts are now live, you can join our server with them.

- Heads database updates completed.

- Item soulbinding fix for when inventory keeping is on, is applied.

- Worlds from 1.17.1 reset. Same spawn though.

- Temporary worlds pre-generated to world borders.

- Heads Displays plugin updated

- Our internal list of serious issues have been reviewed and are now fixed, except for a mojang bug we know that will be fixed in 1.18

- Bounty Hunter feature disabled, plugin is giving issues.

- Inactive -no-role- Discord members have been purged.

- Double-check feature for /builders has been updated to 1.17.1

- Server properly upgraded from 1.17.0 to 1.17.1
Note; We won't be rolling back to 1.16.5 or 1.17.0, we're on 1.17.1 to stay until we know there's something new to focus on.

Phew, maintenance releases will help us find issues, deal with player reported issues.

Please note that if you start to scream at us and accuse us of things due to a bug, that we will basically ignore it. Proper suggestions, reports, concerns, can be posted in Discord in #support as a new ticket. We're here to try and help resolve issues ~ but just sending DM spam or 'i got scammed' in-game stuff, does not convince me to bother to look into it.

Have fun playing!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
July 20th, 2021:

Silly bugs, let's restart, jk. Keep reading.

- We were fighting a few bugs that affect the mining world, and then we got a report about a nasty one. So to solve all three at once hopefully I am completely resetting the /mine world with the latest engine we have. I've forcefully moved online and offline players to the new /mine spawn point. Note please that /back and /home mine can cause death as the seed is completely different.

- In better news: Rainbows! This weekend we're having rainbows show up with overpowered loot boxes. The details. are in #events on Discord.

- Various plugins have been updated to their latest version to help fix these silly bugs and potential dupe things we've been hearing about.

- Maintenance has been done on the server, and we had time to finally introduce the update to wandering traders. Enjoy.

- Summer Update: Wandering Traders trades have been updated, find one? Maybe don't ignore it, right click! Will it be here in the Fall season? No promises!

Have fun. The next changelog will be more extensive.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 28th, 2021:

Economy update! Tournaments continue! Rainbow weekend was fun!

- Lacking time to do everything we want to do. yay real life always being in the way.

- Economy update, another step has been taken to add everything to the worth/sell features.
Note: Here we go {
- Everything has been added that we could think of for now. But we know this doesn't include enchanted books, variety of potions and arrows.
- Everything's been added like I said, but we know it's not super balanced, we're saving that for the next update. Report back to us what we've got wrong!
- Items you shouldn't have: are also in the list. So when you sell it we know you had it. When you place it, we know you had it. Hm, what are you gonna do ..
- Errors fixed? Some! When we notice something is wrong, we adjust the value manually or let it recalculate. Some items where we know the crafting recipe for we can auto calculate. But mistakes happen. Especially when we have more than a thousand items for sale now.
- 1.15 items were missing! Yes, they got added.
- 1.16 items were missing! omg !! WHYYY???.. Calm down, we've added them.
- 1.17 items are gonna be missing forever too now right? Nope! We've added them.
- Prices have been adjusted, this does include that prices has been lowered. Iron, Emerald, Diamonds have been lowered in price, and we will make more adjustments with 1.18
- What? Why lower prices? Because we've got more items to sell now, we have more variations of some items, the ore distribution is changing, and there's a lot more to sell. With 1.18 there's going to be even more changes. Mojang is constantly changing the game, adding new types of ways to get things easy, automatically, etc. So we are just adjusting slightly over time.
- 1.18? It's not even out yet. Nope, indeed, not yet. But we're now on 1.17, and it has all the 1.18 items. Now that we have added them, we can start adjusting them as the versions change. Including 1.18
- What's fixed? This {
Cauldron is fixed
Value of iron is adjusted
Kelp and dried kelp and related items are adjusted
Haybale is adjusted.
Cake is adjusted
Bread is updated
And Cookies.
All the bucket prices are adjusted, including the empty bucket that was too cheap
Iron bars have been slightly updated
Paper and sugar cane received a tweak
- What's news? Too much! {
We now have 2 internal tools to help, through zrip's CMI feature, allowing us to see which items are missing, and to try to auto generate values for missing items.
Honeycomb: 4.00
beehive: 4x3+6xplanks(1.20)=13.20, setting it to 12
honeycomb block: (4x4)=16, setting it to 13
All candles added
all diamond suit gear added
shulkers added, adjusted /points value for shulkers as well
BARREL -> 1.44
BLUE_BED -> 2.44
ORANGE_BED -> 1.91
IRON_HELMET -> 255.0
LECTERN -> 5.66
GOLDEN_HOE -> 6.03
BONE_BLOCK -> 0.64
TARGET -> 1.56
IRON_HOE -> 102.2
SHIELD -> 52.22
GRAY_BED -> 1.89
IRON_AXE -> 153.2
STONE_AXE -> 0.81
SMOKER -> 6.05
BROWN_BED -> 2.75
BLACK_BED -> 2.44
LOOM -> 0.61
BRICK_SLAB -> 2.44
GOLDEN_AXE -> 8.95
PURPLE_BED -> 1.88
STONE_HOE -> 0.61
CYAN_BED -> 2.04
CAMPFIRE -> 4.55
LANTERN -> 45.03
RED_BED -> 1.92
IRON_SWORD -> 102.1
GREEN_BED -> 2.75
SNOW -> 0.15
MAP -> 21.2
PINK_BED -> 1.81
LIME_BED -> 1.96
IRON_BOOTS -> 204.0
emeralds items lowered in price
diamonds are lowered from 250 to 200, other diamond items adjusted, missing items added.
netherite items added
Chainmail added, i've "rounded up" from leather armor, so it's a bit more. you can't craft it, and can't salvage it. Usually ppl throw it out. So for now this is fine
Bug with anvil detected, made it 17,50, instead of real values. fixing now
normal anvil 1581 (auto generated based on iron price + craft bonus)
chipped anvil is 50% of full price, but set lower to 650
damaged anvil is 50% of chipped, but set it lower to 250
- dragon head set to 1500
- wither skull head set to 600
- player mob head set to 150
- zombie, skeleton, creeper head set to 150
- creeper head custom recipe removed, since you can sell it now
- player mob head kept, so custom player heads can be smelted into money
- regular raw fish, raw cod, raw salmon, pufferfish and tropical fish item are $10 in /fish shop, added them for $10 in /sell, custom fish wont sell, it requires /fish shop (on purpose)
note that cooked fish (cooked cod, cooked salmon) does not sell to /fish shop
Added new 2 worth values:
now that the value of heads are known, few more things were able to generate
cooked cod, cooked salmon was already in /sell, /worth, for $10 each.
BUCKET -> 150.0
- all other buckets set to 170
banner pattern globe set to $100
banner pattern snout set to $180
all music disks were $1, some were missing, all changed to $50, and missing ones added at $50 as well
stick is $0.10, dead bush set to $0.30
3750$ for heart of the sea
nautilus shell = 900
CONDUIT -> 11169
honey bottle set to $1.50
BEEHIVE -> 13.46
bee nest to 30
glow item set to 20 cents
cobble is 20, made infested 40
stone is 30 cents, made infested 60
changed all leaves from 0.39 to 0.40 cents
added missing 2 leavs from 1.17
rooted dirt set to 30 cents
elytra set to $1250
trident set to $2500
totem of undying set to $1550
deepslate set to -15 from regular iron
deepslate redstone ore set a little cheaper than regular redstone ore, checked the rest, seems ok
redstone and lapis ores adjusted
75 for iron ore, i've set it to 40 bucks for copper ore
CUT_COPPER -> 381.93
COPPER_BLOCK -> 374.45
deepslate copper to 30
copper exposer, weathered and oxidized BLOCK set to 350, cheaper than crafted end-block for copper
tinted glass set to $1
moss block set to 30 cents
crystal thing set to 40
SPYGLASS -> 83.61
budding , i think we can't obtain it, so ill make it 50
those crystals are in 4 stages, i've made them 1$ 2, 3, and $4
glowstone 1.90
shroomlight 2$
sweet berry 20 cents
glow berry 50 cents
basalt $1
black stone ill set to 40 cents
cobbled deepslate 30, deepslate 40
deepslate coal ore set to $1
infested deepslate set to 80
bottle dragon breathe set to 50 cents
soul soil set to 20 cents
soul sand was 11 cents
other planks are set to 23 cents, regular oak to 20 cents, set warped and crimson plank to 30 cents
warped and crimson nylium set to 30 cents
stripped warped and crimson set to 1.10
warped and crimson root set to 20 cents
warped wart block set to $2
turtle egg set to 50
petrified wood plank set to 10
sea grass set to 20 cents
glow lichen set to $1
lilly pad is set to $1.10, setting big drip leaf to $1, and small to 70
spore blossom set to 10$
dunno what azalea or something is, set them both to 10, we will find out if that's a mistake
sus stew set to $6
nether sprout to 20 cents
vines are $1, set twisted and the other one to $1
hanging root set to 40 cents
pointed dripstone set to $1, and block to $4 since it takes 4 to make
tuff and calcite set to $2 to match chiseled stone bricks
-We've got crafting bonus

- Tournament week 1 ended, rewards paid out

- Tournament week 2 started, we're slowly adjusting it - will have different rewards

- Rainbow weekend is over! I hope you had fun.

- Booster weekend is over.

And that's it for today
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
July 31st, 2021:

Okay, time for a maintenance update, processing user feedback, and figuring out what's broken and needs more attention.

- Glowing item frames, crimson doors and trapdoors, and warped doors and trapdoors now properly auto-lock when placed.
Note: If you have used glow item frames a while ago, maybe re-place them, so they lock properly.

- Known issue: Shop chests don't work! We know, we're working on it. We're getting closer and closer.

- The End Portal no longer teleports you to spawn, we never allowed portal usage on our server, but internal behavior changed this, we're working on it too.

- X-ray features are 90% working again. We're soon going to check the top 1% that stand out and hopefully they're false positives.

- Hex RGB color handling improvements. Chat manager clean up.

- Hologram related features have been improved, hopefully causing less lag.

- Auto-respawn was turned off by zrips, we don't know why yet, I am sure it will return.

- The global /market had an issue with page-2 navigation. This has been resolved.
Note: Thank you Benjamin and others for reporting.

- The Paper engine has been updated to be more current. This also fixes furnace related "issues".

- Fishing plugin has working augments again. It looks this has been addressed (yay)
Note: Than you Pyro.
Note: This did not fix the Totem issue, we're patiently waiting for this update.

- We identified an issue with the Voting related plugins, and we've spoken to the dev and have a custom build that fixes it (so we're testing this).

- Identified an issue with the /end world as well, we initially didn't notice it when we checked after we were forced to reset the /mine world, but it turns out it's also an issue in /end, so we've reset it.
Note: We've forced players in the end (online and offline) to the new end spawn point, so you don't die in the void, etc.
Note: It might be possible notice a serious issue in the new /nether as well, and will then reset it. For now, it looks things are fine.
Note: Aren't new versions exciting?

- Support tickets on the omgboards.com forums have been addressed.

- I've found time to go through All the Support tickets on the Discord community.
Note: I've deleted the closed ones.
Note: I've closed the completed/fixed/expired ones.
Note: I've changed the state to idle or active, to better indicate what we're working on, etc.

- The Holographic Display plugin has been updated to improve 1.17.1 support.

- We had an issue with the Jobs plugin, this has been addressed.

- Internal builds of CMI has been replaced with the latest public build.

- Discord related plugins have been updated to their latest snapshots.

- The Found Ores Announcer plugins that we use have been updated.
Note: Thank you @Incompet3nt for the help.

- We've identified instability with the server that took a while to identify, but after some proper hard main thread crashes we figured it out (oh lawdy) and have been able to fix it in between restarts. Things should be a bit more stable now again.

- The anti grief / roll back plugins have all been updated (well, one is pending update). This will make them work with 1.17.1 a lot better.

- mcMMO plugin updated to a nightly build that has minor maintenance updates, we've dumped our thoughts on their github and personally I am a bit tired of waiting for this plugin to update. We will split hard from the main fork and deal with it our way from now on.

- Huge economy update, see previous changelog, but we've got all the 1.x to 1.17.1 items added to worth-list. So /sell and /worth should help you figure out what something is worth. We will always keep adjusting and fixing, so if you think something's overpriced, undervalued, etc, .. please do report it.

- Fixed a bunch of incorrect economy values.

- Updated our internal custom alias commands to use 'less' code, it's growing to close to 300 commands, and we use 150 of them frequently. It doesn't hurt to improve where we can.

- The 'worth' hologram at /warp shop had the item too low, I've raised it a bit.

- The456gamer updated the incorrect "clock" / "compass" emote on Discord, thanks!

- The rainbow event has been cleaned up, this also includes Keep-Exp is now OFF, you die, you lose it.

- Additional crafting tournaments have been added.

- Rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place have been added.

- Plotsquared updated to increase 1.17.1 support, but it broke stuff for us. We're aware and looking into it.

- Worldguard and worldedit plugins updated to a more stable build.

- Connectivity support for other versions than 1.17.1 have improved.

- Big update to Jobs-Reborn to better support 1.17.1 again, we've upgraded.

- NPC related plugins have received a bump too.

- Finally! PlaceholderAPI updated! This really helped.

- And Permission Manager plugins as well.

- Massive BentoBox updates, including all the addons. It's honestly too much too mention.

- CMI Library updated which all zrips plugins use, so important to keep this current, haha.

- @Blue_Blossom85 donated again! What! You've been bumped to MVP rank.

- Mining world has been properly pre-generated.

- The end world after it got reset has been properly pre-generated.

- Mine / Nether / End world borders double checked, they're at 12,500 (so 25k)

- Holding [item] in game now shows properly in Discord

- Wandering traders, right click them, you might be surprised.

- We found a couple of duplicated usernames, we've cleaned this up.

And I am sure I've done even more, but I just don't remember.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
August 9th, 2021:

Getting closer to 2.9.2 of 1MB.

- Updated the java 16 jvm to a newer version that we want to use.

- Purged rollback data to help restore grief, we're let go of everything older than 37 weeks. Next week, .. 36+

- Paper server engine updated to the latest version.

- Updated the #server-chat on Discord to include worldname and afk-status for "playerlist"

- Discord plugins updated and slightly adjusted.

- Discord "warden" bot updated to better support Threads.

- Minor changes to holograms on the server, and other CMI changes.

- Mob-cap controlling plugins have been upgraded to their latest build, giving us hopefully better 1.17.1 support.

- Nerfed Iron Golems on gametypes to 2 or 3.

- People connecting with older versions have some bug fixes sorted out. We do strongly recommend to play with 1.17.1

- Permission manager updated, they had a few changes, just staying current.

- Thank you @Incompet3nt and @Paprikaatje for Boosting the server!

- Thank you "Anonymous" for your PayPal.me/mrfloris donation!

- mcMMO updated, adding a few more alias commands.

- Plugins related to /builders have been updated.

- The plugin that helps /oneblock and /skyblock borders visualizing has been updated.

- ViaVersion protocol plugins kept up to date.

- Manual updates have been organized a bit better, and new ones made.

- Purged users from Discord who haven't spoken for 30+ days, and haven't achieved any roles.

- The issue in /builders where you couldn't do /plot visit, and /plot claim, should be fixed now.

- Week 3 of /Tournaments has ended, week 4 started and has some changes.

- Week 4 is now Monthly only. It will be until 31st of August.

- The /Fish plugin was updated, and I've fixed some broken biomes.

- The /trade plugin has been updated finally, to the latest version.

- Library and API jar files updated that were required to stay current.

- ASWE temporarily removed with FAWE (they both suck to be honest, but WE crashes when we use it live otherwise)

- The Player Shops have returned, uber beta, have fun trying to not bug it out.

- Inventory back-up PLAN B database for June purged, July archived, and August created.

- Brewing stands can now be locked with /lock and /unlock, they don't auto lock when you place them so it stays the same as it did before. But now you have the option to lock them.

- Items that aren't fully repaired can be sold now in /sell, but they will have a durability penalty applied.

- added Hot Paprikaatje Fish (sets player on fire for 8s, gives them 3 points)

- added epic citebafla fish (gives 3 points)

- added epic enderdip fish (gives 3 points, teleports them to the end)

- Fish running commands have been converted to a more modern system, such as CMI, etc.

- Updated old legacy &color codes to modern #hex colors

- OMG, the Totem probably works! We invite you to give it a try again.

- Thank you KittleApps for your generous donation through PayPal.me/mrfloris

- Fixed a potential item replication issue with /perk plugin

- World editing tools updated.

- World protection plugins updated.

- And loads of other tiny changes over the last few days.

See you all online, have fun gaming! And play fair.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
August 11th, 2021:

Oneblock update!

- We've updated the parent plugin BentoBox

- We've updated the child plugins Skyblock, Acid, Cave, Skygrid, and Oneblock

- We've updated their grandchildren plugins for levels, limits, warps, etc.

- What a family.. lol, but this helps us to start making changes for 1.17 and 1.18 in the future a little easier.

- Okay, /oneblock has received the 1.17 update, first of a few. The phases are now 12 I believe, and have all the new 1.16.5 and 1.17.1 stuff in them properly.

- Known issues: Probably a couple, any customization we've had before is no longer in those phases, we have to re-add them and re-balance things a little bit. Pro players; if you notice something's wrong, please do report it.

- More to come? Yes! Probably.. we have a few more things on our todo lists that require attention but this step will make that easier.

- What's next? Skygrid requires an update which will be a lot tougher, and a few of the other things like Generator and Challenges.

We want to do all the changes yesterday, we can do only so much in a day, and we have a huge list of things that require attention. Baby steps! As you can see in our previous changelogs, we're working on our servers daily. Thank you for understanding and your patience.
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