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Minecraft Changelog

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Jan 1, 2001
August 13th, 2021:

Oh my gosh, it's friday the 13th !!

- All the six sites you can vote on give 200 /jobs points now.

- All the six sites now give an mcMMO level. Less random.

- All the six sites gives the new updated diamond, instead of a regular diamond.
Note: You can't exchange this item, only tokens exchange.

- All the six sites now give a Vote Reward Ore. This is new.
Note: You can't exchange these, only tokens exchange.

- Small fixes to some configuration files have been made.

- Heads-up, we have a little give-away on Discord this weekend hopefully.

Regular maintenance done as well, but will include them in another changelog.


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Jan 1, 2001
August 14th, 2021:

Discord Coins! And some maintenance.

- Restarted the server to activate some maintenance.

- Updated 1MB plugins, general plugins got a bump as well.

- Updated the server engine Paper to their latest build.

- Bumped the Bentobox game types to their latest version.


- And introduced the 1MB Coins to the general public. We've had them for a while, now you too can use them! And there's items in the !shop now.
Note: More info: https://omgboards.com/threads/discord-coins-feature.263768/
Note: Channel on Discord: #discord-coins
Note: Read the pinned msgs as well!

More detailed maintenance in the next changelog.


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Jan 1, 2001
September 3rd, 2021:

A big maintenance update. 1MB 2.9.2 is here as we're nearing the end of the Summer.

- All Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, Paper, Tuinity patches that we have done manually are all in the 1MB 2.9.2 and latest Paper jars.
Note: Tuinity is merging with Paper, this will bring us additional performance improvements if we believe the hype.

- The /Tournaments for August has ended, please come online to collect your rewards, we will soon uninstall the plugin.

- 1MB has been updated, version is being bumped to 2.9.2 to mark the end of the Summer.

- Paper has been updated to their latest builds, multiple times in the last week.

- CMI Library updated, a handful of plugins use this.

- CMI itself is now updated, including some major improvements in command handling.

- Made some changes to the oneblock and skyblock challenges.

- Purged some inactive users who haven't been active on discord for 30 days, and had no roles. You're always free to rejoin.

- Converted about 15 to 25 old fashioned NPC villages to their new 1.17.1 generation. So pretty now.

- Moved more old items from the old test world (1) to the new 1.17.1 /builders world. No data loss!

- Purged some accounts from players that got caught cheating or couldn't keep things family friendly.

- Another massive update to the Skyblock Spawn, with the help from Alax, Hepcat, Jack, and others. Thank you!
Note: Credit to a lot of the island basics go to Phoenix from phoenixbuilds.

- Falling at skyblock spawn gives you a chance now of not dying. But, don't fall!

- Discord Srv plugin has been updated almost on a daily basis.

- The /trade feature has been improved and now fully uses the CMILib !

- Worldguard has been bumped to its latest version.

- Fast Async World Editing is still installed. I wish it wasn't needed.

- NPC handling has been improved.

- Old Temples in Jungles and Deserts and Oceans that I run into and weren't used by players, have been regenerated with 1.17.1

- The /run game plugins have been updated.

- Plan-B inventory backup, an extra backup system that we use, it's archives have been purged, the latest live version has been archived, and a new month has been started.

- Another 2 million rollback actions have been purged. We're now supporting 6+ months, but have data up to 35 weeks, slowly crawling closer and closer to that 6+ months max.
Note: Please check frequently and report grief asap! it's the best way we can help you.

- Known Jobs purging bugs reported to the developers. Hopefully a future Jobs update will let us clean up the database properly.

- Discord #server-chat will now list who's AFK with a * icon in "playerlist"

- Discord #server-chat will now tell you when someone goes to AFK or comes back, how cool is that.

- Merged a temporary build world for Skyblock with the skyblock spawn, and archived and purged the temp world.

- Merged another temporary build world for Skyblock with the skyblock spawn, and archived and purged the temp world.

- Expanded the skyblock spawn region, so we have more room to include tutorials, information, games, admin shops, etc.
Note: Not live yet, these new features.

- The /legacy related commands, mentions and worlds have been removed, cleaned up.
Note: The world is STILL there, you can't join it anymore. Legendary players can request access and we can instantly load it back in.

- The /achievements plugin has been updated.

- Voting related plugins received an update.

- Various manual backups of the server have been done, and are done more frequently for now.

- Fixed a 1.16.x related dupe to make sure people can't try it in 1.17.1 and up. (yay for auto banning ppl who try to abuse exploits)

- The #give-away channel on Discord has been purged, enough time has passed.

- Updated reported oneblock limits - things should be smoother now in that regard.

- Cleaned up the op list, admin list, team lists, commands, and other references - keeping things current.

- Migrate to MSA if you can. And be smart, enable 2FA.

- zip file closed bug in PyroFishingPro fixed. Still waiting for another announced update. Maybe it will include the mentioned bait stuff? We will see!

- Progress has been made on /parkour, sneak peek on youtube.com/mrfloris

- A bunch of Bentobox jars have been updated to better support 1.17.1

- Hoppers should behave better, it's been a good August.

- The /perk and /perks commands have been updated, less bugs hopefully.

- 1MB Protocol support for pre 1.17.1 versions have been updated. Enjoy.

- The 1MB Permissions and related plugins received a bump in version.

- Added /fish info

- Removed left over totem mention in /fish overview

- @Hepcat sent a snack box to my home address. I had a week of american snacks and drinks to try That was super fun and super sweet. Thank you hepcat !

- Multiple worlds in the same server plugins and inventory handling plugins have been updated. Oof, big one!

- We had a fun little give-away on Discord. Congrats winners! Enjoy your xbox live pass

- Discord #coins channel is going crazy, Go check what's possible - including the pinned msgs

- We have new custom Discord stickers! Have you spotted them yet? Credit to deyraa!

- mcMMO updated to give exp for amethyst blocks

- Purged exp stats on the 1MB Leaderboard from mee6.

- Bumped Discord requirements for moderation from medium to high.

- Fixed an unfortunate chat filter

- Updated the internal 1MB Google docs page about plugins resources. Making sure links are current.

- Purged inactive 0 level and other way too old mcMMO date, was 1000, new value 900, later in September we will purge from 800 and up.

- Tickable view-distance in /general has been increased, we might do that again later in September.

- Non-tickable view-distance in /general has been increased as well, we might do that again in October.

- We worked hard on /box, but failed, We will try again later in September if time allows it.

- Improved some very specific anti cheat things.

- 1MB 2.9.2 compiled against the exact version we're using live. This should hopefully help fix an outdated java15 bug.

- Oneblock phases have been updated! Go try them out again. This was done a week or so ago.

- mcMMO plugin updated.

And a bunch bunch more, from typing errors, to quick replies to user reported issues that were a couple of seconds to fix. To preparing for 1.18 etc.

Final note: I have some offline personal stuff going on I rather not get into, sometimes I might be offline for a day, weekend, week in September. Tidala is basically then in charge. Bother her instead of me please with support questions.

Have fun gaming!


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Jan 1, 2001
September 6th, 2021:

Version bump!

- The 1MB version has been bumped from 2.9.1 to 2.9.2.
Note: This is part 3 of the Summer Update for 2021. It marks the end of the Summer Update.

- Thank you Anonymous for your $10 donation.

We will have minor maintenance updates between now and the Fall Season Update which will focus on 1.17.1 Maintenance and /parkour, our internal todo list and preparing for 1.18.x
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
September 17th, 2021:

We're on 1MB 2.9.3 with Java 17 and support for Minecraft 1.18

- Initial testing for 1.18 have started.

- 1MB bumped from version 2.9.2 to 2.9.3

- Paper bumped to 1.17.1 latest build.

- Java bumped from version 16 to 17.

- Moved outdated emotes.yml to new CMI 1MB-Emotes.yml for internal testing

- Moved custom CMI world commands into 1MB-Worlds, and many other clean-up thingies like that.

- Uninstalled one of the core protect addons, at least until we're ready for 20.1 and Java 17.

- The /achievements plugin got an optimization for performance update.

- The /jobs plugin got a maintenance release that's pretty big, twice!

- Received an Anonymous donation of 50 euro from a fan. Thank you!

- We've made sure that we're on the latest PyroFishingPro plugin. And can't wait for the next updates!

- Quite a few changes to our a wide variety of Github repos/pages.

- The cmi.support server got updated to the latest builds and Java 17

- All the network servers are on Java 17 now.

- Old -dev- servers purged, any positive changes moved to -test- servers.

- New -dev- servers created, prepping for maintenance tweaks and rewrites for 1.17.1 and slowly anticipating 1.18

- Old -test- servers purged, any positive changes that were confirmed are moved to the -live- servers.

- No new -test- servers have been created yet.

- 1.18 stress testing has started, results will be shared with Mojang via private tickets.

- The Found Diamonds plugin had further updates. Thank you!

- FAWE updated, I wish we didn't have to use it.

- World protection plugins updated.

- Automatic updates all purged, manual updates cleaned up.

- New manual backup created and archived.

- Protocol support for 1.18 added.

- NPC plugins updated.

- Java 17 + LuckPerms works now, so we can go live with it - woop

- Big updates to CMI are live now, yay. awesome work. HAHA IMAGINE using EssentialsX in 2021. lol

- Apple macOS updates are live now.

- Kernel patches are applied, firmware updated, security patches installed to the OS.

- Upgraded a bunch of unused Ocean monuments from old generation to new 1.17.1 generation. All pretty again.

- Upgraded a bunch of Jungle temples from old generation to new 1.17.1 generation.

- Upgraded a bunch of Desert temples from old to new too.

- Updated loads of old NPC villages from old and raided to new and made with 1.17.1.

- The vote sites have the new banner now saying 1.17.1 instead of 1.16.x - more accurate now!

- Gold vote tokens weren't working, it was unrelated to us, topg is aware and looked into it. Should be working (soon) again.

- Jack made more mcMMO documentation. We will soon make that public.

- Purged rollback data down to 30+ weeks, we're aiming for half a year of data that we will keep. So we can still purge more. This is millions of records we removed. If you get griefed, report it "soon" - dont wait more than half a year.

- Bentobox plugins all updated. We still have ONE more update to go to get current. #soon

- Added /cartopgraphy, /stonegrinder, /loom, and a few more cool features to epic and higher players, once internal testing is done we will make it available to other groups in some form.

- More staff commands made to base commands, no longer requiring the cmi prefix.

- Cleaned up /warps and /bc - made default in /cmi

- Plugins related to /builders have been updated, less lag, faster chunk loading, and and .. and more !

- Fixed a broken 1.12 extreme mountain to new 1.17.1 generation, so pretty now.

- Talked to some developers about their plans for 1.18

- Talked to someone at Mojang (in a dm) about what we can do as server owners to help them get appropriate feedback.

- The /tournaments feature is now uninstalled. It might return one day.

- Fixed an issue with Wandering trader customization that we have.

- The head database and display plugins have been updated, yay.

- Permission manager related plugins were tweaked and updated.

- Citizens plugin got various updates, it plays nice now with 1.17.1 and java 17

- World pre-generation plugin that we use has been made passive, and waits for 0 people online and reviews chunks for issues and reports back to me now. No more manual checking for me! Now instead of thousands we can check millions of chunks.

- DiscordSRV plugin snapshot-versions replaced with latest stable-version.

- We had some unfortunate downtime last week, we've dealt with it behind closed doors. Naughty naughty players!

- Deleted old and unused and super inactive mcMMO accounts.

- purged: /cmi/moneyLogs/ (everything before april 1st is gone)

- same for /cmi/sellLogs/ (2021_03.yml and older deleted)

- A reminder: afk-ing is fine, being afk to auto grind resources/money is no longer allowed since 2019 or 2020.

- Oneblock and Skyblock challenges slightly reviewed and slightly updated.

- Private tickets on Discord that could be deleted and were closed, are now deleted.

- Private tickets that were open but could be closed, were closed.

- The rest of the private tickets are not ignored, it's a matter of time.

- Received a donation in the form of a bottle of whisky from someone. So awesome. Thank you for your donation.

- The other week the voting plugin got an update, forgot to mention it I think, so ... hey, it got updated.

- The appropriate places now say 2.9.3 instead of older versions.

- History thread updated a few times.

- And loads more.

Every day we spend a few hours on answering player questions in #support on Discord, via /mail in-game or through dm and pm on forums and what not. We talk to developers, we test things, we roll back data during tests, and we move forward with changes. We talk to players about their experiences and make little videos and share our knowledge in the Minecraft community. It's hours and hours of hard work and fun, it's a great hobby. Let's keep it fun: please play fair and just focus on your gameplay. No need to cheat, grief, or be disrespectful. And you're all doing awesome. So we keep going with the server.

See you soon online. And the more people online the more fun things we have to do.

Side note, as some have learned.. my mother recently passed away, and I've lost my father in 2019, my pet in 2018, and my brother has been ruining our lives with a court case over the inheritance. Life is extremely hard, I am fighting depression and I am doing my best to turn today into tomorrow. Thank you all for the kind words, the support and your understanding. We had quite a few things planned the last few years but that was made impossible. I honestly am trying daily to make the most of it and keep things running. Sorry if certain events don't come to fruition. Moving forward we will just do the same (make it to tomorrow and try again).

Okay, that's all.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
September 26th, 2021:

Generic maintenance.

- Not much to report, more of the same. I've focussed on keeping plugins and server engine current.

- Added 1.18 snapshot 2 protocol support.
Note: You can join with 1.18, but we're still 1.17.1 of course.

- CMILib, CMI, ViaBackwards, ViaVersion, Paper, updated.

- Players from the 1MB Donator group and higher will now be bothered way less by the server when they talk in spam or accidentally swear.

- PyoFishingPro patched so the totem works again.

- World editing and protection tools have been updated as well.

- The /achievements plugin got a bump again, as well as LuckPerms and Citizens.

- We now auto ban people and bots that try the Multiverse-core exploits which we patched end of July.

- PyroFishingPro update with skills and skills and skills, ask JackPerByte how it works!

- Rollback data for anti-grief has been lowered to 29+ weeks. We keep about half a year. So report any grief in a timely manner.

- Updated discord-helper.yml

- mcMMO power levels are now displayed in #server-chat on Discord.

- Converted more legacy NCP villages, temples and monuments to 1.17.1 generated ones.

- Updated some internal documentation.

- Updated the CMI repo

- Bottled Exp, PlotSquared, and other plugins had a bug-fixing update.

- Backups managed.

- @Nix donated a gift in the form of a cushion! Super sweet!

- Justin donated a gift in the form of whisky! Thanks so much.

And a bunch of other maintenance updates.

Have fun gaming.
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Jan 1, 2001
September 28th, 2021:

1MB version 2.9.4 - Time for Protocols

- Headsup: This is an experiment. We will remove what won't work. So please give it a try!

- Expanded protocol support for Java Edition from 1.7.10 to 1.18.Snapshot.2
Note: We are a 1.17.1 Java Edition server, we strongly uber mega recommend to use Java Edition 1.17.1 to play.

- Expanded protocol support for Bedrock Edition, supporting versions 1.17.10 - 1.17.30.
Note: We are a 1.17.1 Java Edition server, we strongly uber mega recommend to use Java Edition 1.17.1 to play.

- Paper bumped to their latest 1.17.1 build.

- 1MB version bumped from 2.9.3 to 2.9.4.

- Plugins with updates to improve support for 1.17.1 and/or java 16/17 have now been updated.

- A wide variety of plugins have received patches, fixes, bug fixes, maintenance updates, updates, and upgrades. We're not going to bore you with them this time to keep this changelog entry short.

More details here: <https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/> (last post has a list of known issues)
Snippet copied from first post.
As an experiment we're trying to better support a larger audience. Sometimes people at school, work, or while they're traveling would like to hop on with bedrock edition, this allows them to try that. Sometimes people like to play with 1.18's latest snapshot and see how it performs or how things look, that's possible since the last update. And sometimes people are just struggling to run Minecraft on their potato and that's okay. We try to support not just 1.16.5 and 1.15.2, but also 1.17.10 and up. Of course, we super mega uber strongly recommend to use 1.17.1 for 1.17.1, and to use Java Edition. We KNOW that certain things simply do not work, or won't work well. But, that's just how it is. This update included maintenance updates, and enough of them that we felt 'stable' enough to give this 1MB version 2.9.4 a try - it could fail and we remove the protocol support in a day, a week, or a month. But for now we're giving it a go.

Have fun playing, if you find something is broken, doesn't work, or you cannot connect: Please report it as a NEW TICKET on Discord in #support (or here on the forums). Direct Msgs or in-game msgs will be ignored (I am simply too busy with offline stuff to check everything constantly)


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
October 18th, 2021:

Offline is super stressful, like, .. it really isn't fun anymore. Anyway, maintenance updates..

- Have you seen the Spooky thread for October yet? Check "/spooky" in-game.

- I think herobrine is on the server, scary little fellah. And Mojang said they'd removed him!

- We have a few /achievements updates, you might notice Kangaroo and some others. Collect them all!

- Bit of an update to /homes, lets us know what you think on our Discord!

- Reset some Jobs-Reborn plugin configuration files.

- I've updated a bunch of my public .sh scripts on my github repo. We're using a few of those live on 1MB as well.

- 1MB updated to run the latest Java 17 Oracle JDK binary. Hopefully without issues!

- Bedrock cross-play related plugins have been updated. Hopefully supporting more of the newer builds that are out there.

- On Discord we've purged a few people who were inactive for 30+ days on Discord and had no roles.

- Java 1.18.snapshot.6 21w41a protocol support improved.

- The Pyro Fishing plugin had an update, we've updated. Thank you Pyro for keeping it current, and for reading this changelog.

- We've made a manual backup of the server to a local external drive again. Gotta keep that data flowing.

- I think we had an issue with /market, and I think we've resolved it.

- CMI / CMILib plugins updated multiple times this week, optimization, feature improvements, permission tweaking and some cool new things. Thanks Zrips for being one of the most dynamic and active developers out there.

- Published announcement about the Purge on Discord.

- Every once in a while we've lowered the weeks until we hit 26+, that's where we are now. We only have 26 weeks of data that we can roll back. So play, check your builds, report grief in the survival worlds in time, and we can help you fix it.

- Purged old Discord #archive channels - we're almost ready for a reset for 2022 again.

- Updated Paper a bunch of times.

- We also had a handful of plugins that improved performance on 1.17.1 and fixed some java16 issues they had. We've updated all 12 of those.

- Bunch of mcMMO Overhaul exploits fixed, pff, this plugin is in dire NEED of a real overhaul. Nossr is a great person, but I really wish the last 2 years would have been pulling this plugin into the modern era of Minecraft. It's on life support right now this plugin. I guess it's time we hire our own developer and make a private build.

- We're preparing the /halloween world. #soon

- Improvements made to /chat rooms feature.

- 1MB 2.9.4's latest version is live now! Oof, I am so bad at java yo

- Security patches applies to the OS kernel.

- Security patches applied to the firmware of some network devices.

- World protection and editing tools updated to their latest version.

- Improvements made to handling AFK. And with 1.18 this will probably slightly change.

- Updated some information about the server and Discord in our forums here on omgboards.com

- UI handling for 3+ plugins have improved by updating the underlying library. Yay.

- Managed the plan-b inventory saving databases. Purging about 5gb of data, while starting fresh with the latest version.

- Hepcat noticed some holograms were not showing the right data for a few hours, we've fixed that. Thanks hep

- Removed a bunch of voice chat channels from Discord, they weren't being used enough to justify the clutter.

- And loads of things I do daily but just don't keep that much track of anymore. I still hope this info sharing is useful to some people.

Don't forget about /spooky


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
November 16th, 2021:

It's been a month, so I thought it was time to let you know what's been going on with the server.

- 1.18 preparations are going strong. We're looking forward to upgrade.

- 1.17.1 support through plugin updates are still going strong.

- Paper server engine has been updated every now and then to stay current.

- Java 17 upgraded to latest OpenJDK build.

- Mojang announced Java 17 for 1.18.x, so we're well prepared I guess.

- macOS Monterey testing has completed, and Apple Silicon M1 testing has completed.

- Zrips plugins have been gradually upgraded to their latest versions.

- mcMMO has been updated, and mcMMO related plugins.

- There was no Thanksgiving 2021 event, sorry. Hopefully next year.

- The Halloween 2021 event was pretty epic, I hope you didn't miss it.

- The next Holiday Season event is Christmas 2021, starting December 1st, you can type "/santa"

- NPC related plugins have been updated.

- World protection and editing plugins have been updated.

- Some user submitted issues have been dealt with.

- Player_Heads related plugins have been updated.

- Bedrock crossplay plugin (still requires java account) has been updated.

- Protocol support for 1.18 has been updated, you can connect with pre-2 for example.

- Further tweaks to the /builders world have been made to make it nicer for everybody to play there who has builder rank or higher.

- Fishing related plugins have been updated.

- More plugins that now fully upgraded to java 16 and 1.17.1 have finally been updated. (slow updates much..)

- Perm banned users who on the network have been using hate-speech and/or have hate-speech usernames. Appeal not possible.

- Purged Plan-B inventory archives, nobody has reported inventory issues thankfully so we can drop this data and start fresh.

- Purged /logs/ where appropriate.

- 1MB 2.9.4 updated to its latest build with focus on Java 17.

- Deleted two servers from the overall network. Merged three servers together into one. And transferred ownership of a few servers to someone else. We're slowly getting rid of the overall network. Note please that I only share this for transparency. And to avoid rumors: No, 1MB survival server has no plans to be removed, merged, sold, etc. We're here to stay. In fact, I just spend another 1800 euro to make sure we keep it running in 2022. Feel free to donate on paypal.me/mrfloris to help out.

- Improved our plans to better support GDPR in 2022.

- Entity management and caps have been slightly adjusted in anticipation for the extra stuff we get to deal with in 1.18.x

- Configuration files for CMI have been further updated to be more modern and hopefully less performance heavy.

- Purged inactive users from Discord who haven't spoken for 30+ days and have no roles.

- Purged #dogwatch from Discord, we moved the bot to spit out in #watchdog again now that it's behaving better.

- Cleaned up the Halloween event. Prepared the Christmas event.

- Updated the /achievements plugins.

- Updated a bunch of pages on my github page.

- Reminded people that they should migrate from Mojang to MSA accounts or they will eventually be unable to play.

- Just for those who are interested. I spend about a handful of hours each day (spread throughout the day) to review players, find grief, update world chunks, update plugins, test everything, talk to players, go through support tickets and DM messages. Trying to keep things current, and prepare for future updates. I invest time and money, and I am glad some of the players we get really appreciate this. It's impossible to publicly share what's going on behind closed doors or in vanish, or just to remember all the little typing error fixes, inventory tweaks, configuration changes, etc. But I try to keep track the best I can. Thank you for reading the changelog. If you made it to this point and appreciate what I do I want to say thank you. In-game type: /mail send mrfloris changelog appreciation unique code 9724ERBx, and I will put a block of netherite in your inventory.

See you all online soon, invite a friend! And don't miss out this Christmas event starting December 1st.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
November 28th, 2021:

Almost December, almost time for the Advent Calendar at /santa DONT MISS OUT !! <3

- This changelog will not include the details of all the behind the scenes updates, it will be a summery.

- 1MB 2.9.4 upgraded to latest version, and we're almost at 2.9.5 !

- Paper 1.17.1 upgraded to their latest version, and we won't upgrade for a while unless there's a security issue for 1.17.x or something like that.

- Core plugins all updated to their latest version, mostly because a lot of them now better support Java 16 and 17. Our aim is Java 17 by the way.

- Additional plugins updated to their latest version if there were no major changes to them.

- Performance tweaks and proper maintenance releases were motivation to upgrade certain plugins to their latest build.

- Gametype plugins have all been updated, their add-ons included. Think /acid, /oneblock, /skyblock, etc.

- World testing with 1.18 has ended, we have made a plan. Fingers crossed.

- Plugin testing has started for 1.18, and it will go slow. Don't expect us to upgrade this week.

- Server performance testing and stress testing and our regular checklist has started. SO MUCH WORK.

- It's fair to say we're excited to upgrade to 1.18 "WHEN WE ARE READY"

- Discord channels tweaked, some data cleaned up.

- Discord channels with tents added, interested in finding out what this is about and want to join us? FIND THE UNKNOWN PROJECT WHILE YOU CAN !! (not so subtle hint haha)

- Protocol support for 1.18 beta and rc builds were added as they were released. we currently support rc3, and hopefully tuesday we drop support for them and go with 1.18 stable. (This means, we are 1.17.1 server but you can join with the new 1.18 version if you must.


It's the Winter season almost, and December 1st the /santa world will open and every day you can pick up a gift from the advent calendar. If you join on day 3, you can open 3, not 1 and 2, or 4 etc. If you join daily, you can collect all 24 gifts (gg)

On the 25th the chest below the tree will have a chest with your name on it if you have a certain amount of playtime in December and have collected at least a few advent days. This chest can be picked up from the 25th to 31st. And /santa closes on 25th.


It will be 2x Discord, Jobs, mcMMO and Greetings boosters on the server. This means you can level up the more active you are.

AND, when there's enough players online the booster will bump to 3 or 5 or even higher. So come play, invite your friends, gather up that loot and level up those skills.

- 1.18 news, well, I already said a few things but, .. yes. We have plans to upgrade to 1.18 when we are comfortable to upgrade.

See you online soon!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/floris
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