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Pandemonium | Sith Allegiance | PvE | PvP | Raid

Discussion in 'Korriban Guild Collective' started by Harrow, Sep 14, 2011.

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    PANDEMONIUM is a veteran guild whose founding members have been together for over four years. We are comprised of laid back, fun oriented, no drama adults. Pandemonium prides itself on excellence in all areas the game has to offer - from Leveling to Raiding, PvP and everything in between. Above all else we give our members a place to call home regardless of the world we play in. Pandemonium is recruiting!


    - ACTIVE: We maintain an active guild from the top down starting with the guild leader to the officers to the players. You will find Leveling, Questing, Instancing, PvP, and Raids to be planned and executed often. Pandemonium also recognizes the fact that the life blood of a Guild is the new player. That said we are constantly on the lookout for new members with a like minded demeanor to join our team!

    - ORGANIZED: Organization and stability are two of our greatest strengths as a Guild. With a strong real life military background amongst the leadership of Pandemonium, maintaining guild structure and direction have always been a core focus. You will find Pandemonium to have an extensive background of leadership in place that eliminates any confusion in regards to guild style, culture, or regulations.

    - BALANCED: Pandemonium sees each aspect of the game as a part to the whole, as such you will find that we enjoy all the components of the MMO equally, from Crafting to Questing, from Leveling to Raiding, we enjoy and do it all to the full extent!

    - MATURITY: Pandemonium has always catered to more mature players and while age does not always equal maturity we adhere to an eighteen or older rule with the average age of our members in the 25 to 35 range.

    - COMMITTED: Pandemonium is not a "pick-up" guild we have an extensive application, probation, and interview process to help "weed" out those that lack patience, maturity, and motivation. We ask our members to be loyal to the Guild as we are to them.

    - DIVERSE: Pandemonium caters to a wide range of players from all over the world. Some of the people you will find in Pandemonium include: Teachers, Soldiers, Moms, Business Owners, College Students; you name it!


    - DRAMA: We place a lot of emphasis on finding members that are a near perfect fit for our style and culture to ensure a match between our current membership and new applicants. Drama is NOT tolerated within Pandemonium. If started it is expected to be resolved privately between the involved parties. If it cannot be resolved the leadership will issue one warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the Guild permanently.

    - SINGLE FOCUSED: We do not cater to those seeking a single focus on one sole area of the game. Our emphasis is on the person behind the keyboard more than anything else and folks who enjoy every aspect of the game. Instead we seek out like-minded, fun oriented adults who enjoy all that the game has to offer; crafting, leveling, pvp, and raids!

    - SELFISH: Pandemonium prides itself on the level of commitment to its members. Therefore, we encourage players who not only like to have fun but ALSO enjoy helping others succeed to apply.

    - BORING: There is always something going on in Pandemonium! We strive to get our members involved in content of all kinds. From small groups to larger scale endeavors such as server wide events, competitions, and raids! We also highly encourage ALL our members to get involved and will give them the tools to do so.


    - Pandemonium, now a four year old group that has inhabited many mmo worlds of the past and future, seeks motivated members to help crush The Galactic Republic and The Jedi Order into the ground.

    - While Pandemonium is intended to be a long term Endgame style Guild; we are not a Raiding Guild in the strictest sense. We are a Guild that Raids often, consistently, and successfully without all the bullshit that comes out of most Raiding Guilds.

    - Our primary focus is of course on grouping and fun. In our guild environment, if you don’t like grouping then we are not the Guild for you. If you’d rather be a loner then we encourage you to do just that, alone. We love playing all parts of the game and experiencing ALL CONTENT. We reach this goal by teamwork, selflessness, and PARTICIPATION above all else.

    - Since all of our members are adults we do not censor our guild environment. Again, we are laid back adults who like to have a great time while enjoying the game together. However anyone who discriminates against another player based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will be permanently removed from the Guild and your actions posted on every major forum associated with the game itself.

    - The Leadership of Pandemonium prides itself on being open, honest, and understanding. We are here to help you succeed. We want players who are ready to succeed.

    If an experienced, balanced, no-drama guild with a focus on group and end game content piques your interest, then Apply Today at: http://pandemonius.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/app_account.php?type=app&gid=229613
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