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Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Vandok, May 3, 2011.

  1. Vandok

    Vandok Galactic Fetus

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    Prophecy is a new guild started from those with experience in WoW and Galaxies. We are a very small group but constantly growing and dedicated to helping everyone have fun and advance through the game no matter what aspect they want to play. If you wish to join us there are a few things you should know:

    • We are in a PVE server but we definitely encourage and promote PVP to those who wish to explore this avenue.
    • We are located in the Eastern Time zone, and all times for events will be in EST.
    • At the time we do not have a ventrilo server up but we do require it to at least be installed and usable for when we do. You do not need a mic but the ability to listen to vent is required.
    • Drama will not be tolerated. If drama is found in the guild in excess, it will be investigated and those found to have started it will be dealt with.
    • We require initial members to be over 18 but the children of players who wish to join that are under 18 may join as well
    • All members will be expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Leetism is ridiculous and those that do it obviously don’t remember what it was like when they started on a game, or did not know how to play. We will be a guild that will help out ALL members, not just ones that we pick out. This is a helpful guild and those wishing to advance in any manner in the game will NOT be turned away.

    If you wish to join, register at the official SWTOR web site:


    Join us here at:


    and then join us at:


    it may seem like a lot but it is completely worth it!!! Join us!!!
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