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<Purgatory> [EU] [PvE] Is recruiting! Check us out!

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Zyppe, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Zyppe

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    Guild Description & Policies


    First of all, thank you for your interest in our guild, Purgatory!

    We’re an Empire side SWTOR guild based at the [PvE server TBA], originally founded 09/2011 by a group of real life friends. Purgatory as a guild is not easily classifiable by the standard terms so often used to place guilds into certain categories. We are neither a Hard- nor Softcore and by no means are we a raiding guild, but we don’t consider ourselves as being completely casual either. Purgatory as a guild is more of a group of like-minded friends, a concept, an idea even.

    What’s that then, the idea, you may ask?

    Purgatory is, at its heart, a community of friends who aim for one thing, to have fun playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. That’s what gaming is supposed to be, fun, and we do not place boundaries on that fun! The moment you start to place boundaries, drop into certain categories and start to plan your real life around your gaming schedule there’s always that very real risk of it all beginning to feel more and more like work. Gaming isn’t supposed to feel like work, quite the opposite, it’s what you’re doing to relax and have fun!

    Our main focus is on PvE content: Questing, Flashpoints & Operations. However this isn’t what we’re all about, since many of us enjoy the PvP element of games also and no doubt there will be guild groups doing Warzones etc. together also. In Purgatory you’re free to do the activities which you find fun and entertaining and I’m sure whatever it is you’ll find fellow members who’d like to join you on your travels!

    Goals of Purgatory

    Purgatory aims to be more than a mere gathering of people who happen to play the same game. The ultimate goal is to have friends that we can play this or any other game with, who we like and who we know we’ll have a good time with.

    We aim to provide a friendly, warm and honest atmosphere with helpful and like-minded people who we hope you eventually come to call your friends. A home away from home and a second family if you will. We wish to make everyone’s playing experience as satisfying as possible.

    When it comes to more specific goals within the game, we’re eager to explore every corner of the galaxy and would like to beat all of the content eventually while not necessarily pushing it, but in our own pace.

    Guild Ranks

    These details may be updated when the game launches and we see how the rank system actually works in-game.

    Currently we're going with something as simple as:

    • Leader
    • Officer
    • Member
      The rank for majority of our members
    • Initiate
      The rank that new recruits start with. Currently doesn't really differ from the 'Member' class, but in-game we might implement some restrictions to guildbank usage etc. Initiates will be promoted to full 'Member' status when we get to know them better and see that they really are a good fit for Purgatory. Otherwise they'll be removed from the guild. If you have read our policies, requirements & expectations before applying this shouldn't be anything for you to worry about! Initiate phase usually lasts 2-4 weeks in-game, might take longer when only viewing forum activity pre-launch or might be that the actual promoting takes place only after the game has launched and we've seen you in action!

    Loot System

    In Purgatory we see loot as a tool. Tool to help us beat increasingly difficult game content when it’s distributed evenly and in a smart manner. Instead of using DKP or a similar point system, we’re using the only system we find satisfactory and without any drawbacks, which is to use our brains.

    Basically, our looting system is based on the Loot Council idea, but instead of having Officers or some other appointed person distribute the loot, the member base itself is the council. For each item that drops the members who Need that item make themselves known and discuss between themselves who’ll get the item. If all else fails, they will roll on who gets it, but ideally the person for who the item is the biggest upgrade gets it. If there is no Need for the item, secondary call will be for Off-Spec and after that unwanted items go towards guild bank.

    This requires that people are aware of the fellow players, know their class and can take a step back from the item to see the big picture.

    The reason we’re using this system is because there’s so many drawbacks with the general DKP and equivalent systems. No point saving means there’s no “saving up” for one item and no bidding strategies. This also means that no items are lost due to people being cheap with their precious points and not bidding on certain items which they could actually use. Also eliminates the need to run or check any lists and thus makes progress smoother.

    Be nice towards your fellow members and people will vote for you to get items, or be an ill-reputed egomaniac obsessed with loot and you’ll soon find yourself without any support and most likely outside the guild.

    End-game content / Operations

    We’ll cross this bridge when we get to it.

    In other words we’ll revisit the Operations details & requirements later, namely when we have enough max level members who are interested in starting to run Operations.

    Currently we can just say that it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever start running Operations for more than 2-3 times per week and will progress at our own pace. We won’t be going into running Operations 4-5 times per week on a strict schedule, because that’s often when it starts to feel like work for many and we don’t want to end up in a state where our members only login for Operations. None of our members will ever get punished for not attending to Operations, it won’t become mandatory. If you don’t care about that aspect of the game, fine, we won’t hold it against you. As well as if you have something other planned or simply don’t feel like it on some days, you’re allowed to sit out Operations. We’ll do what we can on weekly basis and on days when there are not enough sign-ups we simply skip it and do something else instead!

    But for now enjoy the game, explore and level at your own pace. Don’t rush, as we don’t get fresh content like this every day. There’s time to run Operations etc. high-level content later as much as we like!

    Requirements & Expectations

    We have certain requirements which every applicant must meet before they're eligible to apply into Purgatory as well as certain expectations you're going to need to meet once you become a member.

    Requirements to apply

    • Must be at least 18 years old.
      Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere. If you're younger and feel you could show the amount of maturity and respect we're asking for, do apply. We'll still consider exceptional applications as we know that age doesn't say it all!
    • Conversational English to a good standard.
      You don't have to be completely fluent, but it helps if we can understand you.
    • Sense of humor is a MUST!
      You won't survive in Purgatory without proper sense of humor. Although we sometimes apparently have very bad/dark/sick/twisted jokes etc. which not many seem to find as funny... You've been warned!
    • Have read, understood and accepted our guild policies.

    Expectations for our members

    • Cordial, mature & respectful attitude towards others.
      Both towards your fellow guild mates and other people within the SWTOR community. How you act and present yourself under the guilds banner has an effect to the guilds reputation as well, keep this in mind. We try to maintain a positive and constructive attitude. Therefore we do not accept any sort of griefing, trolling, or generally any kind of negativity or non-constructive criticism towards any other member of the guild or anyone for that matter. We ask that members of our guild treat others as they themselves expect to be treated.
    • Willingness to help others without personal gain.
    • The ability to give and take criticism in a constructive manner.
      Meaning that you can take constructive criticism without getting upset and can give it in a manner which doesn't upset others.
    • Certain level of activity.
      We are not tracking activity with any meters, but we expect our members to remain somewhat active both in-game and on the forums. If you know you'll be gone for longer periods of time (vacation, sickness, technical problems etc.) please let us know at the '/afk' forum, that's what it's for.
    • Don't use 1337speak in chat.
      Usage of unnecessary abbreviations makes our eyes bleed. It's not hard to type "your" instead of "ur" or "you" instead of "u".

    Membership Benefits

    So you're asking if there's any additional Membership Benefits on top of what you've already gathered from our 'Guild Description & Policies' and 'Requirements & Expectations'?

    There is!

    As a member of Purgatory...

    • ...You're part of a friendly and like-minded group of people, a community. We help each other and have each other's backs.
    • ...You get to do Heroic Quests, Flashpoints, Operations and Warzones with guild groups.
    • ...You get access to our VoIP services (Mumble, Ventrilo)
    • ...You get access to more features on our Guild Site, such as Member Forums, Shoutbox, Chat, Image Gallery and more!

    And the list will surely grow larger as the game is launched and we see what types of guild features are provided!


    For more information about us and our recruitment procedure, please visit our


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    Updated with 'Membership Benefits'!
  3. OP

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