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Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Platinum, May 31, 2011.

  1. Platinum

    Platinum Galactic Fetus

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    o:wave: d[-.-]b o:wave: --THE SITH LORDS-- o:wave: d[-.-]b o:wave:

    A spectre is haunting The Old Republic... The spectre of TSL!

    Rising as the last remnant of the ancient 12 Empires and true masters of the Dark Side, The Sith Lords have time and time again proven to be a beacon of unyielding power and resolve in a myriad of online worlds throughout the Star Wars Cyberverse. Although currently not in swarming numbers, our membership once peaked with 250+ well trained and dedicated members who consistently fought to attain victory in every occasion. We look forward to decimating all opposition: Resistance is futile, Republic sympathizers. We do not defend ourselves with noobish meatshields; as it has been a tradition for us to achieve excellence in our gameplay. As of now, we're the biggest ''The Sith Lords'' guild in all of SWTOR!; making us a symbol of the Sith Empire's strength due to the nature of our clan name.

    We typically do some roleplaying when making publicity; but rarely do so in our communication lines.

    Currently we're making a transition from other Star Wars games, so we'll be gaining more and more experienced and skilful members as time progresses.


    1. Our main lines of communication are Xfire and TSL's guestbook (more info in TSL's website).
    2. As our name implies, we're a clan aligned to the Sith Empire.
    3. We do not tolerate self-promoters and spies.
    4. Activity is key. In our tight-knit community we will always seek ways to improve our battle skills.
    5. We only recruit people who are 16 or older as a general rule to avoid a noob swarm, but that does not exempt witty and active younger people.
    6. In less than 2 weeks of existence, we've become the biggest ''The Sith Lords'' guild in all of SWTOR!

    Visit our SWTOR website!:


    And feel free to take a look at our old TSL website:


    Post in the guestbook, you're more than welcome there.

    We're not characterized by noobishness, and we shall focus in organization, preparation and decisiveness by following a simple, yet effective principle: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

    Join TSL. Post here :BH:

    We're PvP, EST Time, but this can change as our clan grows. I don't like the name ''guild''. So we're calling it a clan.

    Without further adieu;


    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2011
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