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Revenant | PvE Focused on PVP Server | Casual - Recruiting all classes!

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by rivacom, May 24, 2011.

  1. rivacom

    rivacom Galactic Fetus

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    Revenant Gaming is a relatively new gaming organization making it's way into the SWTOR scene. We are made up of casual gamers to hardcore raiders. Revenant is also trying to venture into other games besides SWTOR, however SWTOR will always be our first love. If you'd like to ask more questions or would like to simply check us out. Visit us at revenantgaming.com.

    What Faction will you be on release?:

    We have decided to take the Dark side. We will be Sith from the start.

    What Timezone will you be playing?:

    The bulk of the guild is in the EST time zone, but we will be taking into account PST players, and players with family matters. We want to pick play times that are available to everyone.

    What are the requirements to join?:

    We are looking for all 18+(age limit can be overruled.) who are looking for either PvE or PvP gameplay. We will be playing on a PVP server, however we will be looking out for everything PvE has to offer. You also must have Ventrilo(and a mic) and remain active on the guild site.

    Do you have a set of rules and conditions?:

    We have a guild charter that you can give a look at here: revenantgaming dot com/guildcharter

    Do you have a guild ranking system?:

    Our guild rank system is very basic. We had plans on doing a sith theme, but later scrapped it due to us wanting to expand into multiple games. Our rank system consists of...

    -Guild Leaders(High Command)

    -Division Leaders(Admiral )


    -Core/Veterean Members



    What's so great about Revenant?:

    Well I can't jump out and claim to be the best, especially with a brand new guild. However I can highlight some key items that might interest you.

    • We host a site/forums for members to express ideas, issues, and concerns
    • Ventrilo Voice Chat
    • Experience with Raids dating back to Everquest time frame.
    • A guild run by SW geeks
    • Players from any gaming type are welcomed.
    • Ability to start a division in other gaming areas.

    How do I join?:

    To join, simply goto our website over at revenantgaming dot com and click the apply to join link on the top of the page. From there, you can submit and app, and wait for a SWTOR leader to approve it. Once approved you will be put on a Trial period, where you will need to interact with current members of Revenant.


    Revenant Guild Leader

  2. Rexigar

    Rexigar Galactic Fetus

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    Revenant is looking for active, mature members who enjoy playing in a friendly atmosphere. We have years and years of gaming experience under our belts, with knowledge and expertise on all platforms.

    If you are looking to join or have any questions please contact us.

    Guild Website: www.revenantgaming.com

    Guild Link: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/81814/revenant

    We look forward to hearing from you
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