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Rogue Spotlight: Sith Ships

Discussion in 'Rogue Spotlight' started by Ki Adi Mundi, May 16, 2007.

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    Rogue Spotlight: Sith Ships

    Information gathered from the Wookiepedia!

    The Sith Fighter

    The Sith Fighter was a tentatively named starfighter of ambiguous origin that formed the bulk of Darth Revan and Darth Malak's assault forces during the Jedi Civil War.[​IMG]


    A swarm of attacking Sith fighters.

    Little has been gleaned about these fighters specifications. They appeared to carry a prototype twin ion drive system, seen only in this design. Its design appears to be a hybrid of various technologies, matching no specific world. Its specifications gave the fighter maneuverability to the point of instability, meaning much of the central chassis was given to managing the reactor core for optimal performance.

    When docked, not in use or traveling through hyperspace, the Sith fighter had the ability to fold its wings and power down its weapon systems. In combat, these were unfolded, and the blaster cannons brought to bear, a concept later seen in the S-foils. This allowed it a broad attack arc, while its small profile made it difficult to target.


    The Sith fighter first appeared as Malak and Revan returned to the Republic as conquerors after the Mandalorian Wars. While many of their capital ships were turncoat Republic vessels, the majority of their forces were made of these curious fighters. Produced by the Star Forge, they could be easily stored in cargo bays, such that even a single mothership could deliver swarms of them into battle. Further, they were quick to scramble, making them a deadly first strike.

    Behind the scenes
    • The Sith fighter's design was intended to recall that of the TIE starfighters of the Galactic Civil War. Perhaps coincidentally, they also greatly resemble dark side starfighters seen in a flashback in Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic.
    • The official databank suggests the Sith fighter was a new and unfamiliar design created by the Star Forge for Revan's Sith Empire. However, the comic Shadows and Light shows them to be in the service of the Republic nearly 40 years before.
    • Also, Dorak mentions that among Revan and Malak's fleet there are many strange ships, of a shape he had never seen before. This may suggest that the Sith fighter was a model created by the Rakata Infinite Empire and later developed and improved by the Star Forge itself.
    The Legacy Era Sith Fighter

    The second Sith fighter was a starfighter used by the Sith of Darth Krayt's order around 137 ABY.


    Rear view of a Sith fighter.

    These fighters appeared similar to the Predator-class fighters used by pilots of the Galactic Empire, with two wings curving out from the main hull. These vessels were powered by three ion drives, the largest of which was located under the hull. They were armed with a single laser cannon, fitted to the fighter's nose.


    Darth Talon used one of these starfighters to journey from Coruscant to Socorro on her mission to capture Princess Marasiah Fel. Darth Nihl and his ground forces later used Sith fighters to pursue two Predator fighters, one of which was thought to carry former Emperor Roan Fel. The enemy fighters were shot down, and Nihl's forces joined Talon groundside to confront Marasiah and her protectors.

    The Sith Infiltrator (Scimitar)

    The Scimitar (or Sith Infiltrator) was a prototype stealth-ship used as the personal starship of the Sith apprentice, Darth Maul prior to the Invasion of Naboo around 32 BBY.


    "There exists no other ship like it." ―Darth Sidious when granting the Scimitar to Darth Maul
    The Scimitar.

    The Scimitar had a pair of folding wings around a round cockpit; a design which was used on T-class long-range personal cruisers like the Valcyn which were used by Sith Lords like Darth Bane during the New Sith Wars about a millennium earlier and would later resurface in the famous TIE series of starfighters used primarily by the Galactic Empire.

    Behind the round cockpit of the vehicle was a stygium crystal-powered cloaking device which was capable of creating an invisibility field which could sneak through even the most advanced of security technologies and allowing its master to evade pursuit while on his missions.

    Built beneath the cloak field generator was a series of compartments containing various equipments for Darth Maul's missions including three DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids, his speeder bike Bloodfin, several interrogation and security droids, spying equipment, torture devices, bombs and mines.

    The Infiltrator was protected by six low-profile laser cannons which could extend and fire several laser bursts in the blink of an eye. It was also equipped with an experimental high temperature X-C 2 ion drive array which would resurface in future Sienar designs while the ship's hyperdrive was an unmodified Sienar SSDS 11-A system. It could also carry six passengers while its total capacity was 2.5 metric tons.


    The Scimitar as it speeds towards Tatooine.

    The Scimitar was an extensively modified version of a Sienar Design Systems prototype for an advanced star courier and was allegedly designed by Raith Sienar himself (though he would later dispute his involvement) for a mysterious client, later revealed to be Darth Sidious.

    Its folding wing and round cockpit design had been used by T-class long-range personal cruisers like the Valcyn which were used by Sith Lords like Darth Bane about a millennium earlier during the New Sith Wars and would later resurface in the famous TIE series of starfighters used primarily by the Galactic Empire. During its time of service, the Infiltrator was one of the few Galactic Republic vessels equipped with a cloaking device.

    Having survived a dangerous training session with deadly combat droids, Darth Maul was sent on a mission by Lord Sidious to kill the leading Vigos of the powerful Black Sun crime syndicate which dominated a significant amount of crime in the Galaxy. For this mission, Maul was equipped with a Sith Infiltrator which he would christen Scimitar. The Sith apprentice then left his master's base in the galactic capital of Coruscant itself cloaked by its powerful stygium powered-cloaking device and passed over the Jedi Temple itself which only caused a slight disturbance in the Force for Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    After disposing of the Black Sun vigos including Master Alexi Garyn on Ralltiir, Darth Maul was assigned by his master to track down the missing Queen Amidala of Naboo along with her entourage and her pair of Jedi guardians Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan who had fled to Tatooine on their modified J-Type 327 Nubian Starship after having evaded the Trade Federation blockade over Naboo. There on Tatooine, Darth Maul fought Master Qui-Gon, who narrowly escaped.
    Sith Infiltrator while landed, with the ship's landing ramp retracted.

    However, Darth Maul would later meet his foes again during the battle for Naboo. During the fight, the Sith Lord was slain by Obi-Wan Kenobi, though he managed to murder Qui-Gon Jinn before that. Following that, the Scimitar passed into the hands of the Republic.

    The first technicians to inspect the craft were killed by automated defenses, so Jedi Master Saesee Tiin had to help secure the craft. While he found a large amount of equipment, including torture devices and other less-sinister pieces of technology, the onboard computers had been erased. The ship was going to be transferred over to Kuat Drive Yards for study, but disappeared somewhere en route (at least officially). In reality, as of 19 BBY, the Republic was storing it in a clandestine hangar in Theed.
    It is probable that the Scimitar was designed using concepts later used to create the T.I.E. starfighter, judging from its similarity in appearance to the later TIE Fighters of the Galactic Civil War.
    Behind the scenes
    • In the book Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy, there is a ship that looks very much like the Scimitar.
    The Sith Meditation Sphere

    The Sith Meditation Sphere was an ancient warship used by the Sith Empire for battle meditation.


    Naga Sadow's Sith Meditation Sphere

    Meditation spheres were spherical attack craft ten meters in diameter. They resembled giant, floating eyeballs with batlike wings.

    At the heart of the mediation sphere used by Naga Sadow was the Sith Lord's meditation chamber. The chamber had jagged walls that sloped inwards and at the center the Sith Lord would crouch and focus his dark side powers that allowed him to amplify his intensions and send them out over great distances to control his armies and ensure victory for his forces.
    In his chamber he was able to see the whole galaxy laid out and monitor the progress of his minions. A giant holoscreen on the wall displayed more detailed tactical information.


    Naga Sadow constructed his sphere on the secret world of Khar Shian. The vessel was destroyed at the Battle of Primus Goluud during the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY.

    Ben Skywalker activated and piloted another Sith Meditation Sphere to escape Ziost during the Second Corellian Insurrection. The ship was self-aware and guided Ben with voices over the course of many days. The ship had formerly been piloted by a female of the original Sith species. The ship was armed with a ventral laser cannon and a dorsal magnetic accelerator. Ben also stated that the Meditation Sphere seems to have whatever weapons you want.

    Once Ben had returned to the Anakin Solo with the Meditation Sphere, Jacen Solo gave the ship to Lumiya.

    • Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire (First appearance)
    • Edge of Victory II: Rebirth (Vision to Luke Skywalker) (Retcon)
    • Exile
    • Sacrifice
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