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Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by maureen121212, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. maureen121212

    maureen121212 OMG Member

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    I have cvv good sell.
    Don't pm Me for test and demo and free cvv i can not give you free cvv
    I Can't Give You Free Test And Demo Cvv Only Sell
    I only sold to those who really need CVV
    Never scam,
    I'm selling CVV get prestige is leading
    Not buy no add ID
    ID: sell_cvv_1102

    7558526823/Mastercard/52914926xxxxxxxx/6/2010/217/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Joy/McGinn/61a Timrod dr//Worcester/MA/01603/US/508-798-3946/hmartel5206@verizon.net
    7558539698/Mastercard/52621888xxxxxxxx/12/2009/399/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Madeleine/Andrew/101 Sport Hill Road//Redding/CT/06896/US/203-563-5140/mad.andrew@yahoo.com
    6792497131/Visa/48285111xxxxxxxxx/8/2010/295/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Alison L/Stitzer/629 Springvale Road//Great Falls/VA/22066/US/240-401-6988/porselina@aol.com
    6796717458/Visa/48285007xxxxxxxx/10/2011/166/visa/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Rainge/10704 Lombardy Rd.//Silver Spring/MD/20901/US/240-676-9639/trainge@hotmail.com

    Credit Card Number:453979xxxxxxxx
    CCV/AMEX No: 672
    Credit Card Type: VISA
    Expiry Date: 04/11
    Name on Card: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Name: karen Thomas
    Street: 5 Kingsway
    Suburb/Town: Leicester
    State: Leicestershire
    Post Code: LE3 2JL
    Country: United Kingdom
    Email: karen_louise5@yahoo.co.uk
    Phone: 0116 2892435

    Credit Card Number: 49412020xxxxxxxx
    CCV/AMEX No: 826
    Credit Card Type: VISA
    Expiry Date: 11/09
    Name on Card: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Name: kihly watson
    Street: 39 oakwood grds
    State: Yorkshire
    Post Code: hx2 8hb
    Country: United Kingdom
    Email: kihly.watson@btinternet.com
    Phone: 07930328024

    Payment Type : Discover
    Name on Card : Dwan Morgan
    Card Number : 60110018xxxxxxxx
    Card Expiration : 11/2008
    Authorization : 531
    Full Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Address : 559 Shark Lane Address 2 :
    City,State,Zip : Manahawkin,NJ,08050
    Country : *United States
    Phone Number : 6099784719
    Email : capncrunch559@aol.com

    Payment Type : Discover
    Name on Card : Jay D. Benner
    Card Number : 60110092xxxxxxxx
    Card Expiration : 07/2010
    Authorization : 271
    Full Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Address : 16801 21st Ave Sw Address 2 :
    City,State,Zip : Seattle,WA,98166
    Country : *United States
    Phone Number : 206 244 4231
    Email : jbenner17@comcast.net

    Name on Card : xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Card Number : 30113800xxxxxxxx
    Card Expiration : 09/2009
    Cvv2 : 1181
    Full Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Address 1 : 4456 brandy lane Address 2 :
    City,State,Zip : Acworth,GA,30102
    Phone Number : 770-966-0584
    Email : htling@yahoo.com

    Name on Card : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Card Number : 3011001xxxxxxxx
    Card Expiration : 04/2009
    Cvv2 : 6373
    Full Name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Address 1 : 47 Red Stone Dr. Address 2 :
    City,State,Zip : Weatogue,CT,06089
    Phone Number : 860-658-4816
    Email : tcsales@comcast.net

    And there are many more things, I can not be all demo ^^!
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