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Song of the Force III

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Crystal, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Crystal

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    Song of the Force III

    Title: Song of the Force III

    Backstory 1--Song of the Force

    In the first RP--over at the JJT--this was a story about how the Exile went into the Unknown Regions to discover what happened to Revan. In that, RP, the Exile, Dane Kurress, went to a planet deep in the Unknown Regions, where they encountered a being who was strong in the Dark Side, and was also responsible for causing the Mandalore Wars, and indirectly, the Jedi Civil War. This creature was something like a giant whale, the last of its species, and it used a special Force crystal formation to amplify it's voice--because it used its Force powers by Singing. Though the crystal formation, it could affect other areas in space, even places that were very far away from its planet.

    Well, working together, Revan and Dane managed to find the evil being--whose name was Eviwy--and they managed to destroy the crystal formation. Also, Dane managed to use the Force to send a mental message to a Force-sensitive Republic officer, who then went into the Unknown Regions, and had his ship open fire upon the planet's surface--the dead planet where Eviwy had dwelled for so long. That resulted in a cave-in, which apparently killed Eviwy. However, Revan and Dane managed to escape, and T3--who had control of the Ebon Hawk--was able to pick them up from the planet.

    Backstory 2--Song of the Force, the Sequel

    This is the summery of what happened in the second Song RP--which took place over on the Vode An website.

    Five years later, the Jedi Council, consisting of Jedi Masters Atton, Mira, Mical, Revan, and Dane Kurress. Revan and Carth were married and had a four-year-old son named Dev Kaen Onasi, Dane and Atton were engaged, and Mical and Mira began to realize and admit that they had feelings for each other. However, even as Mira and Mical began to contemplate their feelings for each other, Carth and Revan attempt to sort out their problems and differences in their marriage.

    Meanwhile, Dane Kurress had gone missing, and at a Council meeting, the other Jedi deduced that she had been possessed by Eviwy's spirit--and she was using Dane to try and get a special crystal from the Jedi temple on Coruscant in order to resurrect herself so she could come back to power and form a new Empire. And so Carth, Atton, Mira and Revan went to Coruscant, leaving Mical behind to keep an eye on things on Dantooine, and to watch Dev, Carth and Revan's son. However, unknown to anyone, Dev managed to stowaway aboard the Ebon Hawk before it departed for Coruscant.

    Once arriving at Coruscant, they made their way into the temple, and Dane sacrificed her life to help save her friends, and the galaxy, and to wound and damage Eviwy's spirit. Eviwy's ghost then attempted to possess Dev, but Revan came to her son's rescue and destroyed Eviwy's spirit, defeating her.

    Afterwards everyone returned home to Dantooine, saddened by the loss of Dane, especially Atton. Carth plans to continue to help rebuild the Republic, and he and Revan mend their fences. Plus presumably, Mira and Mical still have a future together.

    And now:

    Song of the Force III

    Borrowing an idea from the latest Harry Potter book (*snort*) a fragment of Eviwy's spirit has somehow survived within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and through a vision, Revan has sensed that it is there and it needs to be cleansed from the temple before it can cause anymore harm.

    Meanwhile, the Jedi Council attempts to assist in rebuilding the Republic, but will soon find themselves stretched thin as another threat arises from the midst. A hostile race of Force sensitive "dragons" who are niether Sith nor Jedi invade Republic space, and it will soon be discovered that they are from a long-forgotten world in the Unknown Regions, and they masked their presence in the Force from being detected, because they were afraid of Eviwy's race. So long as at least one of Eviwy's race was still alive, they kept themselves secluded and hidden. But now that they have sensed the last of Eviwy's race--Eviwy herself--has perished, they have decided to come out of hiding and try and conquer the galaxy for themselves.

    So the question remains... does Revan exterminate the last remaining fragment of Eviwy's spirit from the Temple, or does she attempt to try and restore Eviwy's spirit and bring her back to frighten off another deadly enemy?


    LSF Revan: Scout_Four

    Carth: darthnotrevan

    Dev Onasi: Scout_Four

    Mical: Walruseater

    Mira: Scout_Four

    Atton: darthnotrevan

    Eviwy's spirit: Walruseater

    Force Dragon Leader--Mecilla: Walruseater

    Mission: (probably in her mid-twenties by now, at least) Thel0stcat

    This RP is open for business: http://www.therogueforums.com/showthread.php?t=3953

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