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Sovereign Storm - Elite Sith Recruiting

Discussion in 'Korriban Guild Collective' started by Jindoublex, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Sovereign Storm is based on a core of RL friends with 50+ years of combined mmo gaming experience. The leaders have lead guilds in games ranging from Tribes to the late WoW which has consumed most of our lives. We have one purpose, to lead the servers we play in without compromise, to be the sovereign power that other players can only envy. If our journeys pass, your training will not be light. You will be rigorously tested, not only in your gaming skills, but your intuition to make the right decisions at the right time, and your ability to follow orders and obey your commanders without question. When it comes to gaming we understand that people have real lives, and maybe you can't put the time or effort into proving that you will be there when called upon, you are not the type of gamer we are searching for. If you feel you have what it takes to become a part of the best, then please check us out on swtor.com or head to our website and begin your application process. Thank you for taking the time to look at our post, if you're rebel scum ****. Empire or Death!

    GUILD NAME: "Sovereign Storm"

    GUILD WEBSITE: http://thestorm.guildlaunch.com



    AGE GROUP: 18+

    LANGUAGE: English


    MISSION STATEMENT: To be the most honored and respected guild on either side of the force.


    Recruiting for Sovereign Storm has begun. We all understand that the game does not have a release date at this time. This does not mean that we should wait to recruit until release date.

    Members that join a guild months before a game is released have much better opportunity's than players that wait till they are playing a game to find a guild.

    You have the advantage of getting to know your fellow guild mates, not only that but a chance to mingle with the players that will be commanding your guild. There are a slew of guilds that try to claim that personal relationships with your leaders have no effect in the outcome of your guild. We completely disagree. We are not a role-playing guild, and we only care about the player, not their characters.

    Sovereign Storm IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT a casual guild. We will have a rigorous raid schedule and you will be required to attend 90% of the raids. Upon your initiation you will be placed on a two month trial program. This program will watch for things such as: Attitude(towards the game, and other players in and out of guild,) Your reaction times to simple yet sometimes challenging feats, Your ability to follow orders without question, and many other areas that our officer core feels are needed to determine the value of a player in our guild

    IF YOU MAKE THE CUT - If it is decided that your skills fit our needs, and you are offered a membership within Sovereign Storm, you will then be removed from trial status and bumped to your proper in game rank. We expect the same from you once this has happened, just because you have passed the trial period does not mean you can forget about simple things that got you to the guild in the first place. It's just as easy to remove a player from a guild after 6 months of service as it is was when they didn't pass the trial, remember that.

    OFFICER OPENINGS - Sovereign Storm does still have officer positions available. However, officer positions will not be offered to trial members of this guild, you must first pass your two month trial period before being considered. If you pass your membership trial, you can apply to become a "Sith Acolyte," our rank for "Officer in Training." This training is very similar to the normal membership trial. You will be farther tested in the areas mentioned above, as well as several areas that are specific to being an officer. The "Sith Acolyte" program will last 30 days from the time your officer application has been accepted. "NOT ALL MEMBERS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR OFFICER TRIALS"

    If this sounds like the guild you've been looking for then please, head to our home page and start your application process, your applications will be answered within 24 hours of your submittal.

    Thank you for your interest in Sovereign Storm.
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