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SWTOR “Return” Intro Cinematic Released

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by The Bioware Beacon, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. The Bioware Beacon

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    For over a thousand years, the Sith were thought to be extinct after a grave defeat in an ancient war. But a select few survived, fleeing to unknown regions to escape Republic forces. In the centuries since, the Sith have prepared; rebuilding their Empire for the day they would make their return to reclaim what was once theirs and take their revenge on the Republic.

    That day has arrived.

    Watch the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Intro Cinematic Video to see the dramatic reappearance of the Jedi Order’s most ancient and terrible of enemies.

    <object height="330" width="580">

    <embed src="http://cdn-www.swtor.com/sites/all/themes/swtor/en/assets/mediaPlayerInterior.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="title=undefined&description=undefined&source=http://cdn-www.swtor.com//sites/all/files/en/vc/return_20110606/Return.flv&fullscreen_source=/&comment_url=/media/trailers/return#comments&download_1=header|Windows Media Video (.wmv),thumb|null,filesize|262M,resolution|1280x720,url|<a href=" http:="" cdn-www.swtor.com="" sites="" all="" files="" en="" vc="" return_20110606="" tor_return_wmv.zip&download_2="header|Quicktime"" target="_blank" height="330" width="580"></object>

    Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet’s tombs.
  2. TeHpUmKinKiNg

    TeHpUmKinKiNg OMG Member

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    Ohhhhh, damn this is awesome. SO AWESOME!

    Was very cool to see the Jedi and Sith wielding both a double-blade AND a single. Flawlessly. This is pretty amazing.
  3. Digz

    Digz OMG Member

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    These guys should make a movie out of this! I'd pay to see this over and over again! Only 1 snag though, they should have played Darth Vaders theme at the end when he killed his master.
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