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Syndicate Gaming

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Cryous Renn, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Cryous Renn

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    "The most dangerous enemy is the unknown."

    - - - Recruitment Video (Coming Soon) - - -

    WebsiteForumsLogoApply Here

    Guild: Syndicate

    Faction: Sith

    Governing Structure: Tribunal with Elected Representatives

    Guild Leaders: Tim Uton and Zum Darl

    Recruitment Status: Open Recruiting

    Age Requirement: None, but be mature

    Timezones: All Accepted

    Guild Communication: Ventrilo, Xfire, GSC, Facebook

    Mission Statement

    Our objective is simple: Strive to gain all that you can, as an individual, as a member of this Guild, and help your guild mates gain all they can.

    Thusly, this guild will serve its purpose as a fun and respectable gaming community. We follow this principle as roleplayers, player versus player enthusiasts and progression gamers.

    About Syndicate

    Syndicate looks after itself. We are not interested with aligning completely with either the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, as any absolute commitment would not serve our goals. Instead Syndicate maintains contacts with both factions along with some independent clientele to maximize profits most of which just so happen to be Sith. Arbitrary political leanings do not concern us. On the surface, Syndicate remains shrouded in anonymity- a professional firm of assassins and hired guns who work for the highest bidder. Within, our group is comprised of members from vastly different backgrounds who bound together by their trade and try to live as a community.

    As gamers, our members are also from diverse backgrounds. We have experienced players from games such as World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, Global Agenda, Eve Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Many of which are still active on numerous massively multiplayer online games. There are people who have been in professional gaming groups and internationally ranked raiding guilds. We also welcome first-time MMO players who exhibit an eagerness to learn and excel. As members of Syndicate, our focus is on strong progression, competitive player versus player and engaging roleplay. In these pursuits, we continually work toward growth and advancement of ourselves as players and a community to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

    What We Are Looking For

    First and foremost, Sydicate is looking for people will mesh well with its community. We are looking for friends which hold similar aspirations, can relate with an interest in everything Star Wars and The Old Republic, and have a shared attitudes toward gaming. Since our goals encompass every aspect of The Old Republic, whatever you are passionate about, we are passionate about as well.

    Maturity is required. This is not a guild for those who do not have a sense of humor or are adverse to criticism. We encourage our members to be themselves so as to avoid the too common feeling of walking on eggshells. We expect you to follow our rules and know what is appropriate, and for someone of near-adult maturity, this is easy.

    Dedication to our guild is also extremely valuable to us. This means that activity combined with a willingness to contribute to the guild is important. Don't be afraid to jump on ventrilo and join a conversation, or to participate in a guild event. Guilds are a group effort, and players who wish to invest themselves into the guild are indispensable.

    Beyond this, the parameters for membership are very open. All ages, classes, and timezones are accepted. While experience is greatly valued, it is not a requirement. Here at Syndicate, we find initiative, eagerness to learn, and a desire for self-improvement more important than how long an applicant has been in the MMO scene.

    How To Join

    Read the Field Manuel Overview in the link below, then click link on website to submit a application

    Click Here

    Or click the application link below

    Apply Here

    Notice: The application is just the first step in becoming a full fledged member. There are other requirements that need to be met once accepted, but the accepted application is allows you access to our forums and to all guild events.

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