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The Blue wolf's Kiss [ temp title]

Discussion in 'Awesome Media' started by xoyoungdreamerox, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. xoyoungdreamerox

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    The Blue wolf's Kiss [ temp title]

    This is the one from my site that I mentioned I was going to post before. It needs a bit of revision I think to be more appealing to an audience such as all of you so I'll work on it. This is the one I did before " The steel love affair."

    The Love story behind the Artic rose: The Queen Olividar had picked up a beautiful Artic wolf on one of her days wandering boredly through the slave pens. He had been by far the most beautiful feral male wolf that she had ever seen. With that icy blue fur and those peircing golden eyes. She had taken him from that place and trained him up with love and devotion as best she could to be her wolven gaurd. She trained him to behave more tamed and respectful and gave him love and a life in her castle, but alas that wouldnt last. After years and years of service the artic wolf began to feel abandoned and unloved. His mistress hardly appeared to have time for him anymore. she was busy with several children and several new slaves had encrouched on his turf that she had full intrest in getting them jobs and love as she once had done him. She lived to help slaves and give them a home and a sense of family that they could believe in and feel comfortable with.

    One day the mistress brought home a beautiful chestnut brown wolf to train up as a nanny to help the Queen with her children so that she could focus more on the construction of her palace. That is when all the trouble started, because the male wolf felt so neglected by his mistress that used to lavish him with love and affection he turned to this new feral/furre wolf that seemed to understand exactly how he felt, and seemed to know well what the male wanted. When the mistress objected to their closeness the male wolf defied her, and ignored her going off with the female woulf and ignoring his lady's attempts at spending time with him. Fight after fight ensued until finally they where all at eachother's throats. The female wolf left, the queen was furious at her artic wolf and refused to speak to him, and the artic wolf was just as angry staying far from his mistress.

    For several months the artic wolf and the mistress refused to speak to eachother, for mopnths and months the love was near banished from there hearts and they hated eachother so much. Neither could be in the room with the other without rubbing what had been done into the faces of one and another. Misery loves company and they inflicted nearly constant suffering on one another. That isnt how two people in love should act is it? Months and months more this fued continued not once did the two even TRY and talk to eachother. Not once did they try and understand the other's point of view. Until, one day the goddes off love had had ENOUGH of her neices childish pettiness.

    " ENOUGH." She growled down from the clouds of the land of the Gods. " For many months I have sat here and watched this pathetic display of indiligence and fained hate. I have had enough of it! I dont want to deal with it anymore! Neice of mine you love him and are merely acting out of your own egotistical pain of the bruised ego he gave you. GET over it. It's not the end of the frigggin world. He had intrest in someone else because you shoved him away and didnt have time for him. Well, I would have moved on too! If you treated me as nothing more than a trophy. Go apologize and forgive him or I will smite you with a curse of love forever!!!"

    Hearing these words from her aunt that she knew was true she went on a treck through her mansion to apologies to her beloved wolf and confess to her true feelings. The wolf in his own due time apologized and showed his shame to her sense she wasnt screaming at him over the matter, and once again there love was renewed. The planned to have a little artic wolf all there own very very soon....

    The End
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