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The Republic Sway - RP -18+

Discussion in 'Coruscant Guild Association' started by Glasgow Grin, May 14, 2011.

  1. Glasgow Grin

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    The Gallows

    The Republic Sway; Chapter

    Our mission here at TG/TSA and my personal promise to all of our members is to create a friendly, fair, and functional Hardcore PvP-RP guild.

    Welcome to The Republic Sway! TSA is one of the two RP Chapters incorporated into The Gallows Gaming Community. You can read about how both chapters will work bellow; this being the second active chapter along with the first; The Sith Ascendancy, Both The republic Sway and The Sith Ascendancy are headed by myself, Glasgow Grin (D3CAP1TAT3D) and my management. We currently do not have a second in command for this chapter.

    *Please note that we are just getting on our feet and both this thread and our guild launch are still under maintenance and will be subject to change for some time; along with the guild name. Much more will come in the future.


    To complete one of our mission goals we wanted to create a Role-playing environment with thick, original, believable lore & settings for members to submerse themselves and their characters within. To do so we have split TG into two joinable chapters representing both of SW:ToR’s factions.

    Both chapters will have their own forums for inner-chapter role-playing and lore, along with equal access to the TG general forum where they will be able to participate in joint- faction role-playing scenarios and common discussions. (Though Role-Playing is not necessary, it is encouraged.)

    In our lore, "The Gallows" is a floating city on the world Genarious. Though history states the Cularin system was discovered in 232 BBY, many records, along with the actual city were destroyed during the New Sith Wars. Predating that, in the time of the old republic; Genarious and its cities were hubs for intergalactic smuggling and trade. After the Mandalorian blockade fell, the republic took advantage of the trade routes in the Cularin system along with stationing themselves on Genarious. The Sith caught wind and, in an attempt to cut republic supply lines, contested The Gallows (The city being named so, shortly after, due to the heavy death toll during the conflict.) After the Treaty of Corascant a cease fire had barely saved the city and its populace. A cease fire that would stand to this day.

    Our members are privy to role-play in the streets of The Gallows, open and organize businesses, deal with local thugs and gangs, indulge in the cantina or in Glasgow's famous atmosphere bar (featuring atmospheric shots that are more euphoric than the richest of spice), interact with members of the opposite faction in ways most other RP guilds cant (multi-faction role-play), quest and venture into the galaxy abroad, and fight to keep peace in the city of opportunity and wealth. The opportunities are endless.

    The Chapters

    The two chapters will abide by the same code with equal opportunities for advancement. I, Glasgow Grin (D3CAP1TAT3D) will run the guild along with my staff. Though, like most guilds; my rule and decision is finite, but unlike others myself and my staff work with our guild members in a more intimate way, Through our House of Representatives.

    The House’s Representatives are chosen through direct election by our members and serve two month terms. The House’s Senior members are voted in every six months and must have previously served two terms as a representative before being able to run for office. The House as a whole is the member’s conduit to work with myself and my handpicked administration board to decide on important maters like Guild Relations, Internal Affairs, TG’s future, and Guild Lore. Each member not only chooses who they want to represent them, but can go directly to them for support and to help make our guild better. Like the systems of checks and balances in the U.S. constitution; the house helps protect member's rights by helping to amending our code of conduct where and when necessary along with settling other matters. Like organizing community nights, tournaments, crafting days, game nights, raids, and other guild activities.

    For any questions in our chain of command and how to gain rank fallow this link for an illustration. (The hierarchy is implied by position vertically and the path to leadership is shown by the lines.)

    Some of our officer positions are as fallows; Guild Treasurer, RP & Lore Officer, Team Leaders, and More.

    About Me: The Leader

    I have held many positions, leadership or otherwise, in a few successful PvP guilds in SW:ToR and other games. I am currently an ambassador for TorBB and have been a member in this community since 2009.


    TG is growing daily and opportunities are endless. Take part in role-play, apply to be a part of our RP council, and help shape the future, past, and present of our lore. Join and be nominated to our House of Representatives, who work hand in hand with the guild's leaders in shaping the guild and its chapters. Apply to become an ambassador, working with the guild's leaders and moderators in external guild affairs and help secure TG's place in SW:ToR. Moderator positions available. (Please note no position will be handed out)

    TG is currently open to applications. This is a more adult based guild and members are preferred to be over the age of 18 or turning 18 within this current year. Please be respectful to all our members and others, both on our forums, and our thread here. We are looking for mature candidates with at least some MMO experience under their belt.

    Our Near Future

    We are currently working and programing a Vbulletin supported website as well as a ventrilo server. Also we are actively archiving the lore, setting up the forums, looking for administration, and setting up both chapters.

    Please look around the site and make yourself at home in the guest forums, but like I said before, please keep in mind that this site is still under construction and will be for some time. You will find the application in recruitment section of the forums.

    Please follow this link to our guildportal, register with guildportal, and you will find the application in this link or by navigating the forums. The application is long and goes in-depth. Please take your time in filling it out so we can see if you are a fit.

    Thread Updates:

    Senator Position renamed: Senior Representative; to sway from miscommunicating the actual role of the Senior Representative, it has been renamed to show they both serve as the same role with the same powers. (Senior Reps only serve longer terms and in certain cases work with more sensitive subjects)
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