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The Scarlet Order- We have a very active forum.

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Lokkan, May 29, 2011.

  1. Lokkan

    Lokkan Galactic Fetus

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    The Scarlet Order



    Guild Focus:

    Progressive Raiding, PvP as secondary.


    Sith Empire

    Guild Officers :

    Alaria Night, Wigbik, Curos Kai, Toups, XxtaticC, Lokkan


    Yes, Experienced, 18+, Active, Progressive


    All Empire


    Dolby Axon

    - 50 slots, members only; if your in-game, you're on VoIP.






    USWest Majority




    Our community is formed from those who have been gaming for years. We have been there for the successes and the failures, the start of guilds and their collapse, the moments of brotherhood and the drama. This is a fact of gaming social groups and one we understand well. We have learned measures to minimize

    the negative and promote the positive with our community.

    From our experiences in other guilds, fleets, supergroups and other communities, our leadership has sought to create a "The Perfect Guild" from our knowledge of what has worked in the past and our ideas for the future. From this belief we have formed a Guild that will endure where others have failed.

    "We are a family", this statement embodies the soul of what The Scarlet Order is. It is our hope and our pride. If there are those like us, who seek this kind of environment then let The Scarlet Order be your home. No matter what your religious, economic, political or regional status is, The Scarlet Order will accept those who prove that they play with their best effort and maintain a positive outlook.

    The Scarlet Order. It is this simple Name and Banner that we offer to those with the will to learn, the skill and the drive operate with those who are like us. But to stand by that banner is to accept the dedication it takes to be a member of The Scarlet Order. We accept those who are interested, but quickly trim those who don't fit in or show a lack of interest and devotion to our community.

    This is who we are. No sugar coating or inspiring speeches or wasted efforts. We are a family like environment gaming together and helping each other grow as members of our community.

    Alaria Night, Wigbik, Curos Kai, Toups and XxtaticC

    - The Scarlet Order Guild Leaders



    The Scarlet Order:

    The Scarlet Order is a progression orientated guild, with a primary focus on PvE raiding and a significant interest in PvP. We are a tight-knit gaming community involved with multiple MMOs. We are comprised of 18+ mature, skilled and dedicated gamers based all over the US who have years of MMO and gaming experience between them. Our recruitment process is focused and specific and our ambition is to build focused but strong group of gamers for this game in all it offers. The Scarlet Order is new to swtor and is constantly changing and evolving to make sure that we are as well organized as is possible for this game when it hits open beta, and retail stages.


    We strongly believe that real life is the most important thing to all of us. Some of us are parents, others work a lot of hours, and yet others have all day to game. Whilst we strive for success, we understand life's obligations.

    We are all here to progress as consistently as possible, at the same time as building a group of skilled gamers who can work together well to overcome whatever challenge is thrown at them. We are not against trimming the herd; we don't allow periods of inactivity of over 2 weeks for newer members without scrutiny and we conduct weekly inactivity checks to coincide with our inactivity policy: must be active in-game, VoIP and on the forums.


    Our community is orientated towards the "cooperative" mindset with particular reference to raid progression. We strive to achieve, and to also maintain a healthy level of competition within the servers we are assigned to.

    The Scarlet Order is a Gaming Community above everything else, and as a member of the The Scarlet community it is assumed that members would be gaming regularly. The activity policy is, therefore, limited to forums and VoIP until SWTOR enters into open beta.


    Leaders: We as leaders and officers of the guild strive to be the most organized and active guild we can possibly be, to stay on top of the game and keep our members happy. We seek to set the example and not dictate rules.

    Guild: We seek to progress consistently through PvE and PvP, accepting that we must put in additional time and effort in order to perform to the best of our abilities. Our end goal is to be one of the most respected guilds on our server.


    The Scarlet Order was formed on the 21st of May 2011. Many of the initial members and leadership were apart of the Star Trek Online Fleet "Omega Galactic Assault Corps. Prior to that those same members where prominent members in server top guilds in City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies. Others come from World of Warcraft and more recently, Rift.




    - Mature 18+ Players

    - Dedicated and loyal gamers

    - Above average experience and understanding

    - Fun, humor, responsibility

    - Progressive mindset

    - Active in our community


    Loyalty –

    It is extremely important to maintain a high level of loyalty to the community you are apart of and have helped to grow and progress. If you have other friends that you game with who are not a member of The Scarlet Order, your primary loyalty must be with The Scarlet Order and your assigned squad. We accept that real life and other commitments come first, however if you're in game, and we need your assistance, you must remain loyal to the The Scarlet Order.

    Skill -

    As a member of The Scarlet Order you are required to be skilled, or have the potential to be trained. The Scarlet order generally tries to find recruits of high skill, we also accept those who can be trained to match our progression. But not every gamer is raid material. Situational awareness, skill comprehension, and fast learning are essential elements to endgame progression.

    Gamer Etiquette -

    All members of The Scarlet Order are required to have basic manners. With a large guild, there are going to be members who simply don't get along or see eye to eye. As long as we can all work politely together with progression and our mission in mind, we can stay afloat.

    Organized -

    Our community is based on maturity, and usually with maturity comes a general level of organization from our members. If there is a raid schedule, or an event in which you are either subscribed to, or are expected to attend, all members are required to be a few minutes early and be prepared.

    Team Play -

    The Scarlet Order is about teamwork and working as such. The Scarlet Order members are required to engage with the rest of the community and not seek an individual play style.

    Maturity -

    It is the basic foundation of The Scarlet Order on a whole. With maturity, the above points come seamlessly.

    Activity -

    You must be active within the The Scarlet Order guild. You may hold all of the above attributes, but are rarely seen, in which our activity policy will list you as inactive.

    Activity Policy:

    1. Active In-Game

    2. Active with VOIP

    3. Active within our Forums

    *Note: The activity policy is in partial effect during prelaunch. Until open beta, members may ignore the in-game portion.

    All members must be able to tick the above boxes to be a member of The Scarlet Order. A period not exceeding 2 weeks of inactivity is accepted. Members who are inactive for 2 weeks are demoted 1 rank until a demote is no longer possible, at which point they are removed from the guild. Declared periods of inactivity are also accepted on a case by case basis. Read more on our inactivity policy on our




    Please, take a step back, and make sure you have read the above information before applying to join The Scarlet Order. We don't seek to waste your time by presenting a sub-par guild to apply to, so please don't waste our time if you do not intend to fully engage yourself within the community, and be apart of the team, and cannot tick all of the boxes under what it takes to be a member.

    One requirement we have not touched base on is the pre-game requirement that you register for our official site and the bioware listing. This will ensure that we are locked in and ready to go on launch day.

    Apply here:


    And here:



    Special thanks to the leaders of


    for providing an excellent model for a recruitment post.
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    Lokkan Galactic Fetus

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