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The /souls world.

Discussion in 'Worlds / Gamemodes' started by Floris, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Hey awesome player,

    With the introduction of Minecraft 1.16 in July 2020, we have a new type of Nether.

    So far, our 1MB Universe has always had the Nether ONLY as a temporary resource world. This has now changed.

    We have introduced a new /souls world. This is a permanent survival (base/build) world.

    It's a little different, we actively moderate world-grief here. We require land claim, so make sure you have enough money. And we do not allow grind-farms.

    - Starting in July we are testing this world, we do not really recommend claiming land in it just yet.

    - When Minecraft 1.16.2 gets released, we will rebuild the world.

    - Claiming land will then be possible (a lot of quota to claim with, for little money)

    - The world is meant to make pretty builds in survival. Impress us.

    - The world is NOT meant to mine for resources, unless it's part of your base and your mine comes with a design. Please use the /nether for gathering resources.

    - The world is also NOT meant to build farms in. Design / base farms are ok. But afk farming or level grinding farms etc. For example " i just want a gold farm " will not be allowed. Please use the /nether for farm grinding.

    - Yes, some mining, some resource gathering, .. terraforming, survival building is allowed. If your intention is to make a base there. And not just temporary get stuff and never build. We will consider this world-grief.

    - Access to /souls is at our discretion.

    - World border is set to 2500 x 2500 around the spawn point of /souls.
    Note: This will expand over time with 1.17 or depending on how much people are building.

    - Reminder: Being on the roof of the nether in /nether or /souls is still not allowed. Please avoid it.

    - Exploiting the game to break bedrock will result in perm bans.

    If you have made something awesome, point it out to us. We will perhaps make Youtube video or take screenshots and show it to everybody.
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