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The Sundered Guard

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Solaries, Oct 2, 2011.

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    About Us:

    Name: The Sundered Guard

    Faction: Sith Empire

    Focus: End Game progression with support for casual and RP play.

    TSG website: Here

    TSG-TOR website: Here

    TSG-TOR application: Here

    TSG-TOR Pre-release Guild signup: Here

    The Sundered Guard is an End Game focused, multi-game guild that began over 8 years ago in Shadowbane with RP-PVP, and since then has played almost every major MMO at launch. Many of our core members have been together since the creation of the guild, but in each world we visit we add new friends to our roster, helping us continue to create a strong community. The majority of our leadership in SW:TOR have both led and participated in end game content in several MMOs, including progression kills and server firsts in Age of Conan, World of Warcraft (Vanilla, BC, Wrath, and Cata), Everquest, Vanguard, and Rift. While in the past TSG has focused on RP-PvP as a guild, in TOR we have the right group of people, with the right experience, to become a competitive and competent end game guild, while also remembering and nurturing those that cannot or choose not to devote the time to be a competitive raider.

    Our Goal:

    The Sundered Guard strives to create a strong, respectable gaming community in TOR that is focused on competitive end game progression but still inclusive of players of all styles within the guild.

    Our Raid Philosophy:

    TSG aims to not only be a competitive end game guild, but to stay true to our roots as a brotherhood: a strong community that has played together for near a decade. We intend to create a strong core group of raiders that works well together toward our common goal. Every play style has its place in the guild, and all will be supported and encouraged. However, restrictions will apply for raiding so we are able to do our best as a guild. We believe that all players should get a shot at raiding, but as a progression guild the more dedicated or experienced members of TSG can expect to see regular raid spots to push new content. We also have a loot system and a raid schedule that supports our goals of content progression.


    TSG-TOR is currently looking for fun, mature members to join us in The Old Republic. All play styles and experience levels are welcome. If you feel that we are a fit for you, please check us out here for more information about TSG-TOR, or here for more information about the guild in general.

    Continued below is detailed information about us, our back story, our leadership and raid structure, and some information about a few of our members. Read on at your own risk. ;)


    Raid Guidelines and Information:

    1. A customized version of EP/GP will be used.

    2. Raid slots will be based upon availability, prior performance, skill, gear, and attitude.

    3. No one is guaranteed a raid slot, but we will try to make a solid group (or two) who learn to play well with each other.

    4. After a player hits max level, and feels they are ready to raid, they will ask their Role leader (tank, heal, or dps) to look over their gear, stats, and discuss their play style. If the role leader feels they meet the guidelines, they will place the member on the list of available raiders.

    5. Raids will be held 3 nights a week, 6:00pm - 10:00pm PST. The exact days will be determined once raid resets are known, but weeknights will be ideal.

    6. Players will be expected to come to raid prepared and on time. Penalties may be applied for those who do not.

    7. The raid leader is the voice of the raid, the final authority. Arguing publicly during a raid will not be tolerated.

    8. Usage of our VoIP (voice-chat) server is mandatory.

    Our Charter:

    Read our full charter Here

    Our Leadership Structure:

    Any member is eligible for an officer position pending decision and appointment by the Guild Leader.

    Titles/Jobs below:

    Lord (Guild Leader)

    Dark Hand (Assistant Guild Leader)

    Chosen (Role leads, Raid, and Personnel Officers)

    Champion (Raiders)

    Guardsman (General Members)

    Leadership Bios:

    Petrus Aduro:

    I am a 23 year old game designer, and recently have been working with the government on simulations for the military. I’m a competitive fencer, love to read, and have been playing MMOs since I was about 14. While I typically enjoy playing the “glass cannon”, over the last few years I’ve found myself healing more and more, and for most of Wrath I was one of the top ranked Resto Druids in the world. In TOR I’ll be leveling up as a DPS Sorcerer, but for raids I’ll switch it up to healing. I am very competitive, but I always try to keep things fun and casual. I play MMOs because I love the people, the mechanics, and the possibilities that are out there.


    Hello, my name is Valdercon and I am a 27 year old U.S. History Teacher who currently resides in Clermont FL. Not only am I very active in the gaming/mmorpg community, but I am also an avid golfer, a constant reader, and a "you name it, I'll try it" kind of guy. Currently I am still bouncing around what class I will be playing, but I am leaning towards a dps/healing role. Above all else, I love the idea of being the best at something, but what I enjoy even more is watching fellow team members reach their own success. There is nothing better than to help teammates grow and have fun while TSG progresses towards its community goals. I look forward to working and progressing with you.


    I'm a 26 year old student, back in the classroom after getting out of the US Marine Corps. I've been playing MMORPGs since Everquest, and tanked my way across what is now 12 years of online gaming. Whether I was a Shadowknight, Armsman, Warrior, or Warden I've always been driven to perfect my game, theory craft, and min-max to make sure I was playing at the top. However, nothing is more satisfying in a game than leading a well-oiled team into combat and prevailing because it is the people, the social aspects, that make MMORPGs fun and challenging. I'm very excited to be walking into TOR, and look forward to seeing you online.

    Haliit Ferase:

    I'm a 21 year old student, and have been playing in the MMORPG genre since I was 9 years old. I was one of the founding members of The Sundered Guard back in 2002, and they haven't been able to get me to leave since. I typically play a rogue-ish DPS type. I like sneaking around and making things die. I'm a huge theory-crafter and can spend hours (or days), tweaking builds and thinking up crazy new ideas. The best thing about this genre is being able to play with a group of friends, and as far as I'm concerned there's no better group to be a part of than TSG.


    I am 28 years old, married and a father. I started computer gaming on my commodore 64 at the age of 5 and havent looked back since. In all the games I play I normally find myself playing the character with the really big sword/axe/etc and smacking my enemies into submission. I co-lead a casual raiding guild in WoW that housed several of TSG's members and ran mostly on my holy/prot pally, for those who do not speak "WoW" I healed and tanked. I plan on tanking again in SWTOR as a Sith Juggernaut. I have been a Star Wars enthusiast all my life and felt SWG was the biggest gaming let-down of my career. While my gaming time may be erratic I am always within comm range should anyone need to get ahold of me.

    TSG-TOR Motto:

    "The Hottest Flame Forges the Sharpest Sword"

    Our Story:

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

    We Sith are a proud people, and rightfully so. Since the days of our first Dark Lord, Ajunta Pall, we have fought and trained to become the epitome of strength. Our bodies and minds have become the perfect weapon, forged in the fires of war.

    Through passion, I gain strength.

    We have sought power, grasped it, held it, tamed it, and made it our own. A power never before seen in the Galaxy. Our ancestors have learned and forgotten more wondrous and terrible secrets than the foolish Jedi who exiled them will ever know.

    Through strength, I gain power.

    Our power has been unleashed upon the Galaxy, and the Republic cowers in fear before us. We have struck at their heart, and hold the Jedi by the throat. And yet the Empire has faltered, stopping short of our ultimate victory. Our enemies were in our hands, ready to be crushed, but the Empire allowed them to slip through our grasp.

    Through power, I gain victory.

    Victory that does not prove superiority is hollow, worthless. We seek to conquer our enemies, to own them entirely, through our strength, skill, and guile. Anything short of domination is no true victory, and without it we shall never know our full potential as Sith.

    Through victory, my chains are broken.

    We have Sundered ourselves from the greater Sith order. They have fallen from the Code, and walk the path of fools. Together, this brotherhood of ours will reach the true heights of power that is our birthright as Sith and reclaim our lost glory. We will be forged in the fires of war, sharpened through combat, and made perfect through victory.

    The Force shall free me.

    The Force is not as the fools say, calling one side dark and the other light. The Force is a tool, a weapon to be wielded by those strong enough to master it. We are such masters. All in the galaxy, even the Force itself, will bend to our will. Through the power of the Force, we will triumph. Our victory will prove the truth of these words.

    I am Sith.

    We are The Sundered Guard.

    We have separated ourselves from the rest of the Sith, so that apart from their weakness we might grow strong. The Treaty of Coruscant is a mockery. We had the ultimate victory within our grasp, and yet the Republic was allowed to slip free. This is inexcusable. We will find the power to destroy the Republic ourselves. This time, they will not escape their final destruction.

    "We take what we desire because we can.

    "We can because we have power.

    "We have power because we are Sith."

    ―Sith proverb

    "If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them. It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards… If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles."

    ―Darth Traya

    "To be a Sith is to taste freedom and to know victory."

    ―Yuthura Ban

    "Unless victory proves your superiority, it is an illusion. It is temporary."

    ―Uthar Wynn

    "We, however, do not treat the Force as a burden. We treat it as a gift, a thing to be celebrated. We use it to acquire power over others…and why should we not? Because the Jedi say we should not?"

    ―Uthar Wynn
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