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TORBB Interviews BioWare's David Bass

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by TeHpUmKinKiNg, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. TeHpUmKinKiNg

    TeHpUmKinKiNg OMG Member

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    TORRB recently had the chance to interview BioWare Senior Community Coordinator David Bass. Needless to say, Epic Community Coordinator is Epic. With the game seemingly near release, there are still quite a few questions fans have, as BioWare's policy of not commenting on anything that isn't absolutely concrete has left a wide information gap. When is the release date? Will there be capitol ships? Will there be same-sex romance options?

    We compiled our list of questions from a few of our readers, and sent them off to BioWare's go-to guy. While not all of them were able to be answered, we did get some information from the gang about guilds, titles, and a fiendish plot to capture Stephen Reid in a beret. Enjoy!

    Can you tell us a little more about the Phase II: Alignment? What sort of special privileges or provisions will there be for the guilds that are allies and adversaries?

    The second phase of the Guild Headquarters, Alignment, is really the beginning of preparations for Phase III: Deployment. We’re allowing guilds to choose three other guilds that they’d like to be on the same server with when we import guilds into the game before launch, and designate them as an ally or adversary. We can’t guarantee that each guild will get to be with all three of their aligned guilds, but we’ll do our best to satisfy as many guilds as possible during Deployment, as long as they meet the criteria for import. We strongly recommend everyone reads the Guilds FAQ to understand what is necessary in order to get your guild imported for launch.

    Will there be an option for guilds to have an icon or any other identifying mark, to include capes, for their members?

    Currently, we don’t have any guild symbols or emblems in the game.

    Will there be any sort of guild hall at launch? If so, what can we look forward to seeing in these halls?

    We’ve said we won’t have guild capital ships at launch, but they are certainly a feature that’s on the infamous Wall of Crazy – in other words, anything is possible post-launch.

    What is the maximum number of guild members you can bring with you on an adventure?

    A full party out in the wild is made up of 4 players, however Gabe Amatangelo also recently revealed that we’re planning Operations to be playable with larger groups of both 8 and 16 players.

    Will players be allowed to freely choose servers in different regions to adjust for time differences, or will they be locked to their specific region?

    While we haven’t discussed server specifics yet, the current plan is to avoid “region locking”. We can’t guarantee performance if you’re in Europe and choose to play on a US server, for example, but we also don’t want to prevent you from playing where your friends are.

    It was confirmed there will be "lots of titles." Can you give us a hint at what one of them is? Will there be any buffs associated with earned titles?

    Titles are for cosmetic purposes only. And thinking through the titles I’ve seen in-game, revealing any of them might spoil the story for you. You’ll just have to wait and discover them for yourself!

    Is there anything "big" left on the Wall of Crazy that still has a shot of making it in-game by launch?

    Everything on the Wall of Crazy is pretty much crazy. That being said, I’ve seen some of the team choose to stay late or work a weekend in order to push a feature into the game we weren’t planning on having at launch. Some of my favorite quality-of-life improvements have gotten into the game that way, and I always make sure to go and give the programmers a huge thanks.

    Some people seem to think Stephen Reid is really Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters, leading a double life. Do you think you could get Stephen Reid to wear a beret for us and take a picture? ;)

    If you can get me the beret, I will make it happen. You might also want to send some rope, because I don’t think he’ll take this picture willingly.


    We would like to thank David Bass and BioWare for the opportunity to get some information. Hopefully in the near future, some of our other questions will find an answer. Until then, there's still time to sign up and get a chance at being selected for SWTOR's Beta Weekends in September, so head over to the official site and register today!
  2. Silent_Sniper

    Silent_Sniper Galactic Fetus

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    Awesome hehe. You've got me wondering what the new feature from the wall of crazy is :O. I look forward to seeing these photos hehe.
  3. UnlimitedHeero

    UnlimitedHeero Legionnaire

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    PvP with eight will not be very fun, I hope it depends on the pvp zone.
  4. AgentSmith_#38

    AgentSmith_#38 Galactic Fetus

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    What an interesting interview
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