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Twilight Gamers (North American/PvE/Raiding/18+)

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Jeadin, Mar 25, 2011.

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    A community for the mature gamer with a busy life.

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    1. Who is Twilight Gamers (Tg)
    2. Which Faction?
    3. Activities
    4. Leadership
    5. How to Join

    ~ Who is Twilight Gamers ~

    -Twi-light (noun): a terminal period, esp. after full development, success, etc.: the twilight of his life.

    Twilight Gamers is a North American based gaming community. Our Members are all over eighteen, with most of our members being in their late twenties/early thirties. We are mature gamers who value fair play and treating other players with respect. We enjoy playing video games, and having fun doing so. Many of our members have Real Life responsibilities, family, work, etc. We pride ourselves on being very accommodating when Real Life throws you a curve ball.We also have a wide range of players, from casual to hardcore; and everything in between. Crafters, raiders, explorers and more.

    ~ Which Faction? ~

    We are still in the process of determining which faction we will play when the game launches. Our goal is to have a guild in each faction, but on separate servers. We will determine which faction we will be playing at launch as we get closer to the game release date. The determination will also be based on the number of players we have, and which faction most players support. We would like to have enough members at launch to have both guilds operational.


    Our guilds will be focused on PvE content. We plan on having regularly schedule "Flashpoint" events, and end-game raiding. We plan to conquer as much of the PvE content as possible.We also have members who enjoy crafting, and a few who have talked about role-playing. We also have a few players who do enjoy PvP, but that will not be our focus.

    • PvE Content
    • Raiding
    • Crafting
    • Casual RP
    • Casual PvP
    • Regularly Scheduled Events


    Twilight Gamers's (Tg) leadership structure is different then most guilds. We are a gaming community, not just a SWTOR guild. We have members who play other games, such as Guild Wars, WoW, LOTRO and FPS games, including the Call of Duty Series.

    As one of the Moderator and Founding Member of Twilight Gamers I will be heavily involved with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our senior leadership team consist of gamers who have a combined fifteen years plus of leading gaming communities. We will be looking for players who are helpful, outgoing and passionate about SWTOR to help in various positions within the guild, including officer positions, raid leaders, etc.

    ~How to Join~

    If you are interested in joining us, then head over to the Twilight Gamers website. Registration is not requested to view our public forums, however it is required to post. This includes our SWTOR Forum, which is open to the public. The forum will eventually join our private member forums after launch. After you have registered you are welcome to make a post in the Mud Room forum to join our community. Tell us a little about yourself, your previous gaming experiences, etc. One of Mod Team Members will give you access to our private member forums after you've joined.

    Note: Full Membership is not required to post in our SWTOR forum, but will be required after launch.
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