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vBulletin.nl Competition News

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Floris, Jun 17, 2003.

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  1. Floris

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    vBulletin.nl Competition News

    Well, that was an exciting competition month (June).

    We have received a lot of signups for our competition and we gained a lot of new members on the creations.nl community, and we all together made a lot of new topics and posts.

    It took me the whole day (13th) to count all the topics and posts made by everybody to ensure they were all productive and to ensure everybody was qualified to win!

    We had a lot of members join our IRC chat channel #creations.nl yesterday (13th) to wait inpatiently and to speculate who might win which prize. At 18:30h GMT+1 the time was there. All the names who qualified (more then 75% of those who signed up) were all put into a real hat and shaken around. I closed my eyes and picked out three names.

    Here are the winners of our June Competition 'vBulletin':

    * The First prize goes to >> RN_Evil, he wins the free vBulletin leased license!
    (Seconds after Jelsoft released version 3, we made a purchase and gave it to RN_Evil!)

    * The Second prize goes to >> Finch, he wins the administrator status on vBulletin.nl!
    (The vBulletin.nl community forums will go public a week from now (hopefully sooner)

    * The Third prize goes to >> ETSK, he wins access to the backstage forum on creations.nl!
    (The BackStage forum is growing, and we are making plans to expand! Contribute while you can!)


    And thank you all for participating in our cool competition(s).

    You can discuss this Announcement [here]

    Floris & Staff
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