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VPS with vbulletin

Discussion in 'Manage your Site' started by calexandru, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. calexandru

    calexandru OMG Member

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    VPS with vbulletin


    I'm new here, and i'm new also with vbulletin forum :) I buy a licence a few days ago, and i instaled it on a VPS with 512 RAM and 2Ghz processor (intel) It's works very low, my VPS si very busy, and i don't know why. Can anybody help me? This is my stats for last 3 days:

    Day Web in Web out All Day
    1 109.19 MB 397.36 MB 16.90 GB (OTHER IN)
    2 88.24 MB 364.09 MB 17.53 GB (OTHER IN)
    3 101.24 MB 182.66 MB 5.75 GB (OTHER IN)

    I think that 20GB per day it's very much for an forum with 300/400 absolute unique visitors per day. Also the ram memory is't very busy, about 50% and the processor it's 10% busy

    Can anybody help me with a few advices/tips? Thanks a lot.

    My website it's www.csworld.ro (EN/RO from setting)
  2. Mikey

    Mikey :mikey: Staff Member

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    Hi calexandru,

    You may be interested in this article by Floris; http://vbfans.com/showthread.php?t=56474

    I'd try to get a more powerful VPS, as vBulletin should not struggle on it. Do not install any server heavy mods.
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