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When is restructuring degrading?

Discussion in 'Manage your Site' started by Brian, May 27, 2009.

  1. Brian

    Brian OMG Member

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    When is restructuring degrading?

    Over the years, we've tried to keep the basic forum structure the same, and still accomodate new trends.

    I've been rather successful the past couple of years and have settled into a nice flow. Established members seem to understand where to post what. And new members . . . well, new members are kinda new.

    I, personally, hate change. I like to keep things how they are. But, as membership grows and traffic increases, some changes are inevitable.

    My question is; is adding forums ever counter-productive?

    It seems that, from input from members, they are asking for more defined advertising forums (we already have thirteen, split into five categories).

    Redefining the advertising forums would likely bring the total to twenty.

    When do many forum categories become too many forum categories?
  2. Spinball

    Spinball OMG Member

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    This is a challenge for every growing forum.
    Sometimes you need to create a new forum in order to generate traffic from search engines even though initial interest may be small.
    And every time a forum is so busy that new posts are disappearing off the first page in a few hours, it's time to think about creating new forums.
    But having a forum list which is very long can be intimidating to new visitors.
    We cope by having clear category names and not displaying the forum descriptions. We also have a mod which puts sub forums into columns, making the display a little more concise.
    And we have an introduction page which helps by advising people how to use the forums.
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