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Why Is Naga Still Nagging?

Discussion in 'SWTOR Discussion' started by TeHpUmKinKiNg, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. TeHpUmKinKiNg

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    I'm really becoming more confused, I was refreshing my SW timeline knowledge the other day and I continue to be concerned over his presence.

    Has there been any explaination how 600 years after his ghost was destroyed by Nadd he somehow is still seen as a threat to the Sith Emperor and able to possess a Padwan? Something doesn't jive here, and I hope somehow Bioware fixes this so it makes sense, because currently it's stepping all over the lore and I really hope they don't go all Blizzard on it retconning everything in sight to suit their purposes.

    Any enlightenment on the subject would be most welcome.
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