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Wrath of the Shadow

Discussion in 'The OMG Archives' started by Nelson_MD, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Nelson_MD

    Nelson_MD I Heart FOTOR :hugs:

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    I am new here and most of you can probably tell because you have never seen me around until now. So, here I am . Now, a little about the guild that I run in my spare time.

    I run the Wrath of the Shadow / Tython Defense Force :dad:, and I know that you guys are thinking why do you basically have two names. Let me clear the air, we are a dual faction guild that sees beyond the black and white of The Republic vs. The Empire. We want to delve deep into the SW:TOR universe, and another way we can do that is allowing all classes in our guild, and then setting up special events that most guilds may not be able to offer because they only allow one class. So, we plan to engage in mostly PvP, but we will definitely delve deeply into RP in our spare time.

    We are located at www.bhg.guildlaunch.com, and are also members of the TORSyndicate, Yay!

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