Anyway to implement NFC in a website?


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
My buddy and I are discussing an idea that we have, and while it's nice on paper.. real world implementation might be a bit more difficult.

How easy is it, does anybody have experience with this perhaps, to use NFC on a website without having to drastically change anything?

We wish to use the iPhone and Android phone to get stuff imported into a website (or a database basically that a website then uses).

I am too new to this stuff.


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Feb 17, 2002
Cant imagine it would be too difficult software wise, then again I've been out of the loop for quite some time.
Would assume the APIs for this would be easily availible, both for Android and iOS. Not sure about the availability of NFC sensors and price.

I take it the idea is just using a phone as the input device for a remote database, and show some stuff on a website, from said database.