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Image Title Text
Smiley Face Smiley Face :)
Big Grin Big Grin :D :biggrin:
Winky Face Winky Face ;) :wink:
Moustache Face Moustache Face :{) :moustache:
Heart Eyes Heart Eyes :heart_eyes:
Angry Face Angry Face :angry:
Disappointed Face Disappointed Face :| :disappointed:
Confused Face Confused Face :s :S :confused:
Sticky Out Tongue Face Sticky Out Tongue Face :p :tongue:
Laughing Face Laughing Face :lol: :'D :')
Kissing Face Kissing Face :* :kiss:
Unsure Face Unsure Face :unsure:
Meh Face Meh Face :meh:
OMG Face OMG Face :omg:
Angry Face Angry Face :angry: :@
Cool Face Cool Face :cool:
Cute Face Cute Face :cute:
Shocked Face Shocked Face o_o
Devil Face Devil Face :devil:
Uhhhh Face Uhhhh Face :uhh:
Evil Grin Face Evil Grin Face :evilgrin: :mikey:
Starry Eyed Face Starry Eyed Face :starryeyes:
Sad Face Sad Face :(
Waving Face Waving Face :wave: \o o/
Angelic Face Angelic Face :angel:
Facepalm Face Facepalm Face :facepalm:
Roll Eyes Face Roll Eyes Face :rolleyes:
Double Facepalm Face Double Facepalm Face :doublefacepalm:
Thinking Face Thinking Face :thinking: :hmm:
Crying Face Crying Face :'( :cry:
Zip It Face Zip It Face :zipit:
Sleepy Face Sleepy Face :zzz:
Ninja Face Ninja Face :ninja:
Hug Face Hug Face :hug:
Thumbsup Face Thumbsup Face :thumbsup:
Heart Heart <3
SashaPurr SashaPurr :kitty: :sashapurr: