Saying thank you for supporting us

Each time you vote, or donate, you will get rewarded with some in-game money or items. On this page you can learn what these are.

In-game /money

A random amount of Money will be added to your /money balance. You can vote on six sites, and on all six each day once. That means you can get a random amount of money six times. Vote daily, and it can add up quickly.

In-game Experience

A random amount of Experience orbs will be added to your account, your exp bar will slowly increase. Voting for six sites means you can quickly get ten, or even up to thirty levels of exp. Indirectly this means you could repair your mending stuff, or use it for enchantment books, etc.

In-game /points

Each of the six sites will give you a welcomes point. You can use this on /points, giving you some cool items. Another way to earn points is to say hello to someone as they join the game, or to eat pointy fish.

In-game Jobs Points

Each of the six sites will give you some Jobs point. You can use these through various features such as the /jobs shop, or some trading features.

In-game mcMMO Levels

Each of the six sites will give you one mcMMO Level. You can use these through various perks such as /taming, /acrobatics, and others listed in /mcstats

In-game Items

Each site could give you a diamond, though we sometimes change this. It's a great way if you're new or need to quickly repair your tools. Just vote on the six sites, for some quick diamonds. You support the server, and in return you save yourself a mining trip. Other in-game items will be the vote-tokens, or if we change the vote kits we give, things are always evolving.

In-game Vote Tokens

Each individual site has it's own unique vote-token. They also have a special command. For example, the PMC site gives you a diamond. And you can use the command: /diamondvote. Check the TIERS pages to learn about which tokens there are, and what you can get for them. Of course, you could also just sell it to /market, players through /trade, or use them as an item. They're value however lies most in being a special 'token'.

How do I get vote-tokens if I don't want to vote?

Everybody in-game is allowed to use /trade, or /market to exchange/sell the special vote-tokens with other players. From time to time we also include a token in loot boxes from events, or as a prize from a temporary mini-game. Always keep an eye on the /market, or just ask in-game if anybody has a certain vote-token they want to share/gift/sell. Note that I have seen a single vote-token be sold on /market for up to 45,000 /money

What are these exchange / trade vote tokens?

If you vote 7 days in a row you're on a streak, you get rewarded with these special tokens from the picture below. They might be used in some capacity in the future, so you might wish to hold on to them. Right now, you can use them to exchange 3 vote tokens + 1 of these, against 3 other vote tokens.

Example, if you have 3 extra diamond vote tokens, and you wish to exchange them for 3 netherite vote tokens, you can do so using one of these extra nether vote exchange / trade tokens. This is done automatically at /warp vote.

I have more questions!

You can contact us in-game, on discord, or on the forums