• Connect today Guest, to explore, mine, build and survive.
    1MB is a public, family-friendly #minecraft survival server, version 1.17.1.
    We're small, but have a friendly face. Invite your friends and come play!
    Features include: mcMMO RPG, Rewards for Achievements, a /market,
    Multiple worlds, sit on a chair, events, Economy, and more.

How to get started!

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Hey! Welcome :-)

Before we get started, you can find information about our server here: https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

So awesome that you want to check out our Minecraft Survival server. This thread is to help you getting started.

First thing to do I guess is to read this FAQ: https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

It will tell you to point your MC client to server IP: 1moreblock.com:25565
And tells your a bit about us. Okay, you're back? Let's get started..

You're connecting for the first time, and you ended up in our 'spawn' world.
You are safe here. We do not spawn angry mobs in there. And your hearts should regenerate.
At any time you wish to get back here, type: /spawn

Read the signs, and have a look around. When you're ready to explore the wilderness where we are all building and living. Type: /general
This will teleport you to our wilderness world. After a bit of exploring, you will notice you can start breaking blocks. But be very careful! You may NOT break anything made by others. If you see a build, don't break in, do not steal their items, etc. Instead, keep walking, explore around for five minutes until you find a spot that hasn't been touched yet, and if you like it. You can call it your own. You're free to build there.

To set a home, type: /sethome home
You can then at any time teleport back to your home by typing: /home home

Take down a tree, use the wood to make a crafting table, a pick axe, and a sword. This will help you get started and survive. To really survive the night, make a little spot where you're safe, and place a chest down where you can store some items. Your chest will be protected by the server - only you can open it, so nobody can steal from you.

Next, you can start building your house, explore the neighbourhood and make new friends. Oh, by the way, go ahead and invite your family members, friends, facebook or twitter friends, and play together with others!

To get some awesome resources, type: /mine
This will teleport you to the mining world where you can break anything you want. This is a special world made for mining, mining, mining.

Just don't die please, it's still a survival server. The /general and the /mine worlds both have angry mobs, and they love your brainnnnnn.

Creepers do blow up, and yes, they can hurt you. But they do not cause block-damage. Just so you know.

Once your inventory has a bunch of stuff, you can /home home, and start building your house, your farm, your storage room, and that fancy pool you always wanted.

Feel free to chat with others in the game, ask how they're doing, teleport to them with: /tpa <playerName>
(they're free to decline it, sometimes they're just building in quiet and don't want company).

If you want to get resources from the end, or the nether worlds, type: /end, or /nether, and remember, at any time you can get back to /general, /spawn, or /home home.

Well, that should help you get started with building and exploring, and have an amazing adventure. We are looking forward to see what you can build, how much you've learned, and what kind of player you are. Builder, explorer, farmer, llama-salesman, or lonely in a cold igloo, with a polar bear as a friend.


It should now be easier to get started, there's a Menu Item in your inventory (you can move it around, but you can't remove it) that opens a menu from where you can find some of the most used server features, and it will make it easier for you to teleport between worlds.

If you ever lose the menu item, just ask a staff member. Individual commands will always keep working, use those instead.


From 2019 onwards you can type: /rtp at Spawn and find some land you might like, you can do this a few times until you find something to settle down on.

RTP stands for random teleport.

You can also use /rtp inside the /mine world now.
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