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A couple of Movie questions

Discussion in 'On the Screen' started by Floris, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    We all love looking forward to meeting up with some friends and getting some snacks and spending time together, and watching a new movie together. We enjoy the comedy, the drama, and getting lost in imagination and adventure.

    A couple of questions for you, if you don't mind letting me know.

    Do you prefer a full or empty theatre?
    There are times when it's just so awesome to join a group of friends and have a blast together, a full cinema theatre is perfectly fine. But there are movies sometimes that I really enjoy and do not mind watching completely on my own on a quiet Tuesday morning in an empty room. What about you?

    And that leads me into the question: Do you prefer the weekdays or the weekends? And mornings or evenings?
    I myself prefer late at night, like.. late late night movies. They're also kinda quiet and more adult audience (nobody throwing stuff around, or being loud). And it *feels* that Friday night is movie night, but I don't mind a Tuesday evening at all.

    When you go to the movies, what do you blemish on? Drinks, candy, snacks?
    I *have* to drink and eat something, the biggest no-ice (but a cold) drink, and something crunchy. The downfall of crunchy is that others are possibly quite annoyed by it. My compromise is a sweet popcorn.

    Okay, that's it for now. I could ask you a handful of more questions, but let's start with the simple ones right :)
  2. opair

    opair OMG Member

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    Do you prefer a full or empty theatre? Empty. Preferrably alone even.
    Do you prefer the weekdays or the weekends? Weekends! But tickets are more expensive so I mostly end up going weekdays.
    And mornings or evenings? Evenings of course!
    When you go to the movies, what do you blemish on? Popcorn, chips and coke.
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