Apple's tracking everything


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Jan 1, 2001
Ha, clickbait title, this isn't a complaint about the big brother tracking everything, this is about Apple being pretty awesome helping me not lose everything I have. And I like that, because it's not cheap! And now it goes beyond Apple products as well.

Biggest reason I didn't invest in higher quality earbuds or airpods is because it's so easy to lose them. And thankfully pretty early on the original airpods got added to the list of find-my-devices, so you can say 'play a noise' and it would try to be really loud and you can find it.

With the recent updates to iOS and Find-my app, it's now possible to get a pretty good impression as to where they are.

And with the just released Apple Airpods Pro (2nd generation) you can also find the case they come in.

Now if only it was possible to a- 'last pinged location' so you know if they should probably be at the mall, in a shop, at home, at a friend. And b- ping still, even when there's no battery hehe.

Anyway, iPhones and iPads can be found, even the iMac has a 'find my device' option, it's pretty crazy.

Scary? yeah, I guess, handy? oh yeah, defn.

And just Apple products? Nope!

Apple Airtags can now be purchased, they can be added to your keychains, backpacks, lunchbox, whatever. And find-my airtag will show you where it is, how far away it is from you etc.

And I finally bought one. I will by default use it on my keychain, but when I bring my backpack with me I will put it in the backpack.