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Be your own host!

Discussion in 'Manage your Site' started by Floris, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    If you are about to start a website, please go the complex and more expensive route.
    Please. In the long run you will thank me. And please, do it for yourself and your "web guy".

    The benefits of being your own host. Having your site hosted and managed on your own VPS or dedicated server is just so much easier to actually run and manage. Compared to hosting on a limited shared solution that's cheaper. Or an all in one solution like squarespace.

    If you cannot as a super user edit your own files, you're not in control.

    It IS a bigger hassle, sure. But only now. Not when your site actually gets traffic and requires your attention. Your downtime sorting out domains, dns, email, design, etc .. is nothing compared to the extra time you put in to guarantee being in control.

    It sounds counter intuitive. But being able to get a security expert or web developer to go to the specific situation or files directly, will lead to results. Rather than having to do it later and it being a bigger headache and triple the amount of money.

    When you are unhappy with an all in one solution and you say "Ok, I am upset, I want to get my site in a .zip file and move my domain and hosting to someone else please", then suddenly they are like "Sorry, but your domains are locked to our service, or harder to transfer to you at least", and "your design is integrated into our gui system, it's not something we can just export as a .css file or something, the images are hashed on our cdn, we can't give you access to those, you have to use your own originals". etc.
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