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Best sports movie

Discussion in 'The Sports Bar' started by merk51, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. merk51

    merk51 OMG Member

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    Best sports movie

    Okay I was just thinking to myself then - and I apologize if this should be on the movie section I just thought seem I am talking about the sport genre this section would be best - what the best sport movie ever made was.

    For me there are two that I can't pick between, both are awesome and really get me pumped up.

    The first:
    Cool Runnings
    "You dead man" what a classic as four jamacans come together to create a four-man Jamacan Bobsled team with a disgraced coach at the helm they battle to earn the respect of the other competitors.

    The second:
    The Mighty Ducks (Series)
    "Quack, Quack, Quack" every time I watch Ice-Hockey now I can only picture a bunch of rejects being brought together to come from last in D5 right through the series to be winners for the US and a high profile University where they defeated the seniors.

    Those are my two do you have any others that really get you motivated or you just like to watch?

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