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CSS and pixel art

Discussion in 'Design Den' started by Floris, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    I wish I could give you guys a sneak preview of something I have been working on designing. It's a web game on a site only known to a few people. I've been dropping hints on twitter (@Floris) in the last six months, but I am far away from being ready to show anybody anything.

    That said, it's been a blast and quite challenging to learn how to better utilize CSS (3 and 4!) with html 5.1 and pushing what I know, and learning a lot lot .. LOT more new things to achieve what I have storyboarded last year (2016).

    With the new system I am finally a bit more free with how I develop it. More screen space, and things can run in virtual environments a lot easier.

    Anyway, I've been having fun working on it and I have to say it's super easy once you know what you're doing. But I am not there yet. I keep starting over and re-writing. Taking new approaches to character building and adding a 'flow' to the whole game/storyline. But it's a fun hobby to have.

    I think there's about 15 to 45 minutes a day, maybe twice a week.. that I spend on it. If only I was a lot lot better with CSS, I probably would have been done by now. But one reason why I am doing this is to have a goal, something to work towards to. And it's a lot of fun learning and getting better at css/html again. I've ignored it for quite some time, depending on what I already know instead of staying up to date.

    Maybe one day I will suddenly look for some beta testers, imagine having posted to this thread on OMGboards.com and getting an invite because of it in 2018? :) MMM. :)
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